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AMD HSA IL / BRIG Front-End Still Hoping To Get Into GCC 715 Jan 2017
The POWER8 Libre System Looks Set To Fail, Now There's An AMD Libre System Effort09 Jan 2017
AMD Reveals More Vega GPU Architecture Details05 Jan 2017
Linux 4.10 Is Hopefully In Good Shape For AMD Zen / Ryzen Processors24 Dec 2016
AMD Publishes "Polaris 12" Support For AMDGPU+RadeonSI Linux Driver19 Dec 2016
AMD's ROCm 1.4 Now Available With OpenCL Support19 Dec 2016
The Strange Behavior Of My Radeon R9 290 Is Still There18 Dec 2016
AMD MxGPU Virtualization For The AMDGPU Driver18 Dec 2016
AMD Reveals More Zen CPU Details, Officially Known As Ryzen, No Linux Details Yet13 Dec 2016
AMD's Zen Livestream Event Is Today, More Zen Code Lines Up For Linux 4.1013 Dec 2016

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TrueOS Making Use Of OpenRC Init System, Faster Boot Times21 Jan 2017
DragonFlyBSD Installer Updated To Support UEFI System Setup15 Jan 2017
DragonFlyBSD Working On NUMA-Awareness, Memory Changes11 Jan 2017
NetBSD 7.1 RC1 Released09 Jan 2017
The FreeBSD 64-bit Base System Can Now Be Linked Using LLD04 Jan 2017
Lumina 1.2 Desktop Environment Released03 Jan 2017
The Top BSD News This Year: Ubuntu Atop BSD, FreeBSD 11.0, DragonFly's HAMMER229 Dec 2016
FreeBSD Foundation Receives Another $500,000 USD Gift28 Dec 2016
FreeBSD Making Progress On Wayland Support, The Basics Are Working22 Dec 2016
DragonFlyBSD's i915 Intel DRM Driver Updated To Match Linux 4.510 Dec 2016

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397 Articles
LLVM 4.0 Release Candidate 118 Jan 2017
Google Developers Experiment With Plumbing Dartlang Into LLVM17 Jan 2017
LLVM/Clang 4.0 Branched, LLVM 5.0 Now On Master12 Jan 2017
LLVM Founder, Swift Creator Chris Lattner Is Leaving Apple: Joins Tesla10 Jan 2017
LLVM/Clang Finally Lands Mainline Support For AMD's Zen/Ryzen Processors10 Jan 2017
Jamey Sharp On Whether You Should Translate Your Code To Rust03 Jan 2017
Dawn-CC: Automatically Adding OpenACC/OpenMP Directives To Programs02 Jan 2017
Intel SGX Patch For GCC - Software Guard Extensions29 Dec 2016
NewGVN Merged Into LLVM26 Dec 2016
Ruby 2.4 Programming Language Has Performance Updates & More25 Dec 2016

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808 Articles
Librecore: Aiming To Be A Better Libre Spin Of Coreboot19 Jan 2017
Google "Poppy" Kabylake Board Added To Coreboot20 Dec 2016
100% Of The 289 Coreboot Images Are Now Built Reproducible20 Dec 2016
Another Old Intel Motherboard Gets Picked Up By Coreboot09 Nov 2016
AMD Stoney Ridge Support Lands In Coreboot08 Nov 2016
Google "Eve" Kabylake System Gains Coreboot Support01 Nov 2016
Coreboot Lands More RISC-V / lowRISC Code25 Oct 2016
Coreboot 4.5 Officially Released24 Oct 2016
Libreboot Drama Continues, GNU Might Keep The Project24 Sep 2016
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Now Has Mainline Coreboot Support22 Sep 2016

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130 Articles
Debian Installer Stretch RC 1 Arrives, The /usr Merge Has Been Postponed15 Jan 2017
Debian 8.7 Jessie Released14 Jan 2017
Debian Stretch Enters Its Soft Freeze, Full Freeze In One Month07 Jan 2017
Intel Iris Pro OpenGL Benchmarks On Debian 9 Testing01 Jan 2017
Debian Eyes Automatic Updates For New Installations23 Dec 2016
Raspberry Pi Foundation Spins Debian+PIXEL Desktop for i386 Systems21 Dec 2016
Systemd-Free Debian Fork Devuan Releases Its Second Beta30 Nov 2016
The Systemd-Free Debian Fork Celebrates Its Second Birthday28 Nov 2016
Debian 9.0 Stretch Installer Updated WIth Better ARM EFI Support, Merged-/usr13 Nov 2016
Debian 9 "Stretch" Hits Transition Freeze06 Nov 2016

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197 Articles
PulseAudio 10.0 Officially Released18 Jan 2017
PulseAudio 10 Coming Soon, Using Memfd Shared Memory By Default18 Jan 2017
GNOME vs. KDE: The Top Linux Desktop News Of 201628 Dec 2016
Cinnamon 3.2 Desktop Officially Released21 Nov 2016
A Walkthrough Of Enlightenment's New Launcher "Luncher"15 Nov 2016
Raspberry Pi's Desktop Likely Switching To Compton For Better Performance15 Nov 2016
Many Xfce Package Updates Bring Stable GTK3 Support, Notifyd Gets Do-Not-Disturb10 Nov 2016
Cinnamon 3.2 Desktop Arrives07 Nov 2016
Luncher: Enlightenment Has A New Launcher30 Oct 2016
More Details On Enlightenment's Ecore_Drm2 Atomic Modesetting27 Oct 2016

