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X.Org EVoC To Be Tightened Up, Limited To Existing Contributors

To complement Google's Summer of Code, the X.Org Foundation has long held the Endless Vacation of Code (EVoC) as a year-round, passive event where the foundation would fund students to get involved with X.Org/Wayland/Mesa projects. Sadly, however, it's not been panning out and the rules are being tightened up even more due to past failures.

17 September 2015 - X.Org EVoC - 4 Comments
Running An X.Org Server On 64-bit ARM Can Be A Chore

While for many Phoronix readers it's been many years since being required to fiddle around with the X.Org Server's xorg.conf in order to configure your graphics adapter / monitor to get the X Server up and running, for 64-bit ARM (AArch64) a manual configuration may still be needed.

11 September 2015 - X Server AArch64 - 6 Comments
EXWM: Turning Emacs Into An X Window Manager

Emacs is known to be a fully-customizable text-editor that can yield crazy abilities from playing games to emulating vi/vim to being an "OS inside an OS" with Emacs Lisp. The latest feature for Emacs is serving as an X Window Manager.

4 August 2015 - Emacs Window Manager - 13 Comments
X.Org Server 1.18 Will Require Updated Video Drivers

The in-development X.Org Server 1.18 once again breaks the video driver ABI. Rebuilding the driver for compatibility isn't much of an issue for the open-source DDX drivers or the frequently-updated NVIDIA proprietary driver, but it could spell out months of waiting for those depending on the AMD Catalyst driver and wanting to use xorg-server 1.18.

17 July 2015 - xorg-server 1.18 - 17 Comments
Intel Works On Page-Flipping For The Mode-Setting Driver

While the xf86-video-intel X.Org DDX driver has yet to reach version 3.0 even though the 3.0 development series is going on two years old, Intel open-source developers are continuing to spend time on the universal xf86-video-modesetting driver.

22 April 2015 - xf86-video-modesetting - 3 Comments

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