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VirGL VirtIO 3D GPU Driver Added To Gallium3D

The open-souce QEMU/KVM stack with VirtIO will finally be able to have guest 3D/OpenGL acceleration that's backed by the GPU/driver of the host system! While VMware and VirtualBox have long had guest 3D support backed by the host's hardware, it's taken a while for the open-source Linux virtualization stack to gain this functionality.

23 October 2015 - Virtual 3D For Guest VMs - 17 Comments
Intel Is Making A High-Performance Software Rasterizer For Mesa

While Mesa currently has the swrast, LLVMpipe, and Softpipe drivers as software rasterizers that run OpenGL on the CPU rather than any dedicated GPU, a team at Intel has been developing a new, high-performance software rasterizer. This Intel team hopes to upstream their new "OpenSWR" project into Mesa as offering fast, CPU-rendered graphics.

20 October 2015 - OpenSWR - 36 Comments
New SVGA Gallium3D HUD Options Added For VMWare Users

For those that don't know or may have forgot, Gallium3D has a Heads-Up Display (HUD) for showing various driver metrics while running OpenGL games/applications. If you're an SVGA VMware user, there's some new HUD queries available.

17 October 2015 - Gallium3D Heads-Up Display - Add A Comment
Writing Good Bug Reports For Open-Source GPU Drivers

While most Phoronix readers should be well aware of the bug reporting procedures for Mesa drivers, Ian Romanick of Intel has written a lengthy blog post about the process of writing a "good" bug report for the open-source graphics drivers.

15 October 2015 - Bug Reports - 9 Comments
Ubuntu PPA Updated With Mesa Git + LLVM 3.8 SVN

While Ubuntu 15.10 has Mesa 11.0 and it provides OpenGL 4 support for the Nouveau driver, it doesn't for RadeonSI. The issue is that in Ubuntu 15.10 is still an older version of LLVM that in the AMDGPU LLVM back-end lacks the needed support for OpenGL 4.0/4.1 compliance. Fortunately, a PPA has been updated for Ubuntu Wily with said support.

13 October 2015 - Ubuntu Paulo Miguel PPA - 11 Comments
With GL 4.3 AoA Getting Done, Arceri Is Trying A GL 4.4 Extension

Timothy Arceri is the independent developer that started out doing some crowd-funded Mesa OpenGL extension development that was successful so he did a second crowd-funding campaign to do more Mesa feature work. That second extension, ARB_arrays_of_arrays, finally appears nearly complete so he's decided to work on another extension.

6 October 2015 - GL_ARB_enhanced_layouts - 7 Comments
Mesa 11.0 Support Lands In Ubuntu 15.10

Mesa 11.0 has landed within Ubuntu 15.10 for providing the latest open-source graphics drivers, primarily with exciting updates for the Intel, Radeon, and DRM drivers.

23 September 2015 - Mesa 11.0 For Ubuntu - 24 Comments
Optimizing Shaders On Mesa For Intel NIR With Shader-DB

Alejandro Piñeiro and others at Igalia have been working on adding a NIR to Vec4 pass to the Intel i965 driver back-end along with making other optimizations around NIR, the new intermediate representation for Mesa to replace GLSL IR.

14 September 2015 - Mesa Shader Optimizations - Add A Comment
Is Slow Patch Review For Mesa Driving Away Developers?

While most everyone would agree Mesa could benefit from more developers of this important piece of the open-source Linux desktop stack for providing OpenGL/3D graphics drivers, it seems slow patch review times are frustrating at least some casual developers wanting to contribute.

6 September 2015 - Mesa Patch Review - 50 Comments

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