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243 Articles
Fedora 26 Planning To Enable TRIM/Discard On Encrypted Disks21 Jan 2017
Fedora 26 Planning For A Modular Server Preview17 Jan 2017
LXQt Spin Proposed For Fedora 2616 Jan 2017
FESCo Approves More Feature Changes For Fedora 2614 Jan 2017
Fedora 25 Switching Over To Using GLVND For Mesa, Happier NVIDIA Driver Installation13 Jan 2017
Fedora 26 Likely To Receive GCC 7, Other Changes Still Being Devised11 Jan 2017
Fedora Switching Away From Intel X.Org DDX Driver10 Jan 2017
Fedora Linux Had A Heck Of A Year, Finally Hitting Wayland-By-Default26 Dec 2016
DNF 2.0 Package Manager Released20 Dec 2016
More Fedora 26 Change Proposals: Ruby, Golang 1.8, Go PIE, ZF313 Dec 2016

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Free Software
Synfig Studio 1.2 Released With New Render Engine10 Jan 2017
HarfBuzz 1.4 Brings OpenType GX / Font Variations05 Jan 2017
Samba 4.6 RC1 Arrives For Latest With File & Print Services05 Jan 2017
Clear Linux Tests Data Compression Options04 Jan 2017
Inkscape 0.92 Released As A Big Update For This Vector Drawing Program04 Jan 2017
Musl 1.1.16 Released, Fixes CVE Integer Overflow, s390x Support03 Jan 2017
Should Tarballs Be On Their Way Out The Door In 2017?02 Jan 2017
SQLite 3.16 Released, Uses Less CPU Cycles & Adds Experimental PRAGMA Support02 Jan 2017
Zlib 1.2.9 Released, First Update In Three Years01 Jan 2017
The Open-Source / Linux Letdowns Of 201601 Jan 2017

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1263 Articles
FP64 Support Finally Lands In Mesa Git For Intel Haswell03 Jan 2017

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GNOME 3.23.4 Released20 Jan 2017
GNOME Developer On GTK4: State-of-the-Art of Toolkit Support17 Jan 2017
GNOME's SVG Rendering Library Migrating To Rust04 Jan 2017
GTK's Vulkan Renderer Now Working On Wayland04 Jan 2017
A Look At The GTK4 Development In Early 201702 Jan 2017
GNOME's GTK Vulkan Renderer Faster Than OpenGL, Now Working On Windows29 Dec 2016
More Vulkan Improvements Land In GTK4 Toolkit Code25 Dec 2016
Flatpak 0.8 Released, The Start Of An LTS Stable Branch22 Dec 2016
GTK 3.89.2 Released With Vulkan Renderer, Continued GDK/GSK Changes21 Dec 2016
GNOME Wants To Help You Cook With GNOME Recipes19 Dec 2016

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729 Articles
GCC 7 Moves Onto Only Regression/Doc Fixes, But Will Accept RISC-V & HSA's BRIG20 Jan 2017
RISC-V Accepted For Inclusion To GCC18 Jan 2017
FSF New "High Priority Projects" List: Phone OS, Security, Drivers, More Inclusivity17 Jan 2017
GIMP's Progress In 2016, What's Ahead For 201715 Jan 2017
There's A New Port Of RISC-V For GCC14 Jan 2017
Remacs: Re-Implementing Emacs In Rust11 Jan 2017
A Look At The New Features Coming To GNU C Library 2.2511 Jan 2017
GCC 7 Getting Closer To Release, But Running Behind On Regressions09 Jan 2017
Richard Stallman: Goodbye to GNU Libreboot05 Jan 2017
GNU Sed 4.3: 10x Faster Regular Expressions, Faster I/O04 Jan 2017

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219 Articles
Chrome Further Optimizes Its OpenH264 Encoder With More Assembly x8620 Jan 2017
Google Announces "Draco" For 3D Graphics Compression13 Jan 2017
Go 1.8 Baking Garbage Collector Improvements, Lower Cgo Overhead10 Jan 2017
Google Develops Experimental Python Runtime In Golang04 Jan 2017
Google Working On WebGL / OpenGL ES Over Vulkan22 Dec 2016
Google Upstreams Chrome on iOS Source Code In Chromium19 Dec 2016
Google Rolls Out "Android Things" For IoT Smart Devices13 Dec 2016
GCC Patch To Support Google's Fuchsia OS09 Dec 2016
Chrome 56 Beta Ships With WebGL 2.0 Enabled By Default & Much More08 Dec 2016
Google Rolls Out OSS-Fuzz To Help Improve Open-Source Software Safety01 Dec 2016

