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More AMDGPU Vega Patches Published

Less than one week after AMDGPU DRM Vega support was published along with the other Vega enablement patches for the Linux driver stack, more Direct Rendering Manager patches are being shot out today.

24 March 2017 - Radeon RX Vega - 13 Comments
More Radeon Vega Work Lands For LLVM 5.0

Yesterday we saw 100 patches adding Vega support to the Radeon DRM driver as well as 140 patches adding Vega support to RadeonSI Gallium3D. The other big piece of the open-source Linux driver stack for Vega is the AMDGPU LLVM changes.

21 March 2017 - AMDGPU GFX9 LLVM - 7 Comments
SUSE Developers Publish Radeon GCN Backend Code For GCC Compiler

While the AMDGPU "GCN" compiler support in LLVM is quite mature now, the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) hasn't yet received a full-fledged GCN compiler back-end for AMD GPUs. SUSE developers have been working on that for AMD and today they have published their code branch. This GCN back-end for GCC is primarily focused on compute capabilities rather than compiling graphics shaders.

16 March 2017 - GCN For GCC - 6 Comments
xf86-video-ati 7.9 / xf86-video-amdgpu 1.3 DDX Driver Updates

Michel Dänzer of AMD has announced new releases of their X.Org DDX drivers: xf86-video-ati 7.9 and xf86-video-amdgpu 1.3. The changes in the updates are similar while the xf86-video-amdgpu DDX is paired to work with the AMDGPU DRM kernel driver while the xf86-video-ati driver continues on for the mature Radeon DRM.

16 March 2017 - AMD DDX Updates - 11 Comments
Experimental Patches Revised For AMDGPU HDMI Stereo 3D, DAL/DC Now Supported

Last month an independent contributor to the AMD Linux graphics stack posted AMDGPU patches for HDMI Stereo 3D support within this open-source Radeon DRM driver. Those patches were rather dismissed in part because they didn't implement the support along the new DAL/DC display code-paths, but that has now changed.

25 February 2017 - HDMI Stereo 3D - 7 Comments
Almost A Decade Later, RadeonHD Stories Still Coming To Light

This September will mark 10 years since the public launch of the RadeonHD DDX driver (xf86-video-radeonhd) that was developed by SUSE during the Radeon X1000 and HD 2000/3000 days in conjunction with ATI/AMD. While we've talked about what started AMD's open-source strategy in the past and dozens of other RadeonHD articles, new stories are still coming to light.

13 February 2017 - RadeonHD - 81 Comments
RadeonSI Patches Emerge For ARB_sparse_buffer

Nicolai Hähnle has been working on OpenGL ARB_sparse_buffer support within the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver stack along with the necessary core Mesa changes for this extension as well as some AMDGPU kernel changes.

8 February 2017 - ARB_sparse_buffer - 19 Comments
Geometry Shader Support Lands In RADV Vulkan Driver

It's been quite a few days for the RADV Mesa Vulkan driver with receiving patches to support spilling yesterday and then today seeing new RADV patches land. Nearing the end of the day, there's now geometry shaders support on Mesa master for this open-source Vulkan driver.

30 January 2017 - RADV Geometry Shaders - 12 Comments

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