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Fresh AMDGPU-PRO vs. Mesa 12.1-dev Performance FIgures For The Radeon RX 48016 Jul 2016
AMD Posts Sign-Up For Radeon Software Beta Testing29 Jun 2016
AMD Is Launching A New Beta Program For Their Drivers29 Jun 2016
The Updated AMD Polaris Firmware Blobs Needed For RX 480 Support Land28 Jun 2016
AMD Zen Reportedly Delayed Until Early Next Year08 Jun 2016
AMD Confirms RX 480 At $199 USD, Other APU & Polaris Announcements31 May 2016
AMD May Sell Its Radeon RX 480 "Polaris" For Just $199 USD31 May 2016
Get Ready For AMD's Livestream Tomorrow Night30 May 2016
AMD Open-Sources FireRays 2.0 Ray-Tracing Library16 May 2016
AMD Open-Sources Compressonator Project12 May 2016

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DragonFlyBSD Updates Its Intel Graphics Driver From Linux 4.421 Jul 2016
FreeBSD 11.0 Reaches Beta09 Jul 2016
PC-BSD's Lumina Desktop Now In Beta For v1.004 Jul 2016
DragonFly's HAMMER2 File-System Sees Some Improvements25 Jun 2016
FreeBSD 11.0 Alpha 5 Released, Schedule So Far Going On Track25 Jun 2016
FreeBSD Is Trying To Figure Out If Anyone Uses Its VGL Graphics Library21 Jun 2016
FreeBSD 11.0 Alpha 4 Released19 Jun 2016
DragonFlyBSD Has Initial NVMe Driver Support06 Jun 2016
LibreSSL 2.4 Released01 Jun 2016
ZFS Fault Management Daemon Added To FreeBSD30 May 2016

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PHP 7.1 Beta Released21 Jul 2016
LLVM 3.9 Has Been Branched, LLVM 4.0 Will Be Up Next18 Jul 2016
Pyston 0.5.1 Is Making Python Code Even Faster14 Jul 2016
LLVM 3.8.1 Released12 Jul 2016
PHP 7.1 Alpha 2 Released27 Jun 2016
GCC Compiler Adds Support For ARM's Cortex-A7322 Jun 2016
LLVM's Clang Is Working On Unified Offloading Support18 Jun 2016
LLVM Has New "parallel-lib" Sub-Project17 Jun 2016
LLVM's Clang Begins Better Supporting Musl Libc14 Jun 2016
LDC D Compiler 1.0 Adds Objective-C Support, Full ARM Compatibility13 Jun 2016

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Acer's CXI2 Chromebox Now Has Upstream Coreboot Support16 Jun 2016
Coreboot Gains A Hybrid Graphics Driver For Lenovo ThinkPads02 Jun 2016
Google "Reef" Is An Apollo Lake Chromebook, Now Supported By Coreboot14 May 2016
Google's Gale Powered By Qualcomm Added To Coreboot11 May 2016
Google Pushes A Ton More Chromebook Device Code Into Coreboot09 May 2016
Coreboot Gets Ported To A Unique Industrial Board29 Apr 2016
Broadwell-DE SoC / Xeon D Support Added To Coreboot14 Apr 2016
Coreboot Ported To Run On Lenovo's ThinkPad T42014 Apr 2016
Intel Appears To Be Rolling Out FSP 2.0 Blob08 Mar 2016
Better Intel Skylake & Galileo Support Arrives For Coreboot02 Mar 2016

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117 Articles
Ubuntu & Debian Abandon Intel X.Org Driver For Most Hardware, Moves To Modesetting DDX23 Jul 2016
The State Of Debian's Paid Long Term Support Project09 Jul 2016
Debian 8.5 vs. Debian Testing Benchmarks - July 201608 Jul 2016
Debian's DebConf 16 Ends This Weekend, Watch The Videos Online08 Jul 2016
New Details Emerge About Debian Founder Ian Murdock's Death06 Jul 2016
The State Of Systemd In Debian (2016)06 Jul 2016
Debian Stretch Successor To Be Codenamed Bullseye04 Jul 2016
Debian Installer Stretch Alpha 7 Released04 Jul 2016
Debian Stretch Continues Eyeing GCC 624 Jun 2016
Debian 8.5 Released, Debian 7.11 Is Out Too For Ending Wheezy04 Jun 2016

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183 Articles
Enlightenment 0.21 Released With Its Much Better Wayland Support30 Jun 2016
Enlightenment 0.21 Up To RC State With Better Wayland Support02 Jun 2016
Enlightenment's EFL Getting New DRM Library29 May 2016
Enlightenment Brings Session Recovery Support To Wayland06 May 2016
Cinnamon 3.0 Officially Announced25 Apr 2016
Cinnamon 3.0 Desktop Primed For Release24 Apr 2016
Enlightenment 0.21 Now In Alpha With Better Wayland Support12 Apr 2016
Xfce 4.14 Development Is Focused Around GTK3 Porting12 Apr 2016
MATE 1.14 Desktop Release Is Incoming08 Apr 2016
Blender 2.77 Released With GPU Improvements20 Mar 2016