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255 Articles
CompuLab Has Upgraded Their Small Form Factor "IPC" Line To Kabylake19 Jan 2017
Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Launched16 Jan 2017
Nearly 26,000 kWh Was Used On Linux Benchmarking In 201615 Jan 2017
Laptop-Mode-Tools 1.71 Adds VGA Switcheroo Support, Kbd-Backlight13 Jan 2017
MIPI I3C Sensor Interface Specification Released11 Jan 2017
OpenSUSE Tablet Project Fails, Less Than $7k In Orders09 Jan 2017
The MSI C236A Workstation Motherboard Continues Working Out Great For Skylake Xeons08 Jan 2017
PlayStation 4 Running Linux Can Now Use AMDGPU-PRO With Vulkan06 Jan 2017
Linux 4.10's ath9k Driver Should Have Lower Latency & Less Bufferbloat04 Jan 2017
The State Of TPM2 Support On Linux, Better Support Coming03 Jan 2017

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1032 Articles
ARB_gpu_shader_int64 Lands For Intel Mesa Git20 Jan 2017
Beignet 1.3 Released With OpenCL 2.0 Support20 Jan 2017
Expanded Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Support Is Being Worked On For Linux19 Jan 2017
Experimenting With Virtual GPU Support On Linux 4.10 + Libvirt18 Jan 2017
Ivy Bridge Patches For OpenGL 4.0 In Mesa Updated17 Jan 2017
Mesa 17.0 Git Lands OpenGL 4.5 Support For Intel Haswell16 Jan 2017
Intel's Mesa Driver Set To Flip On OpenGL 4.5 For Haswell16 Jan 2017
A Yet-To-Be-Merged Kernel Patch May Boost Kabylake Graphics In Some Cases15 Jan 2017
Fresh Tests Of Intel Beignet OpenCL15 Jan 2017
A Look At Where The P-State Linux Driver Does Bad Against CPUFreq, Clear Linux Tests15 Jan 2017

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1084 Articles
KDE Support For Flatpak Portals Progressing18 Jan 2017
Calligra 3.0 Officially Announced, Drops Some Apps, Ports To KF5/Qt515 Jan 2017
KDE Kirigami UI 2.0 Released12 Jan 2017
KDE Plasma 5.9 Beta Released, Adds Global Menus & Better Wayland Support12 Jan 2017
Experimental KDE Plasma Neon Wayland ISO Spin09 Jan 2017
KDevelop 5.1 Beta 1 Released With LLDB Debugger Support03 Jan 2017
KDE Kirigami UI 2.0 Beta Released: Better Android Integration, QQC2 Focus02 Jan 2017
KDE Plasma 5.9 Being Released In One Month With Many New Features31 Dec 2016
KDE Frameworks / Plasma Progressing On FreeBSD, Wayland Is W.I.P.29 Dec 2016
KDE Plasma Mobile Explores Switch To AOSP From CyanogenMod28 Dec 2016

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621 Articles
LibreOffice Enables "Complex Text Layout" By Default25 Dec 2016
LibreOffice Announces "MUFFIN" User Interface21 Dec 2016
Some GTK3/Wayland/OpenGL Improvements For LibreOffice13 Dec 2016
LibreOffice 5.3 Beta Available For Beta Testing27 Nov 2016
LibreOffice 5.3 Enables New Layout Engine By Default01 Nov 2016
LibreOffice 5.3 Alpha Tagged, New Features Inbound20 Oct 2016
Apache OpenOffice Proposed For Retirement, Still Being Debated02 Sep 2016
The Document Foundation's 2015 Annual Report13 Aug 2016
LibreOffice 5.2 Officially Released03 Aug 2016
LibreOffice 5.2 Is Being Released Next Wednesday27 Jul 2016

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83 Articles
Linux Events
Linux.Conf.Au 2017 Videos Now Available Online20 Jan 2017
Linux.Conf.Au 2017 Kicks Off In Tasmania: Kernel Fun, Vulkan, GPU-Accelerated JPEG15 Jan 2017
Linux.Conf.Au 2016 Videos Now Online08 Feb 2016
Chemnitz Linux Days 2016 Is Happening In Just Over One Month07 Feb 2016 2016 Videos Now Available07 Feb 2016
The Linux Graphics Talks For FOSDEM 201602 Dec 2015
Slides & Videos From Embedded Linux Conference Europe 201522 Nov 2015
FOSDEM 2015 Videos Published24 Feb 2015
Linux.Conf.Au 2015 Kicks Off In Auckland12 Jan 2015
FOSDEM 2015 Is Less Than One Month Away07 Jan 2015

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40 Articles
Linux Gaming
Gabe Newell's 2017 Reddit AMA: VR, Source 2 Engine, No Linux Answers17 Jan 2017
Broadwell Vulkan Performance Also Up After Recent Mesa Git Work17 Jan 2017
Rust Game Now Supports Vulkan Renderer13 Jan 2017
Aspyr Media Officially Confirms Bringing Civilization VI To Linux09 Jan 2017
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided On Linux With Latest RadeonSI - Up To 2~3x Faster06 Jan 2017
Godot Continues Major Work On Its 3D Renderer For Release In 201731 Dec 2016
Linux Gaming Was Great In 2016, But 2017 Should Be Even Better27 Dec 2016
OpenMW 0.41 Continues Re-Implementing Elderscrolls III: Morrowind26 Dec 2016
Unigine 2.4 Will Bring Yet More Graphical Improvements To This Linux-Friendly Engine24 Dec 2016
Leadwerks Game Engine 4.2 Released With Linux Improvements22 Dec 2016

