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The Ongoing Work Of Nouveau Power Management / Re-Clocking

In addition to the Nouveau status update talk at XDC2016, Nouveau contributor Karol Herbst had carried out an additional presentation on Friday dedicated to this open-source NVIDIA driver's work on power management and re-clocking.

24 September 2016 - Nouveau Power Management - 2 Comments
Nouveau 1.0.13 X.Org Driver Released

The latest stable release of the Nouveau X.Org driver is now available for users of this open-source NVIDIA DDX component in conjunction with the Nouveau DRM kernel driver.

22 September 2016 - xf86-video-nouveau - 4 Comments
Nouveau Developers Remain Frustrated By NVIDIA's Firmware Practices

Nouveau developers Samuel Pitoiset, Karol Herbst, Pierre Moreau, and Martin Peres presented their status update on this open-source, reverse-engineered NVIDIA Linux graphics driver during the second day of the XDC2016 conference. Nouveau developers had a few words for the NVIDIA developers in the room.

22 September 2016 - Nouveau - 50 Comments
Maxwell OpenGL Improvements Coming To Nouveau

In addition to the GeForce GTX 900 "Maxwell" open-source driver support on Nouveau being in rough shape due to lack of re-clocking / power management for allowing sufficient performance, the NVC0 Gallium3D driver for Maxwell has also lagged behind with some OpenGL 4.x features on the GTX 900 GPUs.

18 July 2016 - OpenGL 4.x Features - Add A Comment
There Is A Steam Linux Game Where Nouveau On Kepler Is Outperforming NVIDIA's Blob

With yesterday's Nouveau Kepler vs. Maxwell Performance On Linux 4.6 + Mesa 11.3-dev benchmarks, a number of Phoronix readers expressed their surprise how well the GeForce 600/700 "Kepler" series hardware was performing on the open-source Nouveau driver once manually re-clocking these graphics cards. It's certainly much better than the GTX 900 series performance on Nouveau as the Maxwell GPUs don't have any re-clocking support on Nouveau at all. I'm working on some fresh Nouveau vs. NVIDIA Kepler tests and for one Steam Linux game, this reverse-engineered NVIDIA open-source driver is able to beat out the "binary blob" from NVIDIA.

31 March 2016 - Re-Clocked Kepler - 26 Comments
Making It Easier To Try Out The Experimental Re-Clocking Support

While it won't help the current GTX 900 Maxwell performance situation on Nouveau due to being blocked on the PMU firmware in order to be able to re-clock these latest-generation GPUs, there's a fresh kernel source tree that's easy to build with experimental Nouveau patches for improving the NVIDIA re-clocking support on this open-source driver.

29 March 2016 - Nouveau Experimental Re-Clocking - 4 Comments
Nouveau Lands MP Performance Counters For The GK110

Samuel Pitoiset has been continuing in his performance counters / compute support quest for the Nouveau open-source NVIDIA driver. Samuel's latest accomplishment is landing MP performance counters for the GK110 GPUs.

12 March 2016 - Performance Counters - Add A Comment
NVIDIA's Signed Firmware Blobs Land In Linux-Firmware Git

Just last week NVIDIA finally released the signed firmware files for the GTX 900 "Maxwell" GPUs to finally allow open-source 3D driver support on these latest-generation processors. Those firmware blobs are now living in linux-firmware.git so that they can be easily distributed.

23 February 2016 - Linux-Firmware Git - 17 Comments

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