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AES-128-CBC Support Coming To Fscrypt

AES-128-CBC support is coming to fscrypt, the generic file-system crypto code in the Linux kernel that's currently in use by F2FS and EXT4 for offering native file-system encryption support.

26 June 2017 - Linux 4.13 - 2 Comments
EXT4 Patch For Statx Support

The statx system call was added to Linux 4.11 for providing enhanced file stats. While the statx() system call is in place for Linux 4.11, not all of the file-systems yet support it.

16 March 2017 - statx - 31 Comments
EXT4, Fscrypt Updates For Linux 4.11

Ted Ts'o sent out today the feature updates for the EXT4 file-system for the Linux 4.11 merge window as well as the fscrypt file-system encryption code.

20 February 2017 - Linux 4.11 EXT4 - 2 Comments

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