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221 Articles
FESCo Approves Latest Round Of Fedora 25 Features16 Jul 2016
Fedora 25 Planning For Proper Rust Support13 Jul 2016
A Phoronix Alumnus Is Trying To Land His Dream Job At Red Hat12 Jul 2016
Fedora Media Writer Looks To Take On A Primary Role In Fedora 2507 Jul 2016
Four More Changes Proposed For Fedora 2504 Jul 2016
Fedora Users Now Have An Experimental Firefox Wayland Package22 Jun 2016
Fedora 24 Officially Released: Powered By Linux 4.5 & GNOME 3.2021 Jun 2016
I Am Super Excited About Fedora 2421 Jun 2016
Fedora 23 vs. Fedora 24 On A Core i5 Skylake System21 Jun 2016
Fedora 24 Is Cleared For Landing Next Week16 Jun 2016

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Free Software
SF Conservancy Speaks Out Against Developer Doing GPL Enforcement For Financial Gain21 Jul 2016
FreeType 2.7 Bringing DirectWrite/ClearType-Like Rendering -- Much Better Looking Fonts On Linux17 Jul 2016
OpenMediaVault 3.0 Beta Updated17 Jul 2016
Blender's AMDGPU-PRO OpenCL Performance Is Crazy Slow Compared To NVIDIA CUDA16 Jul 2016
Lighttpd 1.4.40 Fixes Hundreds of Bugs16 Jul 2016
Dropbox Opens Up "Lepton" Image Compression Algorithm14 Jul 2016
Apple Opened Up Its LZFSE Compression Library07 Jul 2016
CF4OCL Adds OpenCL 2.1 Symbols, Offline Kernel Compiler/Linker05 Jul 2016
The Widely-Used Cairo Library Has Problems Passing Its Own Tests03 Jul 2016
GLBinding 2.1.1 Released02 Jul 2016

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GNOME 3.21.4 Released22 Jul 2016
GNOME Mutter 3.21.4 Released WIth New Screen Capture API, NVIDIA vRAM Robustness20 Jul 2016
GNOME's Mutter Sees Big Rework, Striving For Multi-DPI Rendering20 Jul 2016
Improved File Extraction Coming To GNOME's Nautilus17 Jul 2016
Window/Menu Positioning Improvements For GTK+ On Wayland/Mir15 Jul 2016
GIMP 2.9.4 Is Their First Development Release Of 2016 With Many Improvements12 Jul 2016
GStreamer Components See Their First 1.9 Unstable Release06 Jul 2016
The State of Flatpak In GNOME Software05 Jul 2016
GTK Scene Kit Continues Making Progress With New API, Offloading More Work To The GPU05 Jul 2016
Pitivi 0.96 Released With Proxy Editing Support30 Jun 2016

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660 Articles
GCC 4.9.4 Will Be Released Soon To End GCC 4.9 Series18 Jul 2016
"Java Training Wheels" Joins The GNU Project08 Jul 2016
FSF Issues Statement Against Intel's Management Engine (ME)10 Jun 2016
GNU Taler 0.0.0 Released: GNU Tries To Get Into Electronic Payments03 Jun 2016
GDB Debugger Now Supports The Rust Language, Other GNU Toolchain Improvements03 Jun 2016
GCC 5.4 Compiler Released, Fixed 147+ Bugs03 Jun 2016
Gnuastro: GNU Gets Into Astronomy31 May 2016
GNU Make 4.2 Released22 May 2016
Libreboot, Coreboot Downstream, Becomes A GNU Project19 May 2016
GNU Hurd 0.8 & Mach 1.7 Released18 May 2016

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Intel Developer Has Been Working On Systemd Support For Chrome OS21 Jul 2016
Final Developer Preview Released Of Android 7 "Nougat"18 Jul 2016
Google Developers Improve Mesa's Android EGL Support15 Jul 2016
CrossOver For Android Now Running On Chromebooks14 Jul 2016
The Founder Of Wayland Has Joined Google14 Jul 2016
Google Opens Up High-Performance Software Graphics Rasterizer29 Jun 2016
Chrome 53 Should Be Blazing Fast11 Jun 2016
Chrome 52 Beta Brings CSS Containment, Push Improvements10 Jun 2016
Android-x86 6.0-RC1 Released With OpenGL ES Via Mesa, Linux 4.4.1209 Jun 2016
Chrome OS Keyboard Backlight LEDs Will Be Supported By Linux 4.728 May 2016

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226 Articles
ARM Is Being Bought Out By Japan's SoftBank18 Jul 2016
Thunderbolt Networking Support Is Still Being Worked On For Linux14 Jul 2016
Libinput 1.4 Release Candidate12 Jul 2016
Snapdragon 821 Launched, Tops Out At 2.4GHz11 Jul 2016
Mode Switching Coming For Graphics Tablets In Libinput 1.411 Jul 2016
X Developer Keith Packard's ChaosKey Hardware RNG Is Almost Here10 Jul 2016
CompuLab Comes Out With New Rugged, Fanless Linux-Friendly PC03 Jul 2016
That Open, Upgradeable ARM Dev Board Is Trying To Make A Comeback02 Jul 2016
A Great Deal On A Dual LCD Monitor Mount For Less Than $30 USD28 Jun 2016
A Variety Of OpenGL/OpenCL NVIDIA 367.27 vs. AMD Linux 4.7 + Mesa Git Benchmarks27 Jun 2016

