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Endless Flatpaks Steam

The developers behind the GNOME-focused Endless OS catered for building "a global platform for digital literacy" has Flatpak'ed Steam.

19 May 2017 - Endless Steam - 34 Comments
QNX 7 Can Be Fitted With A Qt5 Desktop

While QNX remains targeted as an operating system for mobile/embedded solutions, a BlackBerry developer in his spare time has fitted QNX 7 with a Qt5 desktop.

30 April 2017 - QNX 7 + Qt5 - 7 Comments
Arch-Based arkOS Linux Being Discontinued

arkOS, the Arch-based Linux distribution focused on "securely self-hosting your online life" with aims to make it easy to deploy servers for web-based services, is being discontinued.

23 April 2017 - arkOS Linux - 22 Comments
Could A New Linux Base For Tablets/Smartphones Succeed In 2017?

Over the years we have seen many mobile/smartphone focused Linux efforts come and go from OpenMoko, Moblin/MeeGo, webOS, Firefox OS, and most recently Ubuntu Touch while others like Sailfish OS and Plasma Mobile appear to be somewhat stagnate or at least not gaining much marketshare nor advancing rapidly. But what if more of these mobile Linux efforts were to collaborate on a common base? There's a new effort being worked on in this area.

16 April 2017 - New Project - 58 Comments
Solus Integrates Clear Linux's clr-boot-manager

The desktop-focused, performance-oriented Solus Linux distribution has pulled in another component from Clear Linux: clr-boot-manager. The clr-boot-manager is responsible for solid kernel and boot-loader management.

26 March 2017 - Solus Linux - 15 Comments
2017: Should Linux Benchmarking Still Be Mostly Done With Ubuntu?

Every year or so it comes up how some users believe that at Phoronix we should be benchmarking with Antergos/Arch, Debian, or [insert here any other distribution] instead of mostly using Ubuntu for our Linux benchmarking. That discussion has come back up in recent days.

26 March 2017 - Linux Benchmarking - 82 Comments
Running Clear Linux On AMD's Ryzen + X370: Still Competitive Performance

I'm working on an AMD Ryzen Linux distribution benchmark comparison and will have those results to publish soon using a Ryzen 7 1800X. One of the interesting distributions I was curious about its Ryzen performance with was Intel's Clear Linux distribution. It turns out it runs and there are scenarios of it having better performance than Ubuntu.

13 March 2017 - Clear Linux - 16 Comments
Linux From Scratch 8.0 Released

It's been a while since hearing anything out of the Linux From Scratch (LFS) camp, but this weekend they announced the release of LFS 8.0 as well as Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS) 8.0.

26 February 2017 - Linux From Scratch 8.0 - 11 Comments

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