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With GL 4.3 AoA Getting Done, Arceri Is Trying A GL 4.4 Extension

Timothy Arceri is the independent developer that started out doing some crowd-funded Mesa OpenGL extension development that was successful so he did a second crowd-funding campaign to do more Mesa feature work. That second extension, ARB_arrays_of_arrays, finally appears nearly complete so he's decided to work on another extension.

6 October 2015 - GL_ARB_enhanced_layouts - 7 Comments
Mesa 11.0 Support Lands In Ubuntu 15.10

Mesa 11.0 has landed within Ubuntu 15.10 for providing the latest open-source graphics drivers, primarily with exciting updates for the Intel, Radeon, and DRM drivers.

23 September 2015 - Mesa 11.0 For Ubuntu - 24 Comments
Optimizing Shaders On Mesa For Intel NIR With Shader-DB

Alejandro Piñeiro and others at Igalia have been working on adding a NIR to Vec4 pass to the Intel i965 driver back-end along with making other optimizations around NIR, the new intermediate representation for Mesa to replace GLSL IR.

14 September 2015 - Mesa Shader Optimizations - Add A Comment
Is Slow Patch Review For Mesa Driving Away Developers?

While most everyone would agree Mesa could benefit from more developers of this important piece of the open-source Linux desktop stack for providing OpenGL/3D graphics drivers, it seems slow patch review times are frustrating at least some casual developers wanting to contribute.

6 September 2015 - Mesa Patch Review - 50 Comments
R600 Gallium3D Gets A Little Bit Of Attention

With the upcoming Mesa 11.0 release there is OpenGL 4.1 support on the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver for Radeon HD 7000 series and newer, but no OpenGL 4.0/4.1 support for the R600g driver, which was disappointing to some R600g users within our forums.

3 September 2015 - R600g This Week - 14 Comments
Mesa's Loop Analysis & Range Propagation Passes

Besides the atomic mode-setting for virtual KMS drivers, another X.Org Google Summer of Code project this summer was developing a range analysis pass and other optimization passes for Mesa as part of benefiting NIR.

23 August 2015 - Mesa GSoC - 12 Comments

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