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931 Articles
Trying The Vulkan Dota 2 & Talos Principle With Intel's Mesa Driver (July 2016)23 Jul 2016
Intel XenGT Updated, Now Supports Windows 10 Guests22 Jul 2016
Intel's Mesa Driver Appears Ready For OpenGL 4.520 Jul 2016
95 Patches Ready The Intel Mesa Driver For OpenGL 4 On Haswell19 Jul 2016
Intel Finishes Up Another OpenGL ES 3.2 Extension In Mesa18 Jul 2016
Intel Developer Proposes "Kernel NET Policy" For Better Linux Network Performance18 Jul 2016
Clear Linux Makes Caffe Deep Learning 10% Faster; Also Discovers XFWM4 Compositor Bug15 Jul 2016
After GuC, Intel's Open-Source Driver Prepares For "HuC" Firmware Blobs14 Jul 2016
Developers Are Still Working On OpenGL 4.x For Intel Haswell / Ivy Bridge13 Jul 2016
Intel DRM-Next Performance Tests With Skylake (Linux 4.8)10 Jul 2016

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997 Articles
KDE Plasma Users Are Still Running Into Multi-Screen Issues11 Jul 2016
KDE Frameworks 5.24 Released09 Jul 2016
DigiKam 5.0 KDE Photography Software Released05 Jul 2016
KDE Plasma 5.7 Officially Released05 Jul 2016
KDE Plasma 5.7 Due Today, A Video About It & More05 Jul 2016
The State Of Wayland For KDE Plasma 5.721 Jun 2016
KDE Developers Have Been Working On Improved Windows Support18 Jun 2016
KDE Plasma 5.7 Beta Released17 Jun 2016
KDE Frameworks 5.23 Released13 Jun 2016
KDE Neon User Edition 5.6 Is Released So You Can Easily Experience Plasma 5.609 Jun 2016

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577 Articles
Faster Rendering Appears To Be Coming For LibreOffice18 Jun 2016
GNOME & KDE Join The Document Foundation Advisory Board16 Jun 2016
LibreOffice Is Now One Of The First Major Linux Desktop Apps With A Flatpak01 Jun 2016
An Early Look At Some Of The New Features Of LibreOffice 5.209 May 2016
LibreOffice's 3D Renderer Now Supports Multi-Threading07 May 2016
LibreOffice Receives Better OpenGL Rendering Support08 Apr 2016
LTO'ing LibreOffice With GCC 619 Mar 2016
Collabora Office 5.0 Released As Its LibreOffice Enterprise Flavor05 Mar 2016
LibreOffice Now Has GTK3-Native Menus28 Feb 2016
LibreOffice Gets GTK3 Native Context Menus & More25 Feb 2016

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73 Articles
Linux Events
Linux.Conf.Au 2016 Videos Now Online08 Feb 2016
Chemnitz Linux Days 2016 Is Happening In Just Over One Month07 Feb 2016 2016 Videos Now Available07 Feb 2016
The Linux Graphics Talks For FOSDEM 201602 Dec 2015
Slides & Videos From Embedded Linux Conference Europe 201522 Nov 2015
FOSDEM 2015 Videos Published24 Feb 2015
Linux.Conf.Au 2015 Kicks Off In Auckland12 Jan 2015
FOSDEM 2015 Is Less Than One Month Away07 Jan 2015
X@FOSDEM 2015: Call For Presentations About Mir, Wayland, Etc03 Oct 2014
LinuxCon Wraps Up In Chicago23 Aug 2014

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38 Articles
Linux Gaming
Feral Releases "Life Is Strange" For Linux21 Jul 2016
Overlord Is Being Released For Linux Tomorrow20 Jul 2016
Virtual Programming Continues Working On Overlord For Linux19 Jul 2016
Day of the Tentacle Remastered Is Out For Linux11 Jul 2016
It's Been Months Since The Last Unvanquished Release - There's Also A Vulkan Prototype10 Jul 2016
SuperTuxKart 0.9.2 Officially Released01 Jul 2016
Extra Steam Linux Gaming Benchmarks Of The AMD Radeon RX 48029 Jun 2016
Dolpin 5.0 Emulator Released, Now Requires OpenGL 3 & 64-bit24 Jun 2016
SuperTuxKart 0.9.2 Is On The Way16 Jun 2016
Unity3D Is Prepping To Roll Out A Number Of 2D Improvements13 Jun 2016

