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A New /dev/random Is Still Being Worked On

Stephan Müller has announced the newest version of his patches for implementing a new /dev/random implementation he calls the Linux Random Number Generator, or LRNG for short.

10 March 2017 - Linux Random Number Generator - 13 Comments
The Changes So Far For The Linux 4.11 Kernel

We are now through week one of two for the Linux 4.11 kernel merge window. I've already written a number of news posts this past week covering features I find interesting for Linux 4.11. If you are short on time and behind in your Phoronix reading, here's a quick overview of the material so far for this next major kernel bump.

27 February 2017 - Linux 4.11 - 3 Comments
SERDEV "Serial Device Bus" Added To Linux 4.11 Kernel

The TTY/serial patches were mailed in earlier this week by Greg KH for the Linux 4.11 kernel merge window. Normally this isn't a pull request with much interest from us as it's generally not too interesting, but this time around it introduces a new bus.

24 February 2017 - SERDEV - 13 Comments
Heterogeneous Memory Management Isn't Ready For Linux 4.11

Jerome Glisse and others have been working on the rather cool Heterogeneous Memory Management support for the Linux kernel going back several years. While Jerome hoped to see HMM merged for Linux 4.11, it will be sitting out at least one more cycle.

23 February 2017 - HMM - 3 Comments
Looking Ahead To The Linux 4.11 Kernel

The Linux 4.10 kernel is expected to be released today and while it comes with many exciting changes, the 4.10 release means the opening of the Linux 4.11 merge window.

19 February 2017 - Linux 4.11 - 23 Comments

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