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Numerous Scheduler Changes Inbound For Linux 4.7

Ingo Molnar is once again quite punctual with submitting his pull requests for a newly-opened kernel cycle. One of his noteworthy updates mailed in today were for the kernel's scheduler changes.

16 May 2016 - Linux 4.7 Scheduler - 2 Comments
Six Interesting Features Of The Linux 4.6 Kernel

If all goes well before the day is through will be the release of the Linux 4.6 kernel. If you've been behind on your Phoronix readings the past few weeks, here are the highlights to look forward to with Linux 4.6.

15 May 2016 - Linux 4.6 Kernel - Add A Comment
Allwinner DRM Driver Will Be Present In Linux 4.7

More relevant than the ARC PGU DRM driver that was merged this week is a DRM display driver for more common hardware: Allwinner SoCs. The Allwinner DRM driver has been accepted into DRM-Next for in turn landing with Linux 4.7.

29 April 2016 - Allwinner DRM - 1 Comment
ELC 2016: Porting Linux To A New CPU Architecture

Have you ever been curious what it takes to port the Linux kernel to a new CPU architecture? Here's an interesting presentation from this week's Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) in San Diego.

8 April 2016 - Linux CPU Arch Porting - 1 Comment

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