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1227 Articles
Linux Kernel
Linux 4.7 Notebook Power Testing: Possible Regression When Idling22 Jul 2016
Intel Has More DRM Graphics Fixes Needed For Kabylake In Linux 4.718 Jul 2016
Intel Has A Final Round Of Graphics Updates For Linux 4.8, Broxton Is Ready14 Jul 2016
Linux Has Seen 30k+ Commits So Far This Year14 Jul 2016
Raspberry Pi VC4 DRM Changes For Linux 4.812 Jul 2016
Linux 4.7-rc7 Released: Linux 4.7 Kernel In Two Weeks11 Jul 2016
Linux 4.7-rc6 Released, Bigger Than The Earlier RCs04 Jul 2016
Next-Generation Secure Network Tunnel Announced For The Linux Kernel28 Jun 2016
Linux 4.7-rc5 Kernel Released26 Jun 2016
A Significant Linux 4.7 Kernel Performance Regression Has Now Been Resolved26 Jun 2016

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1383 Articles
Linux Storage
Bcachefs Still Being Developed As A Next-Gen Linux File-System04 Jul 2016
Apple Designs New File-System To Succeed HFS+13 Jun 2016
CoreOS Announces "Torus" Linux Distributed Storage System01 Jun 2016
Reiser4 Is Now Available For Linux 4.626 May 2016
XFS Brings Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements To Linux 4.726 May 2016
EXT4 Has Many Bug Fixes For Linux 4.725 May 2016
ZAC / Shingled Magnetic Recording Device Work For The Linux 4.7 Kernel23 May 2016
F2FS & Btrfs Get Fixes For Linux 4.7 Kernel22 May 2016
Async Discard Support Comes For Linux 4.717 May 2016
ZFS On Linux Brings Linux 4.6 Support, Bug Fixes14 May 2016

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168 Articles
Gallium3D Optimizations Published For BioShock Infinite18 Jul 2016
H.264 VA-API Encode Comes To Gallium3D13 Jul 2016
Intel's Mesa On-Disk Shader Cache Maturing, Radeon Devs Not Yet Convinced13 Jul 2016
Just About 20 Lines Of Code Got Open-Source 3D Running On NVIDIA Pascal For Mesa11 Jul 2016
Mesa Is Almost Back Up To 1.9 Million Lines Of Code10 Jul 2016
These 17 Patches Effectively Put Intel Mesa Done With OpenGL 4.4 & 4.507 Jul 2016
Mesa 12.0 Still Hasn't Been Released07 Jul 2016
Mesa Needs Some Last Minute Patches For Polaris24 Jun 2016
Mesa 12.0 RC4 Released, Mesa 12 Officially Coming Soon21 Jun 2016
The On-Disk Shader Cache For Mesa's Intel Driver Has Been Revived21 Jun 2016

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918 Articles
Skype Releases Brand New Linux Client Making Use Of WebRTC13 Jul 2016
Ubuntu's Unity Desktop Can Now Run Natively On Windows10 Jul 2016
Skype Claims "Exciting" Linux News Next Week08 Jul 2016
.NET Core 1.0 Released27 Jun 2016
Microsoft Spins Its Own FreeBSD Image For The Cloud09 Jun 2016
Microsoft Open-Sources Edge's WebGL Implementation08 Jun 2016
Microsoft Rolls Out .NET Core RC2, .NET Core SDK Preview 1 With Linux Support16 May 2016
Microsoft's .NET Now Works On NetBSD05 May 2016
KDE Akonadi Support For Microsoft Exchange01 May 2016
Microsoft Explains More About Their Windows Subsystem For Linux25 Apr 2016

More Microsoft News

107 Articles
Pale Moon Browser 27 Alpha Released18 Jul 2016
Firefox 48 Will Take The First Rust Code Into Production12 Jul 2016
Rust 1.10 Programming Language Update07 Jul 2016
Mozilla Is Looking To Build A Recommendation System: Context Graph06 Jul 2016
Servo Night Builds Begin, Linux Packages Coming01 Jul 2016
The Tech Preview Of Servo/Browser.html Is Imminent!27 Jun 2016
Firefox 48 Expected To Finally Enable Electrolysis By Default08 Jun 2016
Firefox 47.0 Is Ready For Release06 Jun 2016
Servo Continues Making Progress For Shipping Components In Gecko, Browser.html09 May 2016
Mozilla's WebExtensions API Is In Good Shape For Firefox 4830 Apr 2016

More Mozilla News

217 Articles
Kodi 17 Alpha 2 Released02 Jul 2016
The Numerous Features Coming To Ardour 5.002 Jul 2016
Libav Gets An OpenH264 Decoder Wrapper28 Jun 2016
FFmpeg 3.1 Is Primed With New Features: Includes H.264/HEVC VA-API Encoding27 Jun 2016
Ardour 5.0 Digital Audio Workstation Makes A Step Closer To Reality02 Jun 2016
VP9 Encode Support Added To VA-API27 May 2016
FFmpeg Lands VA-API H.264 / H.265 / MJPEG Encoder Support15 May 2016
LibreELEC 7.0 Released For A Kodi 16.1 Experience26 Apr 2016
Kodi 16.1 Arrives With Many Fixes24 Apr 2016
Libav Adds H.264 & MPEG4 Encoders Using OpenMAX IL13 Apr 2016

