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Enlightenment Temporarily Drops Support For Wayland

While the Enlightenment developers were quick to implement Wayland support as an alternative to X11, with this week's v0.9.12 Enlightenment release it drops the Wayland support. However, this is just temporary and isn't much of a big deal.

8 October 2015 - Enlightenment Wayland - 5 Comments
Libinput 1.0 Officially Released

At long last, libinput 1.0 has been released. Libinput is the input handling library commonly used by Wayland compositors and is optionally used in the X.Org world via the xf86-input-libinput driver and is starting to be used by the Ubuntu Mir display server.

25 August 2015 - Libinput 1.0 - 13 Comments
Libinput 0.19 Brings Improved Pointer Acceleration

Peter Hutterer released version 0.19 of Libinput, the input handling library relied upon by Wayland compositors and optionally by the X.Org Server via the specialized xf86-input-libinput driver.

6 July 2015 - Libinput Pointer Acceleration - 5 Comments
Libinput 0.18 Has Improved Touchpad Handling

A new version of libinput is now available, the input handling library used by Wayland compositors, is being toyed around within the Mir world, and is also optionally used by the X.Org Server via its specialized DDX input driver.

22 June 2015 - libinput 0.18 - 2 Comments
Wayland 1.8.1 Released

While Wayland 1.8 was released last week, Wayland 1.8.1 was released today as a "brown paper bag" release.

12 June 2015 - Wayland 1.8.1 - 2 Comments

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