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Phoronix Meet-Up - New York City - 21 December

For Phoronix readers in the New York City area, on 21 December there are tentative plans being made for a usual Phoronix meet-up for those interested in Linux, open-source software, benchmarking, and computer hardware enthusiasts.

6 December 2012 - New York - Add A Comment
Upcoming Linux Benchmarks For The Holidays

For those Linux users hoping to do PC upgrades this holiday season, a number of interesting Linux hardware benchmarks are imminent to help you with your buying decisions.

25 November 2012 - Linux Benchmarking - 7 Comments
Exciting This Month: Wayland, EXT4 & AMD

October is quickly coming to a close, so here's a rundown of the most popular Phoronix content this month. So far in October there were 28 featured articles published and 224 original news articles published.

30 October 2012 - October Closing - Add A Comment
Auto-Determining Relevant Linux Benchmarks To Run

As part of a larger undertaking with, the Phoronix Test Suite is now capable of intelligently and automatically determining the most relevant Linux benchmarks for you to run based upon your system's installed hardware and software along with what sub-system you're wishing to stress.

10 October 2012 - Linux Benchmarking - 2 Comments
Development Stats From Trondheim To Suldal

Having recently delivered the Git development stats on Wayland, Mesa, the X.Org Server, xf86-video-intel, xf86-video-nouveau, and xf86-video-ati, now it's time to turn it on Phoronix.

28 July 2012 - Phoronix Test Suite - Add A Comment
It's Time For A New Phoronix User Survey

It's that time again to take a Phoronix user survey to help us out, which will also benefit the Linux hardware community and our open-source benchmarking efforts.

10 July 2012 - It's That Time Again - 28 Comments
Phoronix Meet-Up - Next Week - Boston/Cambridge

For any Phoronix readers that would like to discuss Linux, open-source, benchmarking, and other matters -- whether it be the topics themselves, constructive criticism, or anything else -- a meet-up is being planned for next week on 15 June in Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts.

8 June 2012 - Phoronix Meet-Up - Add A Comment
Happy Birthday - Phoronix Turns Eight Years Old

It was on 5 June 2004 that I founded, what has become the leading source for Linux hardware reviews, Linux / open-source graphics drivers, Linux gaming, and much more enthusiast information catered to the open-source world.

5 June 2012 - - 19 Comments
Test Automation With PTS,

Tonight at the Ubuntu Developer Summit I'm talking about the Phoronix Test Suite and Here's some of my notes for those unable to make it or were able to attend but would like additional information.

9 May 2012 - Benchmarking - 5 Comments
Suldal Improvements; New OpenCL, VDPAU Benchmarks

The latest Phoronix Test Suite 4.0-Suldal improvements are now available and there's also some new test profiles for those interested in measuring the OpenCL/GPGPU performance under Linux along with NVIDIA's VDPAU video decoding speed.

29 April 2012 - Linux Benchmarking - 4 Comments

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