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Show Appreciation For Linux Benchmarking & Hardware Testing This Weekend

With Valentine's Day this weekend, it's a great time to consider showing your support of Phoronix with all of the work invested daily for our timely open-source news, Linux hardware reviews, open-source benchmarking, and much more. As my appreciation for the community, I'm running a Valentine's Day special as well as working on some special content for the days ahead.

13 February 2016 - Valentine - 15 Comments
Finding The Perfect PC Components For Your Favorite Game Or Workload

With the latest code push today on has been one of the most sought after features of making it easier to find the best graphics card for your favorite game, the optimal processor for your computational tasks, and other workloads measured via our open-source, cross-platform benchmarking software.

9 February 2016 - Showdown - 26 Comments Server Migration In Process

This weekend is being moved off to some new server infrastructure for preparing for the new, delivering HTTPS by default, and yielding quicker load times for both it and

29 January 2016 - - 2 Comments
2015 End-Of-Year Reader Survey

With the year ending, of course, I'm already planning ahead and looking out for next year -- when Phoronix will be turning 12 years old. I'd much appreciate it if Phoronix readers find time over this holiday weekend or in the days ahead to complete a brief survey.

26 December 2015 - Phoronix Survey - 3 Comments
The Most Popular Linux Articles This Year: Windows 10, OS X, Linux Graphics

With the year quickly coming to a close, last weekend I covered the most popular Linux/open-source news this year so far of the 3,100+ original articles written on Phoronix. Today at Phoronix we're looking at the most popular featured articles and Linux hardware reviews in 2015, of which there have been 251 so far this year.

19 December 2015 - 2015 Linux Articles - 1 Comment
Running Linux Benchmarks Constantly Is Enough To Heat A Home In The Winter

Earlier this month I wrote about using a Tjernlund 530CFM fan for ventilation of the warm air from the basement computer/server room for Linux benchmarking into my office and the rest of the house for warm air in the winter. After some tweaks last week, I'm quite content with the design and is sufficiently heating the rest of the house so far this winter.

23 November 2015 - Free Heat - 20 Comments
The Start Of The New Phoromatic Server UI Lands

With the majority of the low, underlying changes for Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 "Hammerfest" complete, my latest focus has been on some improvements to the web-interface for Phoromatic.

11 October 2015 - Phoromatic For Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 - 3 Comments

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