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New Linux ACPI Tool Makes A Debut

Dave Jones, the lead Fedora kernel maintainer and Linux hacker, has released the first bits of code to a new project he has been working. This new tool, acpitool, decodes ACPI tables into something that is almost like a C syntax. It's far from complete but the latest code is available from his personal website with the acpitool release announcement taking place on Dave Jones' blog.

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Linux Kernel Released

Greg Kroah-Hartman yesterday announced the availability of the Linux kernel. This release includes a variety of fixes with Linux 2.6.21 users being encouraged to upgrade to this latest release.

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Linux 2.6.23-rc2 "Diseased" Kernel

The Linux 2.6.23-rc2 kernel has been released onto kernel mirrors. This second release candidate introduces some new merges with 250 people contributing patches, but 2.6.23-rc2 is bigger than it should be and it's late as well. Linus Torvalds had stated in his announcement that "this whole '-rc2 is the new -rc1' thing is a disease." This new development kernel includes some driver changes, a MIPS update, and minor alterations all over the kernel. Additional information is available from Kernel Trap.

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Linux 2.4.35 Kernel Released

If you're still stuck in the Linux 2.4 kernel series, you'll be happy to know that the Linux 2.4.35 kernel has been released. This kernel comes after six months of work and integrates the changes made in the Linux kernel combined with a number of new PCI IDs, support for high-speed USB HID, and a variety of other improvements for 2.4 kernel users. The 2.4.34.x kernel branch is now closed, but the Linux 2.4.35.x branch is open for patches. Read more at LKML.

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Linux Kernel Released

If you're still using the Linux 2.6.16 kernel branch, the Linux release is now available on kernel mirrors. The Linux kernel has a security fix for a remotely triggerable NULL dereference. Among the other fixes include an IEEE-1394 forgotten dereference, array indexing fix in ntfs_init_locked_inode(), and fixing a netpoll deadlock in 8139too. The Linux release announcement can be read on the LKML. Earlier this week the Linux 2.6.23-rc1 kernel was also released.

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Linux 2.6.23-rc1 Kernel Released

After a slew of git commits to the kernel tree (including user-space driver API, LGuest virtualization, KVM SMP guests, and Xen), the Linux 2.6.23-rc1 kernel has been released and the merge window is now closed until the Linux 2.6.24 kernel development is underway. Some of the other changes in the Linux 2.6.23-rc1 kernel include the usual architecture and driver updates along side the CFS scheduler and other goodies. The complete Linux 2.6.23-rc1 change-log is available from

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Linux Gets Stable Userspace Driver API

A patch for creating a stable user-space driver API has been committed to the Torvalds 2.6 kernel tree and will appear in the Linux 2.6.23 kernel. This stable user-space driver API will make it possible to write much of a driver in user-space and only a small shell of a driver in the kernel. This user-space driver API depends upon a char device and sysfs to interact with a user-space process to handle interrupts and control memory accesses. Currently this driver API will only work out for simple devices and brings no immediate hope for binary graphics drivers.

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New Linux Kernel AGP Maintainer

Dave Jones has handed off the reigns to David Airlie as the AGP subsystem maintainer in the Linux Kernel. While working out of Australia, David Airlie recently joined Red Hat and with him being the DRM maintainer the decision was made for him to become the AGP maintainer as well. The git commit of handing off the AGP maintenance can be read from the git web interface.

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The Completely Fair Scheduler

Yesterday we also told you about the patches being merged for the Linux 2.6.23 kernel, and now Ingo Molnar's Completely Fair Scheduler has been merged into Linux in time for the 2.6.23 kernel. The Completely Fair Scheduler has been described as modeling an "ideal, precise multi-tasking CPU on real hardware." The new scheduler replaces the O(1) scheduler that has been in the Linux kernel since 2002. Additional information is available at Kernel Trap.

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Merging For Linux 2.6.23 Kernel

With the Linux 2.6.22 kernel out the door (as well as the kernel), we are currently in the patch merging phase for the Linux 2.6.23 kernel. Andrew Morton has posted a number of different patches to his -mm kernel tree, but not all of these patches will make it into the mainstream Linux 2.6.23 kernel. Additional information on the merging for the Linux 2.6.23 kernel is available through the gitweb interface and Kernel Trap.

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Linux Kernel Released

Earlier this week the Linux 2.6.22 kernel was released, but today is already the first patch in the Linux 2.6.22 series. Greg Kroah-Hartman pushed out the Linux kernel today after a NETFILTER exploit was quickly found. It was also a NETFILTER problem last week that caused the release of the Linux and kernels.

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Linux 2.6.22 Kernel Released

Linus Torvalds has today released the Linux 2.6.22 kernel. The Linux 2.6.22 kernel features the SLUB allocator replacing the slab allocator, a brand new wireless stack, several new device drivers, and a new Firewire stack. Linus' announcement with additional details is available at Kernel Trap.

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Linux & Linux

Hitting the web on Friday afternoon was the Linux and kernels. The Linux and kernels fix a security problem with netfilter messages and Greg KH strongly urges all Linux 2.6.20 and 2.6.21 users that rely upon netfilter to upgrade to this latest version.

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The Status of PATA Support in Linux

After Alan Cox recently posted a status report for libata PATA on the Linux Kernel Mailing List, Kernel Trap has a summary of the Linux IDE status. There is still plenty of work left to be tackled with libata such as adding proper PATA hot-plug support and a PowerPC port. Support for the ATIIXP Chipset is currently rock-solid with Linux and libata while many PATA Chipsets are still deemed experimental.

