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Boot 2 Gecko Being Stripped From Mozilla's Codebase

At the end of 2015 Mozilla effectively put an end to Firefox OS / Boot 2 Gecko by concluding things weren't working out for Mozilla Corp and their commercial partners to ship Firefox OS smartphones. All commercial development around it has since stopped and they are now preparing to strip B2G from the mozilla-central code-base.

27 September 2016 - B2G Stripping From Mozilla-Central - 17 Comments
Pale Moon Browser 27 Alpha Released

The first alpha of Pale Moon 27 was released this weekend. Pale Moon continues to serve as a Mozilla Firefox derived open-source web-browser that sticks to the older Firefox user-interface and also uses a fork of the Gecko layout engine.

18 July 2016 - Pale Moon 27 Alpha - 26 Comments
Mozilla To Begin Offering Firefox In Snap Format For Ubuntu

With today's release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Snappy package management is being more broadly supported across the Ubuntu ecosystem. This complementary packaging format to Debian packages for Ubuntu will allow third-party applications to be more easily updated. One of the other organizations already on board with using the Snap packaging format is Mozilla.

21 April 2016 - Firefox Snaps - 39 Comments
Embedding Gecko Into Other Apps Isn't Pretty

Mozilla developer Chris Lord wrote recently about renewed interest in embedding Gecko, the current Mozilla layout engine used by Firefox and Thunderbird, while today he's out with a new post about the state of embedding Gecko into other applications.

8 March 2016 - Embedding Gecko - 9 Comments

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