More Multimedia News

210 Articles
Maxwell OpenGL Improvements Coming To Nouveau18 Jul 2016
Nouveau DRM Code Updated For Linux 4.815 Jul 2016
Initial Open-Source GeForce GTX 1000 "Pascal" Nouveau Driver Support08 Jul 2016
Nouveau Fermi Gets OpenGL 4.2 Support Flipped On21 May 2016
Nouveau Open-Source NVIDIA Code Finally Starts Lining Up For Linux 4.720 May 2016
Patches Published For Taking Nouveau Fermi Support Up To OpenGL 4.214 May 2016
Nouveau NVC0 Compute Shader Support Is On For GTK110+ GPUs10 May 2016
Nouveau NVC0 Appears Ready With OpenGL 4.2 Support For Select NVIDIA GPUs26 Apr 2016
Over/Under Volting & Clocking Improvements Under Review For Nouveau19 Apr 2016
Here's An Ubuntu Kernel Build If You Want To Help Test Nouveau Boost Support17 Apr 2016

More Nouveau News

310 Articles
NVIDIA Announces New TITAN X Card With 12 Billion Transistors, 11 TFLOPS Compute21 Jul 2016
NVIDIA To Meet With Wayland, Linux Kernel Developers To Discuss GBM vs. Streams21 Jul 2016
NVIDIA 367.35 Released, Supports 8K H.265 Video Decoding15 Jul 2016
NVIDIA Releases "The World's Most Advanced VR Game", Will Be Open-Sourced14 Jul 2016
More NVIDIA CUDA Benchmarks With Blender Cycles Engine12 Jul 2016
NVIDIA Provides A Surprise For Pascal GPU Owners Wanting Open-Source11 Jul 2016
NVIDIA Posts Patches For Mesa, But Just For Wiring Up An EGL Extension07 Jul 2016
NVIDIA Linux Performance-Per-Dollar: What The RX 480 Will Have To Compete Against25 Jun 2016
NVIDIA Launches Tesla P100 PCI-E Card20 Jun 2016
Running The NVIDIA 367.27 Linux Driver With The GeForce GTX 107014 Jun 2016

More NVIDIA News

561 Articles
Operating Systems
OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 RC1 Released19 Jul 2016
Slackware 14.2 Officially Released01 Jul 2016
Mageia 6 "Sta1" Release Ships, Finally Switches To GRUB201 Jul 2016
Calamares 2.3 Installer Released01 Jul 2016
Linux Mint 18 MATE & Cinnamon Editions Released30 Jun 2016
OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 Beta 2 Released27 Jun 2016
PowerNex: A Kernel Written In The D Programming Language25 Jun 2016
Solus 1.2 Linux Distribution Released20 Jun 2016
Antergos Spins New ISOs, The Last Time Pushing 32-bit Media19 Jun 2016
Tux, Say Hi To Apple's macOS "Sierra"13 Jun 2016

More Operating Systems News

412 Articles
Illumos Continues To Let OpenSolaris Live On02 Feb 2016
Oracle Is Deprecating The Java Web-Browser Plugin With Java 927 Jan 2016
NetBeans 8.1 IDE Released With Java Enhancements, HTML5/JS/Node.js Goodies04 Nov 2015
The State Of DRM/KMS Drivers On Solaris Sounds Worse Off Than The BSD Drivers19 Sep 2015
VirtualBox 5.0.4 Has Linux 4.2 Support, Many Fixes08 Sep 2015
OpenSolaris-Derived Illumos Project Turns Five Years Old03 Aug 2015
Oracle Said To Be Baking A Low-Cost SPARC Chip30 Jul 2015
Debian Dropping SPARC Support26 Jul 2015
Solaris 11.3 Is In Beta With Cloud, Virtualization Improvements12 Jul 2015
Oracle & Canonical Collaborate Over Their Competing Linux OSes On OpenStack23 Sep 2014

More Oracle News

155 Articles
GTK4, RX 480, GTX 1070/1080, Nextcloud & Other Popular Linux Announcements In June01 Jul 2016
Vulkan, Raspberry Pi 3, AMDGPU & Other Exciting Linux Milestones So Far This Year28 Jun 2016
The Most Popular Linux Hardware Reviews & Articles Over The Past 12 Years06 Jun 2016
Happy 12th Birthday Phoronix, 8th Birthday For Phoronix Test Suite05 Jun 2016
The Most Popular Linux News Over The Past 12 Years04 Jun 2016
The GTX 1080 Pascal Linux OpenGL / OpenCL / Vulkan Benchmarks Begin Tomorrow02 Jun 2016
AMDGPU, Dota 2 Vulkan, NVIDIA Pascal Were Wowing Linux Users31 May 2016
There Is Less Than One Month To Go Until Phoronix Turns 12: Big Articles Ahead10 May 2016
Windows 10 & People Learning I'm Not A Robot Were The Most Popular Stories This Month30 Apr 2016
I've Had Enough & Today Everyone Has The Phoronix Premium Experience07 Apr 2016

