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New Technology Preview Of QtWebKit

There's a new technology preview release of QtWebKit for those wanting to use this formerly retired WebKit-based module instead of the newer QtWebEngine that makes use of Chromium's Blink engine.

19 June 2016 - QtWebKit - Add A Comment
Qt WebKit Looks To Be Making A Comeback

Within the upstream Qt tool-kit, the WebKit module was dropped in favor of Qt WebEngine that's powered by Google's Chromium "Blink" engine. While Qt WebEngine is still working out well for new development projects, it looks like Qt WebKit is being worked on for a revival.

12 June 2016 - QtWebKit - 25 Comments
Qt 5.6.1 Now Available

As anticipated, Qt 5.6.1 is now available as the first bug-fix release to the open-source, cross-platform toolkit.

8 June 2016 - Qt 5.6.1 - 6 Comments
Qt Automotive Suite Announced

The Qt Company has announced the Qt Automotive Suite, a new offering aimed at car makers building in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems.

8 June 2016 - Qt Automotive - 9 Comments
Qt 5.7 Release Candidate Surfaces

Similar to past Qt5 tool-kit releases, Qt 5.7 has been running behind schedule but they are now out with a release candidate and hope to officially ship this update later in June.

3 June 2016 - Qt 5.7 - 17 Comments
Qt Creator 4.0 IDE Released

The Qt Company has today announced the release of Qt Creator 4.0.0 as the latest version of this Qt-focused integrated development environment.

11 May 2016 - Qt Creator 4.0 - 5 Comments
Qt 5.7 Beta Is In Sight

Qt 5.7 continues moving along and due to the concurrent release work with the much-delayed Qt 5.6 that finally shipped in March, the Qt 5.7 beta is already imminent.

15 April 2016 - Qt 5.7 - 11 Comments
Utilizing Vulkan Within Qt

A Qt user brought up a mailing list discussion over Vulkan usage within Qt. A few interesting remarks were made by upstream developers.

10 April 2016 - Vulkan-Qt - 3 Comments
Qt 5.7 Feature Freeze Planned For Next Week

The Qt 5.7 release is running slightly behind schedule due to the recent licensing changes with open-sourcing some new components and other reasons, but upstream Qt developers are now planning for the feature freeze to happen next week.

29 January 2016 - Qt 5.7 - 3 Comments

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