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GNU Linux-Libre 4.11 Kernel Released

Freshly derived from the Linux 4.11 kernel release less than 24 hours ago, GNU Linux-libre 4.11 is available with additional "deblogging" to make the kernel more free software friendly.

1 May 2017 - GNU Linux-Libre 4.11 - 11 Comments
It's Becoming Easier To Write Linux DRM Drivers

While writing DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) drivers were once a rather daunting task and not really considered much by ARM/embedded developers, over the past few years DRM has evolved a lot as it's picked up new drivers -- especially for today's many ARM SoCs -- and its core infrastructure has improved with picking up many new helpers and other improvements that lower the barrier of entry for DRM development.

11 April 2017 - Lower Barrier - 5 Comments
VC4 Raspberry Pi Driver Working On DMA-BUF Fencing

Eric Anholt's work on the VC4 Raspberry Pi driver stack continues with his most recent activities being the start of DMA-BUF fencing support and continuing efforts around using the Meson build system in the X.Org world.

11 April 2017 - VC4 Fencing - 1 Comment
Linux 4.11-rc6 Released

Linus Torvalds has announced the release of Linux 4.11-rc6 as the latest weekly test version of what will officially become Linux 4.11 around the end of April.

9 April 2017 - Linux 4.11 - 13 Comments

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