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Feral Games Is Hinting At Something New

It's been several weeks since last having any interesting new Linux game news to talk about, but Feral Interactive seems to be getting closer to announcing something new for gamers.

4 May 2017 - Feral Port - 39 Comments
Ioquake3 Needs Some Help

Following last month's ioquake3 security issue, the project has been reassessing their state of security and could use some help on that front as well as other matters.

3 April 2017 - ioquake3 - 3 Comments
Xonotic 0.8.2 Released

It's been more than one year since an update to Xonotic, the open-source first person shooter formerly from Nexuiz, but that changed today with the v0.8.2 release.

1 April 2017 - Xonotic 0.8.2 - 7 Comments

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