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Early Ubuntu 14.04 vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Intel Xeon E5 Benchmarks

This morning I posted some Ubuntu 14.04 vs. 16.04 LTS Radeon graphics benchmarks while if open-source AMD graphics driver evolution doesn't get you excited, in this article are results from other non-graphics benchmarks in comparing the Ubuntu 14.04 vs. 16.04 performance for these long-term support releases in their current form.

13 February 2016 - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Benchmarks - 9 Comments
Ubuntu 14.04 vs. 16.04 LTS AMD FirePro Performance On Open-Source

As some complementary data to this week's Radeon Gallium3D OpenGL Performance From Fedora 18 To Fedora 23 and the earlier Ubuntu 6.06 LTS to 16.04 LTS benchmarks is a look at the Ubuntu 14.04 vs. 16.04 (in its current development state) performance with an AMD FirePro graphics card.

13 February 2016 - Ubuntu 14.04 vs. 16.04 - 6 Comments
Here Is My Linux 4.5-rc3 Kernel Spin With AMDGPU PowerPlay & CIK Enabled

With the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel PPA still not enabling the experimental AMDGPU PowerPlay or CIK (Sea Islands / GCN 1.1) support in their kernel builds (although they basically are both off by default at runtime), here is my spin of the newly-released Linux 4.5-rc3 kernel with these features turned on.

8 February 2016 - AMDGPU Extras - 10 Comments
A Call For Ending 32-bit Ubuntu Desktop ISOs

Ubuntu developer Dimitri John Ledkov has started a public conversation about dropping the Ubuntu Desktop i386 ISOs in favor of focusing resources on the 64-bit Ubuntu desktop.

1 February 2016 - Kill Ubuntu 32-Bit Desktop? - 69 Comments
Ubuntu Derivative Alpha Releases Are Back To Being Questioned

While Ubuntu itself hasn't participated in the alpha releases now for a few years in favor of focusing on high-quality daily ISOs, Ubuntu derivatives such as Kubuntu and Xubuntu have long been pushing out alpha releases to help with testing by the community. However, for lack of people stepping up to manage these releases, it's looking like they may not happen or with fewer alpha releases.

26 January 2016 - Ubuntu Alphas - 16 Comments
Systemd Continued Commanding Linux Systems In 2015

This year Ubuntu switched over to using systemd in place of Upstart, other distributions have also decided to take advantage of systemd, this project hosted its first conference, and the systemd feature-set continued to expand.

29 December 2015 - systemd 2015 - 76 Comments
The Most Exciting Ubuntu News Of The Year

Ubuntu Linux made a lot of headway in 2015 particularly around their Unity 8 and Mir projects as part of their converged vision between mobile and desktop devices as well as in the Snappy space and the growing IoT market.

28 December 2015 - Ubuntu News 2015 - 6 Comments
Kirkland: Over One Billion Ubuntu Users

In response to my article this past weekend about It Doesn't Look Like Ubuntu Reached Its Goal Of 200 Million Users This Year, Dustin Kirkland of Canonical's Ubuntu Product and Strategy team has come out to say that number should be over one billion.

23 December 2015 - One Billion Ubuntu Users? - 22 Comments

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