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Valve Rolls Out A SteamVR Performance Benchmark

Valve today announced the release of a free program for measuring the performance potential of your system for SteamVR to see if your system can handle the number of emerging VR products. Unfortunately, for now at least, the test is Windows-only.

22 February 2016 - SteamVR Performance Test - 11 Comments
Steam Linux Games Shoot Past 1,900 Titles

It was just one week ago writing about Steam on Linux having 1,800 native games available and today the 1,900 threshold was crossed! As of writing this article there's been 1,913 native Linux games available.

28 January 2016 - 1,913 And Counting - 9 Comments
Kodi HTPC Software Is Being Ported To Run On Valve's Steam Link

Earlier this month Valve released the Steam Link SDK for opening up this Linux-powered $50 device with Qt, SDL, and OpenGL ES support.While the Steam Link is a device intended for streaming Steam games to your television, one of the interesting ports so far with this SDK is aiming to get the Kodi HTPC software running on the Link.

26 January 2016 - Steam Link - 5 Comments
Development On Valve's VOGL Debugger Seems To Have Stalled

Two years ago at this time all of the excitement was building up around Valve's VOGL OpenGL debugger. While the VOGL source code hasn't even been public for two years yet, there hasn't been any new public activity to report on with the debugger in over a half-year.

17 January 2016 - VOGL - 14 Comments
A Massive SteamOS Graphics Card Comparison Is Coming

With Steam Machines shipping next month and more gamers potentially giving SteamOS a shot on their system or custom-built living room PC, a large AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics comparison with SteamOS 2.0 "Brewmaster" is in the works. Here's the details.

21 October 2015 - SteamOS Drivers+GPUs - 13 Comments
Using Valve's Steam Controller On Ubuntu Linux

Valve's Steam Controller has begun shipping to those who pre-ordered the device earlier this year. Phoronix reader Thomas Frech (a.k.a. Qaridarium) has shared some of his thoughts about using the controller for some Linux gaming on Ubuntu.

18 October 2015 - Valve Steam Controller - 33 Comments

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