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537 Articles
Phoronix Test Suite Crosses 19 Million Benchmark Test/Suite Downloads23 Jul 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.6 "Loppa" Is In Development, Milestone 1 Released06 Jul 2016
Phoronix Test Suite By The Numbers After Eight Years, Millions Of Benchmarks Run06 Jun 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.4 Released With Latest Improvements For Open-Source Benchmarking02 Jun 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.4 M4 Brings Suite Editing To The Phoromatic Server31 May 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.4 M3 Has More Stress Benchmarking Improvements26 May 2016
Watching Out For System Overheating When Benchmarking On Linux20 May 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.4 M2 Brings More Phoromatic, Stress Testing Improvements06 May 2016
Over 18 Million Tests & Benchmark Suites Have Been Downloaded From OpenBenchmarking.org03 May 2016
PTS Stress-Run Continues To Mature To Push Hardware/Software To Their Limits29 Apr 2016

More Phoronix Test Suite News

73 Articles
Today Marks Amazon's Second Prime Day12 Jul 2016
Phoronix Turns 12 Years Old This Week: Here's A Birthday Special For You30 May 2016
Writing Linux / Open-Source News & Benchmarking 365 Days Per Year02 Apr 2016
Raspberry Pi 3, Linux 4.6 & AMDGPU Were Popular Among Our 300+ Articles This Month31 Mar 2016
You Can Now Support Us (Again) When Shopping At NewEgg13 Mar 2016
Vulkan Benchmarking Plans, Last Day For Valentine Premium Special16 Feb 2016
Are You Having Problems Seeing Graphs In Our Latest Articles?15 Feb 2016
Interested In More Linux Hardware Tests? Here's Our January Deal19 Jan 2016
Tomorrow Is The Last Day For Taking Advantage Of Our Premium Deal30 Dec 2015
For The Holidays, Here's Another Special Deal For Supporting Linux Hardware Testing24 Dec 2015

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Proprietary Software
Opera Developer Update Lands RSS Reader, Chromecast Capability20 Jul 2016
Commercial EXT4 File-System Driver For Windows Updated (ExtFS)20 Jul 2016
Running The Latest Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux OpenGL/Vulkan Benchmarks15 Jun 2016
Reaper Audio Software Is Coming To Linux01 May 2016
Have You Had Any Luck Running Ubuntu On Windows 10?08 Apr 2016
Windows 10 Insider Update Now Ships Ubuntu Bash For Windows06 Apr 2016
Vivaldi 1.0 Web Browser Released06 Apr 2016
BitTorrent's Sync Now Offers Official Linux Packages18 Feb 2016
Opera Browser Receives Buy Out Offer For $1.2 Billion USD10 Feb 2016
Windows 10 Reportedly On 200+ Million Devices30 Dec 2015

More Proprietary Software News

111 Articles
GammaRay 2.5 Released For Qt Introspection21 Jul 2016
Qt WebBrowser 1.0 Open-Sourced18 Jul 2016
Qt Creator 4.1 Beta Adds New Themes, Improved CMake Project Support06 Jul 2016
Qt 5.6.1-1 Released To Fix A Critical Problem22 Jun 2016
The Qt Company Is Still Aiming To Get Qt 5.8 Out This Year20 Jun 2016
New Technology Preview Of QtWebKit19 Jun 2016
Qt 5.7.0 Officially Is Out16 Jun 2016
Qt 5.7 Is Bringing A New Qt Wayland Compositor API13 Jun 2016
Qt WebKit Looks To Be Making A Comeback12 Jun 2016
Qt 5.6.1 Now Available08 Jun 2016

More Qt News

227 Articles
Radeon X.Org Driver Now Only Uses DRI3 By Default With GLAMOR22 Jul 2016
A Second Batch of AMDGPU Changes Readied For Linux 4.8 Kernel16 Jul 2016
Trying The Radeon RX 480 & R9 Fury With The AMDGPU Code For Linux 4.809 Jul 2016
Radeon/AMDGPU Updates For The Linux 4.8 Kernel08 Jul 2016
More Polaris & Tonga Fixes For Linux 4.706 Jul 2016
AMD's Linux Driver Will Likely See A Power Change For The Radeon RX 480 Too06 Jul 2016
Radeon RX 480: RadeonSI Gallium3D vs. AMDGPU-PRO - Interesting CPU/Power Difference02 Jul 2016
For Those Interested In GPGPU Compute, Here Are Many Radeon RX 480 OpenCL Tests30 Jun 2016
Compare Your Linux System's OpenGL Performance Side-By-Side With The Radeon RX 48029 Jun 2016
AMDGPU-PRO 16.30 Released With RX 480 Support29 Jun 2016

More Radeon News

456 Articles
Red Hat
RADV: A Community Open-Source Effort To Get Vulkan Working On Radeon19 Jul 2016
Red Hat Is Working To Improve Linux Switchable Graphics07 Jul 2016
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 Released10 May 2016
Red Hat Makes RHEL Available To Developers For Free31 Mar 2016
SystemTap 3.0 Released With New Features28 Mar 2016
Red Hat Succeeds At Becoming $2B USD Open-Source Firm23 Mar 2016
Plymouth Gains HiDPI Support04 Mar 2016
X.Org Server 1.18.1 Has Fixes For GLAMOR, Modesetting & DRI3 Presentation08 Feb 2016
Scientific Linux 7.2 Officially Released06 Feb 2016
Scientific Linux 7.2 Planned For Release Next Week30 Jan 2016

