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Indigo 4 Lets You Have Full Graphics Rendering Over OpenCL

Many have hypothesized in the past about implementing full OpenGL for graphics over OpenCL -- or now, implementing OpenGL directly over Vulkan -- while Glare Technologies with their Indigo renderer appears to be one of the first renderers to achieve 100% GPU rendering over OpenCL.

23 July 2016 - Indigo 4 Graphics Over OpenCL - 12 Comments
Khronos Makes Progress On Its GL Transmission Format

Next week is SIGGRAPH while taking place now in Anaheim, California is the Web3D Conference. From this conference focused around 3D graphics for the web, the glTF 1.0.1 specification was released and more.

22 July 2016 - GL Transmission Format - 5 Comments
OpenGL SC 2.0 Released For Safety Critical Graphics

This week the Khronos Group released the provisional specification of OpenCL 2.2 and SPIR-V 1.1 while today from the Aviation Electronics Europe in Munich they announced the release of he OpenGL SC 2.0 specification.

20 April 2016 - OpenGL SC 2.0 - 4 Comments
How To Go About Reverse Engineering Video Decoding

With many Phoronix readers being curious about reverse-engineering graphics drivers for open-source enablement, along the same lines you may also be curious about how reverse-engineering is done with video formats / video decoding by multimedia applications.

3 February 2016 - Reverse Engineering - 1 Comment
What You Need To Know About SPIR-V 1.0

For those that haven't been paying attention to SPIR-V as the new intermediate representation that makes up OpenCL 2.1+ and Vulkan, here's various details about this newest Khronos Group specification you may not be familiar with now that Khronos formally released OpenCL 2.1 and SPIR-V 1.0..

16 November 2015 - SPIR-V 1.0 - 13 Comments
OpenMP 4.5 Now Available

Just ahead of the Super Computing SC15 conference beginning tomorrow in Austin, the OpenMP 4.5 specification has been finalized.

14 November 2015 - OpenMP - 1 Comment

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