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NVIDIA's Signed Firmware Blobs Land In Linux-Firmware Git

Just last week NVIDIA finally released the signed firmware files for the GTX 900 "Maxwell" GPUs to finally allow open-source 3D driver support on these latest-generation processors. Those firmware blobs are now living in linux-firmware.git so that they can be easily distributed.

23 February 2016 - Linux-Firmware Git - 17 Comments
The GTX 750 Series Still Has Lots Of Problems With Nouveau

While all routine Phoronix readers should be well aware of the fact that there still isn't any open-source accelerated support for the GTX 900 "Maxwell" graphics cards yet as the Nouveau developers are blocked on waiting signed firmware from NVIDIA, the GTX 750 series does have some basic support as the original Maxwell GPUs. Here is a look at using this unofficial open-source driver on a GTX 750 with the Linux 4.5 kernel and Mesa 11.2-devel.

9 February 2016 - Problems! - 3 Comments
DRI3 Still Appears To Be Causing Problems For Nouveau

As a quick PSA, while you may be wanting to try out DRI3 support with the open-source NVIDIA (Nouveau) driver as it is capable of enhancing the performance, so far my latest attempts have been marred by rendering issues.

9 February 2016 - DRI3 Woes - 6 Comments
4K HDMI Appears To Work Much Better With Nouveau On Linux 4.5

While I'm in the middle of a big Nouveau Linux 4.4 vs. Nouveau Linux 4.5 vs. NVIDIA proprietary driver comparison with multiple NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, I just wanted to pass along a bit of good, non-performance news about Nouveau on Linux 4.5.

8 February 2016 - Improvement! - 7 Comments
Nouveau Now Implements Two More GL4 Extensions, Very Close To OpenGL 4.2

While the Nouveau NVC0 and RadeonSI Gallium3D drivers were tied for a while in terms of their OpenGL 4 extension coverage, the NVC0 driver for NVIDIA Fermi GPUs and newer has advanced further with two more extensions -- one for OpenGL 4.2 and the other for OpenGL 4.3 -- now being supported by this open-source, reverse-engineered driver.

30 January 2016 - OpenGL 4.2 4.3 - 16 Comments
Partial Fermi Re-Clocking Being Talked About For Nouveau

Karol Herbst, the independent open-source developer who has been focusing upon Nouveau re-clocking support in recent months, has made a new proposal and patch series concerning NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400/500 "Fermi" re-clocking on this open-source driver.

13 January 2016 - Nouveau Fermi Re-Clocking - 7 Comments
Nouveau Gets Some Improvements For Linux 4.5

While it was looking like Nouveau might not have any big updates for Linux 4.5, a last-minute pull request was honored for DRM-Next that will provide some new/improved functionality to this open-source NVIDIA Linux kernel driver.

11 January 2016 - Nouveau Linux 4.5 - Add A Comment
Improved Kepler Performance Metrics For Nouveau

Samuel Pitoiset who for years now has been working on the Nouveau driver and its performance counters support to be exact, has landed improved performance metrics handling for GeForce GTX 600/700 "Kepler" graphics cards.

5 December 2015 - Nouveau Performance Counters - 1 Comment

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