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Running Linux Benchmarks Constantly Is Enough To Heat A Home In The Winter

Earlier this month I wrote about using a Tjernlund 530CFM fan for ventilation of the warm air from the basement computer/server room for Linux benchmarking into my office and the rest of the house for warm air in the winter. After some tweaks last week, I'm quite content with the design and is sufficiently heating the rest of the house so far this winter.

23 November 2015 - Free Heat - 20 Comments
The Start Of The New Phoromatic Server UI Lands

With the majority of the low, underlying changes for Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 "Hammerfest" complete, my latest focus has been on some improvements to the web-interface for Phoromatic.

11 October 2015 - Phoromatic For Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 - 3 Comments
The New Phoronix Test Suite Grapher Has Landed

Now within the latest Phoronix-Test-Suite on GitHub the new graphing code is utilized by default. This will directly benefit Phoronix Test Suite users but will also be beneficial to those simply reading Phoronix articles or visiting and

19 September 2015 - pts_Graph New - 8 Comments
RFC: Polishing Up The Result Graphs

It's time for another call-out for requests for comments on how to better enhance the appearance/presentation of information on our benchmark result graphs seen on Phoronix as well as and, etc.

15 September 2015 - Benchmark Result Graphs - 37 Comments
Open Benchmarking: More Windows Than Linux

Earlier this week I posted some statistics about the increasing rate of Linux news and some OS/browser stats for Phoronix. As many readers found it interesting, here's some stats for

29 August 2015 - - 6 Comments

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