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Mozilla's Servo Gets A Experimental Renderer To Draw On The GPU

Mozilla's next-generation, Rust-written Servo web layout engine now has an experimental renderer for drawing web content on the GPU. The Servo WebRender aims to do all the rasterization work on the graphics processor and the initial results are promising.

29 September 2015 - Mozilla Servo WebRender - 25 Comments
Mozilla Releases SeaMonkey 2.38

It's not too often these days that we hear about SeaMonkey, Mozilla's all-in-one Internet Suite, but an update to it is available this weekend.

27 September 2015 - SeaMonkey 2.38 - 11 Comments
Firefox Nightlies Are Now Built with GTK+3, Coming For Firefox 42

As of this commit yesterday, by Mike Hommey, Firefox nightly builds are now being built with PLATFORM_DEFAULT_TOOLKIT set to cairo-gtk3! It would appear, according to the commit tag, that mainline Firefox will be built with GTK+3 for Firefox 42. Firefox 42 is expected to be released this November.

24 July 2015 - Firefox GTK3 - 48 Comments
Mozilla Is Getting Excited About WebGL 2

While the WebGL 2.0 specification hasn't been finalized yet, Mozilla is already hard at work on ensuring Firefox fully supports this next accelerated graphics standard for the web.

4 March 2015 - WebGL 2.0 - 22 Comments
Bugzilla 5.0 Is Coming Soon With New Features

Bugzilla 5.0 is gearing up for a release in the next few weeks and with this big version bump will come a number of new features to this popular open-source bug tracking software.

31 January 2015 - Bugzilla 5.0 Features - 8 Comments
MozJPEG Is Evolving Well For Better Optimized JPEGs

While Fabrice Bellard's work on the BPG Image Format has been getting a lot of attention in recent weeks for being an image format trying to replace JPEGs with offering higher compression ratio and other features over JPEGs, its design around the encoding of HEVC/H.265 makes its blocked by patents. For at least the interim, Mozilla is committed to making JPEGs better for the web.

29 December 2014 - MozJPEG - 20 Comments

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