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Enlightenment's Ecore_Drm2 Library Is Working Out Well For Wayland Support

While GNOME is frequently brought up for its well-vetted Wayland support when using the latest packages, the Enlightenment desktop has also been progressing very well with its Wayland compositor and they continue making improvements to their display stack. One of these important pieces has been the Ecore_Drm2 library.

7 October 2016 - Ecore_Drm2 - Add A Comment
NVIDIA's Proposal For A New API Better Than GBM Has Already Made Some Progress

On the first day of the XDC2016 conference this week in Finland NVIDIA presented over their GBM vs. EGLStreams debate that's been ongoing for months with NVIDIA's lack of GBM API support by their driver being what's preventing the binary blob from working with current-generation Wayland compositors. In that session they called for a new community-driven API to suit the needs of device memory / surface allocation and could succeed the Generic Buffer Manager. By the end of XDC2016, some progress has already been made.

23 September 2016 - NVIDIA New Memory API - 73 Comments
NVIDIA Presents Over GBM vs. EGLStreams, The Big Wayland Support Debate Continues

James Jones of NVIDIA just finished taking the stage at XDC2016 where he was talking about Unix device memory allocation, which comes down to the big EGLStreams vs. GBM debate... A.k.a. NVIDIA pushing a different approach for their Wayland support from the Wayland compositors currently focusing around GBM for buffers. This debate is leading towards the development of a new API.

21 September 2016 - Device Memory Allocation - 82 Comments
Wayland 1.12 Officially Released

While it's coming a few days later than anticipated, Wayland 1.12 along with the adjoining Weston 1.12 compositor update is now officially available.

20 September 2016 - Wayland 1.12 - Add A Comment
Wayland 1.12 RC2 Released, Libinput 1.5.0 Is Out

Ahead of the GNOME 3.22 release with much better Wayland support and Fedora 25 potentially using Wayland by default, there's a new Wayland/Weston release candidate to report on today along with the libinput 1.5 release.

14 September 2016 - Wayland 1.12 - Add A Comment
Wayland 1.12 Beta Released

Bryce Harrington announced the release today of Wayland 1.12 beta and the associated Wayland compositor update.

30 August 2016 - Wayland 1.12 - 6 Comments
The State of Wayland's GSoC Project For Improved Output Handling

Google's annual Summer of Code 2016 (GSoC) is now officially over and we're starting to see the final reports issued by the many student developers involved. One of the reports worth mentioning is the Wayland project around getting Weston to start without any outputs and improved output handling.

22 August 2016 - GSOC Wayland - 8 Comments
Libweston-Desktop Added To Wayland's Weston

For the past two years already there has been an effort going of building libweston, effectively punting much of the Weston code off into a library that can then be re-used by other Wayland compositors. Libweston provides most of the basic Wayland protocol components and other low-level functionality so it becomes easier for developers to build full-featured Wayland compositors. Now part of the family is Libweston-Desktop.

14 August 2016 - Libweston-Desktop - 3 Comments
Wayland's Weston Now Working On Libweston-Desktop

Wayland developers continue working on Libweston, which is aiming to make more of the Weston reference compositor reusable by other Wayland compositors. This library offers much of the boilerplate code around the Wayland protocols to allow more sharing by compositors and making it more straight-forward to get things up and running. The latest component is Libweston-desktop.

17 July 2016 - libweston-desktop - 2 Comments
NEMO-UX Goes Commercial To Focus On Futuristic, Multi-User Wayland

A few years back we covered the Nemoshell for Wayland and back in 2014 how NEMO-UX was working on a futuristic, multi-user Wayland experience. It's been a while since hearing anything about Nemo, but we've received some information today from the newly-formed company that's trying to push this Wayland experience further.

13 June 2016 - NEMO-UX - 17 Comments

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