More Red Hat News

136 Articles
Indigo 4 Lets You Have Full Graphics Rendering Over OpenCL23 Jul 2016
Khronos Makes Progress On Its GL Transmission Format22 Jul 2016
Two Weeks Until Likely Updates To OpenGL, Vulkan13 Jul 2016
New Vulkan Slides; Wondering If "OpenGL 4.6" Will Be Out This Summer07 Jun 2016
The Importance Of Benchmark Automation & Why I Hate Running Linux Games Manually04 Jun 2016
HSA 1.1 Brings Multi-Vendor Support & More31 May 2016
IWOCL 2016 Slides Posted To Learn More About The Latest OpenCL Tech04 May 2016
The State Of OpenCL Computing Language (2016)03 May 2016
Khronos Releases OpenVX 1.1 API02 May 2016
Eve: A New VP9 Video Encoder Offering Much Better Results02 May 2016

More Standards News

117 Articles
OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Alpha 3 Released20 Jul 2016
GCC 6 & Mesa 12.0 Land In Tumbleweed, 42.2 Leap To Have GNOME 3.2014 Jul 2016
Watch The Videos From This Year's OpenSUSE Conference25 Jun 2016
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Will Very Soon Have GCC 615 Jun 2016
OpenSUSE 42.2 Alpha Released24 May 2016
OpenSUSE Is Making It Easier To Try Out The Latest KDE Stack19 Feb 2016
OpenSUSE Developers Tackle Redesigning YaST10 Feb 2016
Uptime Funk: Using SUSE's kGraft Live Kernel Patching For Linux05 Nov 2015
openSUSE 42.1 Leap Released04 Nov 2015
OpenSUSE 42.1 Tweaked For Better Out-Of-The-Box Performance03 Nov 2015

More SUSE News

155 Articles
It Looks Like Systemd 231 Will Soon Be Released, Adds MemoryDenyWriteExecute23 Jul 2016
Systemd 230 Is Upsetting Some Over Its KillUserProcess Setting28 May 2016
Systemd Reverts Its Stance On Letting Users Access Frame-Buffer Devices24 May 2016
Systemd 230 Opens Up A New Graphics Vulnerability & FBDEV Still Should Die23 May 2016
Systemd 230 Released21 May 2016
Systemd 229 Released With Many Changes, DNS Resolver Now Fully Supported11 Feb 2016
What Systemd Developers Want To Change With Linux User-Space In 201606 Feb 2016
Systemd Saw The Most Commits Ever In 201503 Jan 2016
BUS1: A New Linux Kernel IPC Bus Being Made By Systemd Developers09 Dec 2015
Understanding Systemd's Event Loop API20 Nov 2015

More systemd News

106 Articles
Snappy Packaging Happenings In The Fedora, Arch Space23 Jul 2016
Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS Released21 Jul 2016
Ubuntu Forums Get Breached, 2 Million Users/Emails/IPs15 Jul 2016
Vulkan Support Still Isn't Ready For Ubuntu's Mir14 Jul 2016
A Video Of X11 Apps Running On Mir With Ubuntu 16.10 Using Libertine13 Jul 2016
Ubuntu Announces New Snap Desktop Launchers06 Jul 2016
Libertine: Allowing X11 Debian Packages To Run On The Next-Gen Ubuntu Desktop05 Jul 2016
Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak Alpha 1 Released01 Jul 2016
Ubuntu Developers Discuss Again About Dropping Support For 32-bit x8628 Jun 2016
Ubuntu 16.10 Continues Planning For The Linux 4.8 Kernel09 Jun 2016

More Ubuntu News

949 Articles
Valve Is Working On Team Fortress 2 "Meet Your Match"06 Jul 2016
Steam's Survey Reports Another Drop For Linux Gamers In June 201601 Jul 2016
New SteamOS Beta Bundles Interesting AMDGPU-PRO Driver29 Jun 2016
Steam Beta Brings Many Improvements For Steam Controllers16 Jun 2016
Steam Client Now Stable With Better AMD Vulkan Performance11 Jun 2016
Steam Client Stable vs. Beta Tests With Vulkan On AMDGPU-PRO10 Jun 2016
At Just $35, Now Is A Great Time To Try Out Valve's ARM-Linux-Powered Steam Link02 Jun 2016
Valve's Steam Survey Shows Linux Gaming Fall To One Of The Lowest Levels Ever01 Jun 2016
Steam Client Beta Brings Improvements For Vulkan Gamers18 May 2016
Latest Valve Data Puts Steam Linux Marketshare At 0.90%02 May 2016

