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Qt 5.10 To Have Built-In Vulkan Support

With Qt 5.8 there was experimental Direct3D 12 support that left some disappointed the toolkit didn't opt for supporting Vulkan first as a cross-platform, high-performance graphics API. Fortunately, with Qt 5.10, there will be built-in Vulkan support.

19 February 2017 - Qt 5.10 Vulkan - 28 Comments
QtWebKit Updated With WebGL Support, MinGW On Windows

Qt WebEngine remains the primary module on modern Qt5 tool-kit versions for having web capabilities provided by Chromium. The migration from Qt WebKit to WebEngine happened around four years ago but there still are some developers pursuing out-of-tree support for Qt WebKit.

7 February 2017 - QtWebKit - Add A Comment
Qt 5.7.1 & Qt Creator 4.2 Released

The Qt Company has announced the first point release to Qt 5.7 as well as putting out the Qt Creator 4.2 upgrade to their integrated development environment.

14 December 2016 - Qt Updates - Add A Comment
Qt Creator 4.2 RC1 Released

The Qt Company today issued the first release candidate for the Qt Creator 4.2 integrated development environment release.

30 November 2016 - Qt Creator 4.2 - 5 Comments
Qt Creator Gets Excited For CMake Server-Mode

With last week's CMake 3.7 release one of the less-advertised features is the build system's server-mode functionality, which is sure to excited integrated development environments (IDEs).

15 November 2016 - CMake Server-Mode - 11 Comments
LXQt Still Working Towards Its Next Release, Not Yet Ready For Release Schedule

LXQt 0.10 was released last November and is currently the desktop environment's current latest release of this Qt-written desktop forked from LXDE. There's talk though of a new release possibly coming soon, but the project doesn't appear ready yet to commit to any release schedule or routine cadence for new versions.

4 September 2016 - LXQt Releases - 2 Comments

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