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1311 Articles
Linux Kernel
Yes, Linux 4.9 Is A Long-Term Kernel Release19 Jan 2017
Linux 4.10-rc4 Kernel Released15 Jan 2017
Heterogeneous Memory Management Aims For Linux 4.1112 Jan 2017
Linux 4.10-rc3 Kernel Released08 Jan 2017
SipHash Is Being Worked On For Further Security In The Linux Kernel08 Jan 2017
Heterogeneous Memory Management v15 For The Linux Kernel06 Jan 2017
A New Proposal For Supporting DRM Linux Drivers In User-Space04 Jan 2017
Linux 4.10-rc2 Released To Kick Off Kernel Testing For 201701 Jan 2017
A Look Back At Some Of The Best Features Added To The Linux Kernel In 201601 Jan 2017
WireGuard Secure Network Tunnel Is Eyeing Mainline, Running On Android01 Jan 2017

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1527 Articles
Linux Storage
Linux Soft RAID's MDADM 4.0 Utility Released10 Jan 2017
Germany's 1&1 Still Working On MARS For The Linux Kernel, Still Hoping For Upstream31 Dec 2016
Reiser4 Is Now Available For Linux 4.9, Mirror Code Almost Stable23 Dec 2016
Btrfs File-System Changes Submitted For Linux 4.1016 Dec 2016
SCST 3.2 - Alternative SCSI Subsystem For Linux - Released16 Dec 2016
UBIFS With Linux 4.10 Implements Fscrypt-Based File Encryption15 Dec 2016
XFS In Linux 4.10 Contains DAX iomap Support, Other Updates15 Dec 2016
EXT4 In Linux 4.10 Gains DAX iomap, Encryption Improvements14 Dec 2016
F2FS Improvements For Linux 4.10: Performance Tuning, Multi-Device, ZBC12 Dec 2016
Many Block Changes En Route To Linux 4.1012 Dec 2016

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209 Articles
ARB_transform_feedback_overflow_query For Intel's Mesa Driver20 Jan 2017
Mesa's Libdrm Gets USB DRM/KMS Device Detection20 Jan 2017
Mesa 17.0 Saw Less Code Changes Than Earlier Releases, But More Notable Features20 Jan 2017
Mesa 17.0-RC1 Released19 Jan 2017
Mesa 17.0 Has Been Branched19 Jan 2017
Etnaviv Gallium3D Implements Enough To Expose OpenGL 2, Run Ioquake318 Jan 2017
Mesa 17.0 Delayed To Allow For Ivy Bridge OpenGL 4.017 Jan 2017
RadeonSI Nearly Clearing The OpenGL 4.5 Conformance Test Suite16 Jan 2017
Tegra/Nouveau Render-Only Gallium3D Support13 Jan 2017
Intel ANV Vulkan Driver Lands Last Minute HiZ Improvements13 Jan 2017

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1044 Articles
Microsoft Continued With Many Linux/Open-Source Announcements In 201628 Dec 2016
Microsoft .NET Core 1.1 Brings Support For More Linux Distributions, Greater Performance16 Nov 2016
Microsoft Joins The Linux Foundation As A Platinum Member16 Nov 2016
Skype 1.10 Linux Alpha Restores Video Calls Support10 Oct 2016
Linux Gets A Proprietary, Read-Only ReFS File-System Driver31 Aug 2016
Microsoft Keynoting LinuxCon, Continues Talking Up Linux/OSS22 Aug 2016
Microsoft Open-Sources PowerShell & Brings It To Linux18 Aug 2016
Secure Boot Isn't So Secure After All: The Golden Key Is Out11 Aug 2016
Skype Releases Brand New Linux Client Making Use Of WebRTC13 Jul 2016
Ubuntu's Unity Desktop Can Now Run Natively On Windows10 Jul 2016

More Microsoft News

115 Articles
Mozilla's Servo Begins Firming Up 2017 Goals09 Jan 2017
A Look At Async/Await JavaScript For Firefox 5207 Dec 2016
Firefox 51 To Enable WebGL 2 By Default, FLAC Audio, Skia Content Rendering On Linux17 Nov 2016
Mozilla Firefox 50 Readied For Release14 Nov 2016
Mozilla Quantum: New Browser Engine Based On Servo/Rust For Firefox28 Oct 2016
Mozilla's Project Mortar Wants Pepper API Flash & PDFium In Firefox01 Oct 2016
Servo Web Engine Now Supports Promises, Continues Churning Along28 Sep 2016
Boot 2 Gecko Being Stripped From Mozilla's Codebase27 Sep 2016
Firefox 49.0 Is Now Available20 Sep 2016
Firefox 51 To Support FLAC Audio Codec03 Sep 2016

More Mozilla News

231 Articles
RetroPlayer Gaming Support Coming To Kodi 18, Mir Support17 Jan 2017
GStreamer 1.11.1 Released12 Jan 2017
Lightworks 14 Video Editor Beta Updates08 Jan 2017
FLAC 1.3.2 Audio Codec Released01 Jan 2017
StreamTuner2 v2.2 Released For Internet Radio/Video Browser31 Dec 2016
Avidemux Open-Source Video Editor Updated To End Out 201631 Dec 2016
OpenELEC 7.0 Kodi HTPC Linux Distribution Released29 Dec 2016
HandBrake 1.0 OSS Video Transcoder Released: VP9 & Opus Support26 Dec 2016
ALSA 1.1.3 Released For Linux Sound21 Dec 2016
Opus 1.2 Alpha Released With Several Quality Improvements03 Nov 2016