More Valve News

299 Articles
OpenChrome 0.5 Has Working Support For Multiple Monitors06 Jul 2016
VIA OpenChrome Driver Has A Roadmap, But Only One Developer27 May 2016
OpenChrome 0.4.0 DDX Driver Revives VIA Open-Source x86 Graphics01 Apr 2016
OpenChrome 0.4 Coming For Letting Open-Source VIA Support Live On29 Mar 2016
VIA OpenChrome X.Org Driver Getting Ready For First Release In Over Two Years14 Feb 2016
Someone Wants To Step Up To Take Over The VIA OpenChrome Driver02 Feb 2016
VIA OpenChrome KMS Support Might Be Revived With Mainline Ambitions12 Dec 2015
VIA Rolls Out Fanless, Ruggedized PC Powered By Quad-Core x86 Eden CPU13 Aug 2015
VIA Announces It Sold Off Part Of Its Assets31 Jul 2015
The Plans For The New VIA Gallium3D Driver & DRM/KMS Linux Driver13 Jan 2015

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QEMU 2.7 To Support New ARM Boards, Intel Graphics VFIO & More23 Jul 2016
Bareflank Is A New Linux Hypervisor Written In C++11/1421 Jul 2016
VirtualBox 5.1 Officially Released12 Jul 2016
VirtualBox 5.1 RC1 Released07 Jul 2016
Virt-Manager's Virt-Viewer 4.0 Released30 Jun 2016
Xen Orchestra 5.0 Released With Several New Features24 Jun 2016
Xen Project 4.7 Released23 Jun 2016
Virt-Manager 1.4 Exposes The New OpenGL Options19 Jun 2016
VirtualBox 5.1 Beta Released, Qt5 Porting & Better Python 3 Support03 Jun 2016
Handling I/O Bursts With QEMU 2.624 May 2016

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Dolphin Emulator's Vulkan Back-End Is Now Feature Complete23 Jul 2016
Vulkan-Hpp Launches, Official C++ API For Vulkan23 Jul 2016
Nintendo 64 Emulator Gaining Vulkan Rendering Support16 Jul 2016
Vulkan 1.0.21 Released To Fix More Issues16 Jul 2016
Vulkan 1.0.19 Released: Still Up In The Air Whether Vulkan 1.1 Will Come This Month02 Jul 2016
ErupteD Brings Vulkan To The D Programming Language26 Jun 2016
Dolphin Emulator Is Working On A Vulkan Backend26 Jun 2016
Vulkan 1.0.18 Adds Queue Operation Terminology25 Jun 2016
There Is A Minecraft Mod Being Worked On To Support Vulkan12 Jun 2016
There's A Project Working To Implement Direct3D D3D9 Over Vulkan11 Jun 2016

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Wayland-Protocols 1.5 Released With Tablet Support22 Jul 2016
Libinput 1.4 Marks The Project Being "Done" For Its Original Goals19 Jul 2016
Libinput 1.4 Officially Released With Graphics Tablet Modes & More18 Jul 2016
Wayland's Weston Now Working On Libweston-Desktop17 Jul 2016
Wayland's Weston Continues Going Through Refactoring24 Jun 2016
NEMO-UX Goes Commercial To Focus On Futuristic, Multi-User Wayland13 Jun 2016
Wayland's Weston Nukes Its Raspberry Pi Backend/Renderer03 Jun 2016
Wayland 1.12 Planned For Release In September01 Jun 2016
Wayland 1.11 Officially Released31 May 2016
Wayland 1.11 & Weston 1.11 Up To Release Candidate State24 May 2016

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Wine 1.9.15 Lands More Direct3D Work, GDI Performance Improvements22 Jul 2016
Wine 1.9.14 Still Working On Shader Model 5, D3D Command Stream08 Jul 2016
Wine 1.9.13 Continues Working On Shader Model 5, Direct3D Command Stream24 Jun 2016
Wine 1.8.3 Released With More Bug Fixes16 Jun 2016
Wine 1.9.12 Works On More Shader Model 4 Support10 Jun 2016
Wine-Staging 1.9.11 Begins Looking Towards DOOM On Linux31 May 2016
Wine 1.9.11 Has Direct3D 11 Improvements27 May 2016
Wine-Staging 1.9.10 Brings Rewritten CSMT Multi-Threading For Linux Gamers18 May 2016
Wine 1.9.10 Has Video Output Improvements, C++ Runtime Fixes16 May 2016
Wine-Staging 1.9.9 Shipped Some Patches To Mainline, Cleaned Up Other Code03 May 2016

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Video & Input Driver ABIs Will Change Again For X.Org Server 1.1920 Jul 2016
X.Org Server 1.18.4 Released With XWayland / GLAMOR / Modesetting Improvements19 Jul 2016
X.Org Server Development Continues Trending Lower16 Jul 2016
PRIME Synchronization & Double Buffering Land In The X.Org Server28 Jun 2016
The State Of The X.Org GSoC 2016 Projects24 Jun 2016
X.Org Is Looking For A Host For XDC 201708 Jun 2016
Arcan: A New Open-Source Display Server Built Atop A Game Engine30 May 2016
X.Org's Indirect GLX State Is Frightening Researchers27 May 2016
Threaded Input Finally Lands In The X.Org Server26 May 2016
X.Org's XDC2016 Issues Call For Papers12 May 2016

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