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WINE News Archives

Wine-Staging 1.7.46 Improves The OS X Experience

Building on Friday's Wine 1.7.46 release, Wine-Staging 1.7.46 was released today.
28 June 2015 - Wine-Staging 1.7.46

Wine 1.7.46: Still Hacking On DirectWrite & 64-bit ARM

Wine 1.7.46 is out bright and early this morning.
26 June 2015 - Wine 1.7.46

CodeWeavers Working On Direct3D 11, Better Wine Performance

CodeWeavers has shared their plans for adding DirectX11 support for their Wine-based CrossOver software along with delivering on performance improvements.
22 June 2015 - D3D11 Wine

Wine-Staging 1.7.45 Gets Better vRAM Detection, Makes Use Of Ping

Building on last Friday's release of Wine 1.7.45, the newest Wine-Staging release is now available that tacks in extra, experimental functionality.
16 June 2015 - Wine-Staging Features

Wine 1.7.45 Brings DirectWrite Work & Start Of MSVCIRT

The latest bi-weekly Wine development release is available this morning.
12 June 2015 - Wine 1.7.45

PlayOnLinux 5 To Switch From Being Written In Python To Using Java

PlayOnLinux developers have shared that PlayOnLinux 5 development has begun and it will be a complete rewrite of this software used by Linux gamers. Rather than being written in Python, it will now be based in Java.
4 June 2015 - Java PlayOnLinux

Wine-Staging 1.7.44 Introduces More Bug Fixes

Following in the foot steps of Wine 1.7.44, the newest development version of Wine-Staging is now also available.
1 June 2015 - Wine-Staging 1.7.44

Wine 1.7.44 Works On More 64-bit ARM Support

Wine 1.7.44 is out this morning to end out the month of May for the Wine development community.
29 May 2015 - Wine 1.7.44

Wine-Staging 1.7.43 Tacks On More Bug Fixes

Wine 1.7.43 was released on Friday and following it this weekend was the latest Wine-Staging update that re-bases atop the latest upstream Wine while carrying extra, experimental features like DXVA2, CUDA 7, and various other features.
18 May 2015 - Wine Staging 1.7.43

Wine 1.7.43 Works On Desktop Shell Window Support

Wine 1.7.43 was released this morning as the newest development version of Wine.
15 May 2015 - Wine 1.7.43

USB Support For Wine Is Being Discussed Again

Per the latest World Wine News (WWN), USB support for Wine is being discussed yet again but as of right now it's not clear if any new work will materialize as a result of the latest discussions.
11 May 2015 - USB Wine Support

Wine 1.7.42 Implements More Of Direct2D

Wine 1.7.42 was released this morning as the latest bi-weekly Wine development release.
1 May 2015 - Wine 1.7.42 - 6 Comments

Wine-Staging 1.7.41 Works On Improved Debugging Support

Following in the foot steps of Wine 1.7.41, Wine-Staging 1.7.41 has been released as the re-based version of this version of Wine with various testing/experimental patches.
20 April 2015 - Wine-Staging 1.7.41 - 2 Comments

Wine 1.7.41 Works More On Kernel Job Objects, MSI Patches

Two weeks ago Wine 1.7.40 added kernel job object support (after previously being a feature of Wine-Staging) and now with today's v1.7.41 release this Windows feature has been further improved.
17 April 2015 - Wine 1.7.41 - 8 Comments

Wine-Staging Brings Emulated EAX, Better .NET Executables Support

Following Friday's release of Wine 1.7.40, the equivalent Wine-Staging update is now out with a few extra changes.
5 April 2015 - Wine-Staging 1.7.40 - 32 Comments

Wine 1.7.40 Adds Support For Kernel Job Objects

Wine 1.7.40 was released this morning and besides closing over two dozen bugs, there's a handful of new features.
3 April 2015 - Wine 1.7.40 - 17 Comments

Wine-Staging 1.7.39 Works On Speeding Up Wineserver Calls

Following Friday's release of Wine 1.7.39, Wine-Staging 1.7.39 was released this Sunday with hundreds of extra patches on top of Wine.
22 March 2015 - Wine-Staging 1.7.39 - 38 Comments

Wine 1.7.39 Supports DirectX Media Object Filters

The newest bi-weekly development release of Wine is now available for testing to kick off spring.
20 March 2015 - Wine 1.7.39 - 4 Comments

CrossOver 14.1 Improves Running Windows Apps & Games On Linux

CodeWeavers announced today the release of CrossOver 14.1, the latest version of their Wine-based program for running Windows applications/games on OS X and Linux systems.
19 March 2015 - CrossOver 14.1 - 5 Comments

Wine-Staging 1.7.38 Adds Job Object Support, Improved DXVA2

Following Friday's release of Wine 1.7.38 is the new Wine-Staging build based upon this release but with various experimental functionality added in. As usual, this Wine-Staging update is another exciting feature release.
8 March 2015 - Wine-Staging 1.738

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