More Multimedia News

230 Articles
Nouveau Gets Patches For HDMI Stereoscopic 3D Output18 Jan 2017
A Look At The Long TODO List Of Nouveau: Reclocking, More OpenGL, Video Accel16 Jan 2017
A Green & Open Christmas: GL 4.3 For Maxwell/Pascal, Huge Maxwell Performance Boost23 Dec 2016
Nouveau Queues Up Last Minute Updates For Linux 4.1006 Dec 2016
NVIDIA Posts Initial Signed PMU Firmware Support Patches - Currently For GM20B21 Nov 2016
Nouveau Exposes Performance Counters For Maxwell10 Nov 2016
Initial NVIDIA GP102 Support In Nouveau DRM08 Nov 2016
Nouveau Atomic + DP MST Support Already Staged For Linux 4.10 Via DRM-Next07 Nov 2016
Nouveau Needs Help Testing Their New Atomic Mode-Setting Support06 Nov 2016
Nouveau DRM Driver Progressing With Atomic Mode-Setting, DP MST04 Nov 2016

More Nouveau News

332 Articles
NVIDIA 378.09 Driver Adds Multi-Threaded GLSL Shader Compilation, Vulkan Extensions18 Jan 2017
NVIDIA Publishes EGL External Platform Interface & Wayland Library18 Jan 2017
NVIDIA Quietly Updates Vulkan Driver Beta, New Vulkan Extensions14 Jan 2017
NVIDIA @ CES 2017 Livestream04 Jan 2017
System76 Has Been Collaborating With NVIDIA Over Linux Driver Fixes28 Dec 2016
NVIDIA 375.26 Driver Rolls Out With Several Fixes14 Dec 2016
NVIDIA Updates Its Legacy Drivers For X.Org Server 1.19 Support14 Dec 2016
NVIDIA Releases Linux Graphics Debugger 2.006 Dec 2016
NVIDIA's Next Linux Driver Release To Support Vulkan Without X1105 Dec 2016
NVIDIA 375.20 Adds X.Org Server 1.19 Support, Stabilizes Other Changes18 Nov 2016

More NVIDIA News

594 Articles
Operating Systems
Solus Linux Working On A Flatpak-Based, Optimized Steam Runtime21 Jan 2017
Genode OS Framework Planning For Async I/O, App ABI, Qt5 Plans For 201718 Jan 2017
Here's How To Setup Clear Linux For Intel Steam Linux Gaming17 Jan 2017
Haiku OS Gaining Ground On UEFI, FreeBSD Compatibility Layer, Remote Debugging07 Jan 2017
Linux Marketshare Up To 3% According To One Popular Website06 Jan 2017
Android, Debian & Ubuntu Top List Of CVE Vulnerabilities In 201603 Jan 2017
Rust-Based Redox OS Had A Busy Year With Rewriting Its Kernel, Writing A File-System31 Dec 2016
Gentoo-Based Calculate Linux 17 Released31 Dec 2016
Skylake Iris Pro Graphics: Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Antergos, Clear Linux Benchmarks31 Dec 2016
Automotive Grade Linux UCB 3.0 Released, Brings New Window Manager29 Dec 2016

More Operating Systems News

462 Articles
The End Of An Era: A Look Back At The Most Popular Solaris Milestones & News19 Jan 2017
Oracle Finally Confirms It's Canning Solaris 1218 Jan 2017
Oracle Might Be Canning Solaris01 Dec 2016
OpenIndiana 2016.10 Released With MATE 1.14 Desktop, Drops Sun SSH01 Nov 2016
Java JDK 9 Firmed Up For A Late July Release18 Oct 2016
NetBeans 8.2 Released With PHP 7 Support, ECMAScript 6/703 Oct 2016
Trying Out & Failing With OpenIndiana, Solaris 11.3 On The Broadwell-EP System09 Sep 2016
Illumos Continues To Let OpenSolaris Live On02 Feb 2016
Oracle Is Deprecating The Java Web-Browser Plugin With Java 927 Jan 2016
NetBeans 8.1 IDE Released With Java Enhancements, HTML5/JS/Node.js Goodies04 Nov 2015

More Oracle News

162 Articles
Linux 4.9/4.10, Solaris Rumors, Graphics Driver News Ended Out 201602 Jan 2017
A 2016 Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays From Phoronix25 Dec 2016
Forum Spam/Filtering Redesign; 300+ Linux News/Articles/Reviews For November01 Dec 2016
Open-Source Radeon, Vulkan & Linux 4.8~4.9 Were October Hits01 Nov 2016
Vim 8.0, macOS Sierra, Libreboot, & GCC Were Popular In September01 Oct 2016
Linux 4.8, AMDGPU, RADV & Google's Fuchsia OS Dominated This Month31 Aug 2016
Minor Updates To The Phoronix Forums, Registration25 Aug 2016
Phoronix Been Loading Slow? It Is Hopefully Better Now12 Aug 2016
Linux Graphics, RX 480 & Other July Excitement; Did You Notice Something Different?31 Jul 2016
GTK4, RX 480, GTX 1070/1080, Nextcloud & Other Popular Linux Announcements In June01 Jul 2016

