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Today's The Last Day For Our Ad-Free Site Deal For Thanksgiving 2016

Just a quick PSA that if you were busy last week and didn't notice the earlier post, we're currently running a heavily-discounted, holiday special for Phoronix Premium where you can access the ad-free version of our site, multi-page articles on a single page, and more. But the big holiday discount expires at the end of today in 24 hours!

28 November 2016 - Phoronix Premium - 4 Comments
It's Time For The Annual Thanksgiving Event To Support Our Linux Testing, Benchmarking

Thankful for all of our content provided 365 days per year at Phoronix with not a 24+ hour break in nearly four years? Appreciate all of our prompt benchmarks of the latest enthusiast computer hardware and more? Like all of our original work on advancing open-source benchmarking via the Phoronix Test Suite,, Phoromatic, and more? Here is your chance to help out.

23 November 2016 - Phoronix Savings - 36 Comments
Today Marks Amazon's Second Prime Day

Today is Amazon's second annual Prime Day where they are offering up a plethora of sales for Prime members. Just a quick friendly reminder to please click our affiliate link if you'll be making any purchases there, in order to help support our site with the Linux hardware testing operations done here daily.

12 July 2016 - Amazon Prime Day - 2 Comments
Writing Linux / Open-Source News & Benchmarking 365 Days Per Year

To the wife on April Fools' Day I told her I was going to take the day off of work... Hah, what a joke. But led me to generate some statistics on the number of Phoronix articles each day and figuring out when was the last time I didn't write an open-source or Linux articles in a given day.

2 April 2016 - Last Day Off - 20 Comments
Interested In More Linux Hardware Tests? Here's Our January Deal

With having pushed out an interesting 27-way NVIDIA Linux graphics card comparison that follows off the recent large AMD Linux graphics comparison, I decided it time to run another premium special if you'd like to show your support and help allow for future, in-depth comparisons and other Linux hardware tests.

19 January 2016 - $25 USD Per Year - 16 Comments
Our Black Friday Linux Deal Has Been Extended!

On Friday we rolled out our first-ever discount deal on Phoronix Premium as part of Black Friday and those wishing to support our site over the holidays. Given the much interest in the significant savings, I've decided to extend this deal through the end of the month.

28 November 2015 - Cheap Premium Deal - 1 Comment

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