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DRM Text Mode Proposed As Alternative To FBDEV/FBCON

There's long been talk on killing FBDEV and getting rid of CONFIG_VT with a modern replacement making more use of DRM/KMS drivers, but so far none of those efforts have fully panned out. The latest proposal is a "DRM text mode" as an alternative to FBDEV/FBCON.

29 July 2016 - DRM Text Mode - Add A Comment
HDMI CEC Framework Finally Queued For Linux 4.8

Four years after Linux kernel work originally got underway for supporting HDMI CEC and after many patch revisions of the rebooted CEC effort over the past year, the Linux 4.8 media pull request is finally set to land this new framework.

26 July 2016 - HDMI CEC - 6 Comments
EXT4 Encryption To Be Unified In Linux 4.8

Ted Ts'o usually sends in his EXT4 file-system updates later in the kernel merge window cycles, but not for Linux 4.8. Just one day into the Linux 4.8 merge window he's already submitted the new material to be merged for EXT4.

25 July 2016 - EXT4 For Linux 4.8 - 11 Comments
Linux 4.8 Implements ASLR For Kernel Memory Sections

In addition to hardened usercopy support being prepped for the Linux 4.8 kernel, the new CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_MEMORY option was sent in this morning via a separate pull request as another security feature for the 4.8 cycle.

25 July 2016 - CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_MEMORY - 4 Comments
The Size Of Different DRM Graphics Drivers In Linux 4.7

Last October I looked at The Size Of The Different Open-Source Linux DRM/Mesa Graphics Drivers, but with it being nearly one year since then and Linux 4.7 due out today, I decided to run some fresh L.O.C. measurements on the popular DRM/KMS drivers to see their current sizes.

24 July 2016 - Lines Of Code - 7 Comments
Linux Has Seen 30k+ Commits So Far This Year

Being half-way now through the year and Linux 4.7 coming later this month, I figured it would be fun to run some statistics on the Linux kernel Git repository to see how this year is stacking up compared to past years.

14 July 2016 - Linux 2016 Stats - 4 Comments
More DRM Code Gets Aligned For Linux 4.8 Via DRM-Next

Complementing the significant amount of Intel DRM driver code already vetted and queued up for the Linux 4.8 cycle via DRM-Next, more code was pulled in last night for the various Direct Rendering Manager drivers in preparation for this next kernel cycle later in the summer.

9 June 2016 - More 4.8 DRM - 4 Comments

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