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Phoronix Test Suite
You Can Now Benchmark The ArrayFire GPU Library With The Phoronix Test Suite21 Jan 2017
New Benchmark Test Profiles This Weekend: GIMP, Memcached, JPEG Turbo, More OpenCL14 Jan 2017
Phoronix Test Suite 7.0-Ringsaker Milestone 1 Released12 Jan 2017 Had Close To 8 Million Test/Suite Benchmark Downloads This Year25 Dec 2016 Crosses 21 Million Test/Suite Downloads09 Dec 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.8-Tana Officially Released06 Dec 2016
iPerf As Another Network Benchmark Is Now Available Via The Phoronix Test Suite05 Dec 2016
Netperf For Network Benchmarking Is Now Available Via The Phoronix Test Suite04 Dec 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.8 Milestone 3 Provides A Final Early Look At "Tana"28 Nov 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.8 M2 Brings FlameGrapher, Other Improvements15 Nov 2016

More Phoronix Test Suite News

91 Articles
Today's The Last Day For Our Ad-Free Site Deal For Thanksgiving 201628 Nov 2016
It's Time For The Annual Thanksgiving Event To Support Our Linux Testing, Benchmarking23 Nov 2016
Today Marks Amazon's Second Prime Day12 Jul 2016
Phoronix Turns 12 Years Old This Week: Here's A Birthday Special For You30 May 2016
Writing Linux / Open-Source News & Benchmarking 365 Days Per Year02 Apr 2016
Raspberry Pi 3, Linux 4.6 & AMDGPU Were Popular Among Our 300+ Articles This Month31 Mar 2016
You Can Now Support Us (Again) When Shopping At NewEgg13 Mar 2016
Vulkan Benchmarking Plans, Last Day For Valentine Premium Special16 Feb 2016
Are You Having Problems Seeing Graphs In Our Latest Articles?15 Feb 2016
Interested In More Linux Hardware Tests? Here's Our January Deal19 Jan 2016

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14 Articles
Proprietary Software
Lightworks 14 Steps Closer To Release, UI Updates & More15 Dec 2016
WSL-Distribution-Switcher Swaps Out Ubuntu For Other Distros On Windows20 Nov 2016
Adobe Rolls Out Flash Player 24 Beta For Linux31 Oct 2016
Opera 41 Browser Brings Performance Improvements25 Oct 2016
KernelCare Is Another Alternative To Canonical's Ubuntu Live Kernel Patching21 Oct 2016
Opera 40 Released With Built-In VPN Support, Chromecast20 Sep 2016
Adobe Returns To Updating NPAPI/Linux Flash Player05 Sep 2016
Tresorit For Linux Released To Provide End-To-End Encrypted File Sharing28 Jul 2016
Opera Developer Update Lands RSS Reader, Chromecast Capability20 Jul 2016
Commercial EXT4 File-System Driver For Windows Updated (ExtFS)20 Jul 2016

More Proprietary Software News

119 Articles
Text To Speech Goes In As A Tech Preview For Qt 5.819 Jan 2017
Qt 5.8 Hoping To Release Next Week, Last Minute Test Builds13 Jan 2017
Qt 5.8 Release Candidate Is Here, Qt 5.8.0 In January22 Dec 2016
Qt 5.7.1 & Qt Creator 4.2 Released14 Dec 2016
Qt Creator 4.2 RC1 Released30 Nov 2016
Qt 5.9 Planning For Feature Freeze, Other Changes24 Nov 2016
Qt Creator Gets Excited For CMake Server-Mode15 Nov 2016
Cutelyst 1.0 Qt Web Framework Released10 Nov 2016
Qt 5.8 Now In Beta Form04 Nov 2016
Qt Creator 4.2 Beta Released27 Oct 2016

More Qt News

248 Articles
More Radeon & AMDGPU Fixes Line-Up For Linux 4.1020 Jan 2017
Experimental HDMI Stereo 3D Support For AMDGPU19 Jan 2017
RadeonTop 1.0 Released For Viewing AMD Linux GPU Utilization19 Jan 2017
AMD Has Been Working On An Open-Source GPU Debug Tool, To Be Released Soon12 Jan 2017
Updated AMD DC/DAL Patches For Polaris 12, 5K VSR12 Jan 2017
There Are A Few More Performance Changes With RadeonSI From Mesa Git07 Jan 2017
Polaris 12 Support Being Sent In To Linux 4.10 Kernel07 Jan 2017
The AMD Patches To Boost Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Have Landed In Mesa Git06 Jan 2017
Marek Publishes RadeonSI Patches To Help Witcher 2 On Linux03 Jan 2017
Radeon FreeSync 2 Rolled Out With HDR & More03 Jan 2017

