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GLVND GLX Support Being Worked On For The X.Org Server

Red Hat's Adam Jackson has taken to working on X.Org Server patches for supporting GLVND within a GLX world (rather than just EGL) via the GLX_EXT_libglvnd extension. GLVND, of course, is NVIDIA's OpenGL Vendor Neutral Dispatch Library.

24 March 2016 - GLX_EXT_libglvnd - 3 Comments
Planning Starts For Mesa/Wayland/X.Org Projects This Summer

Upstream projects associated with the X.Org Foundation should begin thinking of possible summer project ideas for GSoC 2016 while students can begin figuring out their proposals if wanting to get involved with open-source graphics/compute development over the summer.

18 February 2016 - GSoC 2016 - 7 Comments
AMDGPU's xf86-video-amdgpu vs. Mode-Setting DDX Performance

To complement the xf86-video-ati vs. xf86-video-modesetting benchmarks from quite a while ago, here are some tests of the 3D performance in seeing any performance differences between the xf86-video-amdgpu DDX for the GCN 1.2 GPUs versus using the generic xf86-video-modesetting driver.

14 February 2016 - Tests - 27 Comments
Are You Sure You Want X.Org To Die?

Whenever posting news items about the X.Org Foundation, it's common to routinely see a few comments about "let X.org die already!", "Wayland is the future!", and other similar remarks.

18 January 2016 - X.Org vs. X.Org Foundation - 45 Comments
Missteps Of The X.Org Foundation

With the recent news of X.Org possibly losing its valuable domain, many have commented in our forums and elsewhere how this could have possibly happened... However, in reality, it is sadly not much of a surprise.

10 January 2016 - Fails - 6 Comments
X.Org Server Development Slows To Lowest Point In A Decade

The maturing of Wayland (and Mir) as well as external projects like libinput have clearly had an impact on the X.Org Server's development... In 2015 there were fewer xorg-server commits than any year since 2003. Other indicators also point to dramatically slower X Server development.

4 January 2016 - X11 Server - 21 Comments
X.Org Server 1.18 Officially Released

X.Org Server 1.18 was supposed to be a quick release but ended up being drawn out into a longer release cycle than normal. However, today xorg-server 1.18.0 is now available under the "Moussaka" codename.

9 November 2015 - Xorg-Server 1.18 - 36 Comments

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