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AMD Patches For OpenMAX HEVC/H.265 Decoding

Gallium3D's VA-API state tracker has already supported H.265/HEVC video decoding as well as the support being in Gallium3D VDPAU too with it being supported by Radeon's open-source UVD code. Rounding out the API video-accelerated decode coverage of H.265 is now OpenMAX support.

31 August 2016 - OMX State Tracker - 17 Comments
Intel's Mesa On-Disk Shader Cache Maturing, Radeon Devs Not Yet Convinced

For quite a while now Intel and Collabora developers have been working on an on-disk shader cache similar to what's offered by the NVIDIA proprietary driver for allowing GLSL shaders to be compiled and then cached on-disk, making it quicker to load the shaders in the future. It's looking like the Intel shader cache implementation may soon be ready for Git.

13 July 2016 - Mesa Shader Cache - 57 Comments
Just About 20 Lines Of Code Got Open-Source 3D Running On NVIDIA Pascal For Mesa

Just a few hours ago I was writing about NVIDIA making public the GP100 "Pascal" GPU firmware binaries needed for as a requirement for bringing up GeForce GTX 1000 series hardware acceleration on the open-source driver stack. Now the initial support has landed in Nouveau's NVC0 Gallium3D driver within Mesa for allowing 3D support.

11 July 2016 - NVIDIA Pascal Mesa - 6 Comments

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