More Radeon News

524 Articles
Red Hat
Scientific Linux 7.3 Expected Later This Month12 Jan 2017
CentOS Linux 7 "1611" Released12 Dec 2016
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Released03 Nov 2016
EFIBOOTMGR 13 Released, First Update In More Than One Year17 Aug 2016
Red Hat Is Looking To Ensure More Laptops Play Nicely With Fedora/RHEL12 Aug 2016
RADV: A Community Open-Source Effort To Get Vulkan Working On Radeon19 Jul 2016
Red Hat Is Working To Improve Linux Switchable Graphics07 Jul 2016
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 Deprecates Btrfs10 May 2016
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 Released10 May 2016
Red Hat Makes RHEL Available To Developers For Free31 Mar 2016

More Red Hat News

142 Articles
HDMI 2.1 Announced: Looking Ahead To Dynamic HDR, 8K@60Hz, Variable Refresh Rate04 Jan 2017
Fuzzing OpenGL Shaders Can Lead To Some Wild Results11 Dec 2016
Khronos' SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Presentation, Another VR Company Joins Them07 Dec 2016
Khronos To Develop New Standard For VR06 Dec 2016
Razer Joins The Khronos Group01 Dec 2016
Amazon Working On EC2 Linux OpenGL Support, Considering Vulkan30 Nov 2016
Guillemot: Various OpenGL Tips & Tricks27 Nov 2016
GLobjects 1.0.0 Released For OpenGL Aide21 Nov 2016
Igalia Joins The Khronos Group10 Nov 2016
HTTP-SS: "A New Faster Internet Protocol"06 Nov 2016

More Standards News

140 Articles
SUSE's YaST Team Ends The Year With Various Enhancements24 Dec 2016
OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 Begins Development14 Dec 2016
OpenSUSE Ends Support For Binary AMD Graphics Driver07 Dec 2016
OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Does A 64-bit Spin For The Raspberry Pi 305 Dec 2016
When Trying Out Tumbleweed, It's Easy To See Why OpenSUSE Leap Disabled Nouveau18 Nov 2016
OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Arrives16 Nov 2016
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Lands Mesa 13.010 Nov 2016
SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP2 Released, Supports ARMv8-A08 Nov 2016
OpenSUSE 42.2 RC2 Released, Disables Nouveau 3D Support By Default02 Nov 2016
OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Release Candidate Published18 Oct 2016

More SUSE News

169 Articles
The Development Pace Of Systemd Fell Sharply This Year30 Dec 2016
Systemd 232 Adds ProtectKernelModules, RemoveIPC, Other New Options03 Nov 2016
Systemd Now Supports The RISC-V CPU Architecture07 Oct 2016
Lennart's Look At Systemd This Year, What's Going To Happen In 201702 Oct 2016
How To Use Systemd For Application Sandboxing & How To Easily Crash Systemd01 Oct 2016
A New Wireless Daemon Is In Development To Potentially Replace wpa_supplicant30 Sep 2016
Systemd Adds New "ProtectSystem Strict" Option, Other New Tunables28 Sep 2016
Systemd 232 Coming Soon With Numerous New Features14 Sep 2016
Systemd Rolls Out Its Own Mount Tool20 Aug 2016
Systemd 231 Officially Released25 Jul 2016

More systemd News

116 Articles
Ubuntu Still Planning For Mir 1.0 In 201717 Jan 2017
Canonical Clarifies Ubuntu Phone State: Nothing Really Until Snap-Based Image Ready05 Jan 2017
What Do You Hope For Ubuntu Phone In 2017? Fed Up User Announces "Ubuntu Crickets"28 Dec 2016
The Most Viewed Ubuntu & Mir News Of 201626 Dec 2016
Mir 0.25 Released: Pointer Confinement, Gamma KMS Support, Libmircore25 Dec 2016
Driver-Free Printing Comes To Ubuntu 17.04, AirPrint Support23 Dec 2016
Ubuntu To Stop Building 32-Bit PowerPC For Future Releases22 Dec 2016
Ubuntu To Begin Making Use Of Swapfiles In Place Of SWAP Partitions16 Dec 2016
Another Veteran Ubuntu Member Is Leaving Canonical13 Dec 2016
Longtime Ubuntu Developer Martin Pitt Leaving Canonical, Joining Red Hat13 Dec 2016

More Ubuntu News

995 Articles
Steam's Recent Linux Changes Have Been Promoted To Stable19 Jan 2017
Valve Developer Andres Rodriguez Lands First Patches Into RADV Vulkan Driver14 Jan 2017
Valve May Be Moving Closer With Their VR Linux Support13 Jan 2017
Valve Developer Posts New AMD GPU Debugging Tool, Part Of Improving Linux Driver11 Jan 2017
RadeonSI Gamers: What Linux Games Still Don't Work For You?09 Jan 2017
RADV Vulkan Driver Gets Its First Fix From A Valve Developer07 Jan 2017
Steam Linux Client Beta Adds Idle Detection, Updated Vulkan Loader & More05 Jan 2017
Steam's Linux Efforts Were Influential To Microsoft, Other Companies04 Jan 2017
Steam's Linux Marketshare Ended Slightly Lower For 201601 Jan 2017
Steam's Top Grossing Games Of 201601 Jan 2017