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Linux 2.6.22-rc7 Now Available

What will hopefully be the last release candidate in the Linux 2.6.22 series is now out the door. The biggest chance in the Linux 2.6.22-rc7 kernel deals with a defconfig update but there are a number of other fixes as well. The Linux 2.6.22-rc7 announcement can be found at LKML.

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Linux 2.6.22-rc6 Kernel Released

The Linux 2.6.22 kernel is nearing completion and the sixth release candidate has been released. This release should fix a number of regressions and other issues introduced in the 2.6.22-rc5 kernel. Linus' announcement for the Linux 2.6.22-rc6 release with additional details can be found on the Linux kernel mailing list.

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Linux 2.6.22-rc3 Kernel Released

With Memorial Day coming up on Monday, Linus Torvalds has released the Linux 2.6.22-rc3 kernel in time for some extra testing over the holiday weekend here in the US. This third release candidate offers embedded hardware architecture updates (ARM, SH, and Blackfin), ATA updates, USB suspend fixes, network driver updates and network fixes, and quite a few other changes. Kernel Trap has the 2.6.22-rc3 announcement with some additional commentary.

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Linux 2.6.22-rc2 Released

Hitting the web yesterday was the Linux 2.6.22-rc2 kernel. This release candidate contains random fixes along with architecture changes and libata and driver updates. Linus Torvalds' announcement for this kernel can be read at LWN.

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Linux 2.6.22-rc1 Hits The Web

The Linux 2.6.22-rc1 kernel has hit the web with almost seven thousand files changed. However, when it comes to new features in this first Linux 2.6.22 testing release are architecture updates, drivers, file-systems, networking, and a variety of other improvements. Some of the new specific improvements include a new Firewire stack, new wireless networking infrastructure, new digital video drivers, and a brand new CPU architecture. Kernel Trap has provided some additional information on this announcement.

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How-To Write Drivers in Linux

If you've been experimenting with the idea of writing device drivers for Linux, Free Software Magazine has written an extensive article on this topic. The article starts with the differences between kernel-space and user-space components and then ends with using LEDs connected to a parallel port as the device. This how-to guide can be read here.

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Merging in the Linux 2.6.22 Kernel

Interested in knowing what patches have been merged so far into the -mm kernel and will likely end up in the Linux 2.6.22 mainstream kernel? Kernel Trap has a short article and Andrew Morton's message with what is being merged in time for the Linux 2.6.22 kernel (well, so far). If you missed it, the Linux 2.6.21 kernel is now available.

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Linux Kernel Released

It was not even a week ago that the Linux 2.6.21 kernel was released, but now the kernel has entered the world. The first minor revision in the Linux 2.6.21 branch fixes an RT0 header IPv6 change and a fix for the netlink fib. The change-log is available here and the source is available from

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Linux 2.6.21 Kernel Released

After the release of the Linux and 2.4.35-pre4 kernels earlier in the week and being two weeks since the availability of Linux 2.6.21-rc7, the Linux 2.6.21 kernel has now been officially released. The major change in Linux 2.6.21 are all of the changes in the timers and dynticks to support a tick-less kernel. Additional information on the Linux 2.6.21 kernel is available from Kernel Trap.

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Linux Kernel & 2.4.35-pre4

If you're still using the Linux 2.4 kernel, being released today is the Linux kernel along with the 2.4.35-pre4 kernel. The day started off with the release of the Linux and the 2.4.35-pre3 kernel, but a fib_semantics patch had broken that build resulting in a same-day re-release. The new 2.4.34 kernel contains a large amount of bug-fixes along with a small security fix. The latest 2.4.35 pre-release kernel features driver updates and other changes. As always, the latest vanilla kernel sources are available from The Linux 2.6.21 kernel should be released in just a matter of days.

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The New Linux Scheduler

Kernel Trap has new coverage of the completely fair Linux scheduler. This new scheduler is currently available via a patch-set known as the "Modular Scheduler Core and Completely Fair Scheduler". This scheduling project is a complete rewrite and offers some very interesting changes. Check it out here.

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Linux 2.6.21-rc7 Arrives

If Linux isn't your thing and you enjoy venturing into unchartered territory, Linus Torvalds has released the Linux 2.6.21-rc7 kernel. In this release candidate are mostly driver fixes along with some networking fixes and NFS changes. If some regressions can be cleared, Linus hopes to push out the Linux 2.6.21-final kernel next weekend. The Linux 2.6.21-rc7 release announcement comes today from LWN.

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Linux Released

If you're a user of the vanilla Linux kernel, the Linux stable kernel has been released. There's quite a few changes that make up this release and the change-log can be viewed here. Kernel downloads are available from

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Linux 2.6.21-rc5 Released

Linus Torvalds has released the Linux 2.6.21-rc5 kernel. New in this fifth release candidate is a variety of fixes to address outstanding issues -- among architecture updates for KVM and regression fixes in other areas. Linus' announcement can be read at LWN.

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Linux 2.6.21-rc2 Kernel Changes

KernelTrap has summarized the changes for the Linux 2.6.21-rc2 kernel. There are quite a few merges in this release that hadn't made the Linux 2.6.21-rc1 release earlier this month.

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Linux Kernel /

New updates are out in the Linux 2.6.18 and 2.6.19 branches. These new releases are Linux and Linux with information available here and here respectively.

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