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OpenChrome Maintainer Making Some Progress On VIA DRM Driver25 Sep 2016
OpenChrome Driver Continues To Get Fixed Up, New Version Next Month10 Aug 2016
OpenChrome 0.5 Has Working Support For Multiple Monitors06 Jul 2016
VIA OpenChrome Driver Has A Roadmap, But Only One Developer27 May 2016
OpenChrome 0.4.0 DDX Driver Revives VIA Open-Source x86 Graphics01 Apr 2016
OpenChrome 0.4 Coming For Letting Open-Source VIA Support Live On29 Mar 2016
VIA OpenChrome X.Org Driver Getting Ready For First Release In Over Two Years14 Feb 2016
Someone Wants To Step Up To Take Over The VIA OpenChrome Driver02 Feb 2016
VIA OpenChrome KMS Support Might Be Revived With Mainline Ambitions12 Dec 2015
VIA Rolls Out Fanless, Ruggedized PC Powered By Quad-Core x86 Eden CPU13 Aug 2015

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Libvirt 3.0 Released With Various Improvements21 Jan 2017
Intel GVT-G Starts Being Usable On Linux 4.10, But More Work Still Needed17 Jan 2017
AMDGPU Virtualization Support Updated10 Jan 2017
KVM/Linux Nested Virtualization Support For ARM09 Jan 2017
Jailhouse v0.6 Hypervisor Released09 Jan 2017
KSM: A Hackable x86_64 Hypervisor For Linux/Windows04 Jan 2017
QEMU 2.8 Released21 Dec 2016
RISCVEMU: RISC-V System Emulator, Can Boot Fedora20 Dec 2016
The KVM & Xen Changes For Linux 4.10: Includes Intel GVT Work17 Dec 2016
Bareflank Hypervisor Advances With VMM Isolation, Windows Support15 Dec 2016

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Vpp / Vulkan++: Yet Another Vulkan C++ Abstraction Library21 Jan 2017
RADV Vulkan Driver Has Geometry Shader Support For Testing19 Jan 2017
Lots Of Vulkan To Be Had At GDC 201718 Jan 2017
RADV Vulkan Driver Support For Multiple Devices16 Jan 2017
Google Developer Back To Working On Another Vulkan C++ Abstraction Library11 Jan 2017
NVIDIA Publishes VkHLF Framework For Vulkan10 Jan 2017
Banshee Engine Now Has Working Vulkan Support, But Linux Support Still Developing10 Jan 2017
OpenGL vs. Vulkan For Older NVIDIA Kepler GPUs (Early 2017)05 Jan 2017
Float64 Support For Intel ANV Vulkan Driver Revised05 Jan 2017
The Most Popular Vulkan News From 201626 Dec 2016

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Libinput 1.6 Released With New Touchpad Acceleration19 Jan 2017
XWayland Initial Window Positioning Merged For Wayland's Weston19 Jan 2017
Google Developers Working On Gaming Protocol For Wayland17 Jan 2017
Wayland 1.13 Planned For Release Next Month13 Jan 2017
Libinput 1.6 Is Coming Soon With Its New Touchpad Acceleration10 Jan 2017
The Wayland Highlights Of 201628 Dec 2016
Sway i3-Compatible Wayland Compositor Ends Out 2016 With v0.1127 Dec 2016
3D-Accelerated Remote Wayland Displays Are Being Discussed Again18 Dec 2016
Atomic Mode-Setting Updated For Wayland's Weston10 Dec 2016
Chromium/Chrome Wayland Updates: Keyboard Device Changes, Service-Side Decorations09 Dec 2016

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Wine 2.0-RC6 Has 21 Bug Fixes, v2.0 Stable Expected Next Week20 Jan 2017
Wine-Staging 2.0-RC5 Improves Compatibility For Origin, GOG Galaxy & More16 Jan 2017
Wine 2.0-rc5 Has 28 More Fixes13 Jan 2017
Wine-Staging 2.0-RC4 Released10 Jan 2017
Intel Working With Wine Developers On User-Mode Instruction Prevention08 Jan 2017
Wine 2.0-rc4 Fixes 28 Bugs06 Jan 2017
Wine 2.0 Is Looking Like It Will Be A Late January Release30 Dec 2016
Wine 2.0-RC3 Fixes 15 Bugs23 Dec 2016
Wine-Staging 2.0-RC2 Includes Support For DOOM On Linux21 Dec 2016
Wine 2.0-rc2 Released, Fixes 20 Bugs16 Dec 2016

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Several Old DDX Drivers Got Updated For X.Org Server 1.19, Even Voodoo Graphics17 Jan 2017
Faster Raspberry Pi X.Org Desktop Performance With NEON16 Jan 2017
X.Org Server 1.19.1 For Testing On Arch, Libinput X.Org Driver To Be Used By Default14 Jan 2017
X.Org Server 1.19.1 Released11 Jan 2017
AMD Developer Posts X.Org Modesetting "MS_ALL_IN_ONE" Patches06 Jan 2017
X.Org Server Development Continues Trending Quite Low27 Dec 2016
Awesome 4.0 Window Manager Released25 Dec 2016
Reworked Touchpad Acceleration For Libinput: No Longer Terrible19 Dec 2016
X.Org Server 1.20 "Shrimp & Grits" Open For Development18 Nov 2016
New X.Org Driver Updates Roll Out For Xorg-Server 1.19 Support18 Nov 2016

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