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Linux Kernel News Archives

KDBUS To Be Included In The Linux 4.1 Kernel

After being in development for years, KDBUS has been called for integration into the Linux 4.1 kernel by Greg Kroah-Hartman.
13 April 2015 - KDBUS Linux 4.1 - 40 Comments

Linux 4.1 Brings Many Potentially Risky x86/ASM Changes

Another one of the Linux 4.1 pull requests sent in today by Ingo Molnar is for the x86/asm code.
13 April 2015 - x86/ASM Linux 4.1 - 7 Comments

PMEM Persistent Memory Driver Coming For Linux 4.1

After months of work, the Intel-developed PMEM driver has been called for pulling into the Linux 4.1 kernel.
13 April 2015 - PMEM Linux 4.1

Linux 4.1 Will Improve AMD Bulldozer's ASLR Entropy Issue

The Linux 4.1 kernel will improve AMD's ASLR workaround for Bulldozer processors in order to increase randomization.
13 April 2015 - AMD Bulldozer Random - 10 Comments

GNU Linux-libre 4.0 Kernel Updates Nouveau Deblobbing

Just hours after Linus Torvalds released the Linux 4.0 kernel, the GNU Linux-Libre 4.0 kernel was released by the Free Software Foundation of Latin America.
13 April 2015 - GNU Linux-Libre 4.0 - 6 Comments

Linux 4.0 Kernel Released

Linus Torvalds went ahead and released the Linux 4.0 kernel today as expected.
12 April 2015 - Linux 4.0 - 8 Comments

Linux 4.0 Might Be Released Today With Its Numerous New Features

Linux 4.0 might be officially released before the day is through.
12 April 2015 - Linux 4.0 Kernel - 4 Comments

Looking At Building The Linux Kernel With -O3 Optimizations

A Linux user has started an LKML discussion over compiling the kernel with -O3 for driving performance improvements out of a more-optimized kernel binary.
8 April 2015 - Kernel Optimizations - 27 Comments

Linux 4.0 Kernel Will Likely Be Released Next Weekend

After the article a short time ago about Linux 4.0-rc7 being tagged, Linus Torvalds sent out his 4.0-RC7 release announcement that confirmed what was expected.
6 April 2015 - Linux 4.0

Linux 4.0-rc7 Kernel Released

It's coming a day later than anticipated, but the seventh weekly update for the Linux 4.0 kernel is now available.
6 April 2015 - Linux 4.0-rc7

Features Expected For The Linux 4.1 Kernel

While the Linux 4.0 kernel hasn't even been released yet, there's already a number of items we're looking forward to seeing with Linux 4.1.
5 April 2015 - Linux 4.1 - 6 Comments

Etnaviv DRM Driver Under Review For Inclusion Into Linux Kernel

The "Etnaviv" DRM driver is now under review as an open-source, reverse-engineered graphics driver for the Vivante GPU found by some ARM SoCs.
2 April 2015 - Vivante - 4 Comments

Virtual GEM Is Coming For Linux 4.1

There's already been a fair amount of code building up for the DRM graphics subsystem for the Linux 4.1 kernel and a new feature was just committed to Git last night.
2 April 2015 - vGEM - 5 Comments

Linux 4.0-rc6 Kernel Released

Linus Torvalds has done his usual Sunday development release to the Linux kernel.
29 March 2015 - Linux 4.0-rc6 - 7 Comments

The Big Features Of The Linux 4.0 Kernel

Linux 4.0 should be officially released within the next few weeks. In anticipation of its April debut, here's a look at some of the big features for this next version of the Linux kernel.
29 March 2015 - Linux 4.0 - 11 Comments

Introducing The Library Operating System For Linux

Announced today on the Linux kernel mailing list was the Library Operating System (LibOS) for Linux.
24 March 2015 - LibOS - 20 Comments

More eBPF Tracing Work Being Readied For Linux 4.1

The BPF In-Kernel Virtual Machine will likely see new functionality with the next Linux kernel release cycle, Linux 4.1.
23 March 2015 - BPF

Linux 4.0-rc5 Mostly Has Routine Driver Updates

Linus Torvalds released the weekly release candidate to the Linux 4.0 kernel last night.
23 March 2015 - Linux 4.0-rc5

HDMI CEC Framework Revived For The Linux Kernel

The HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) framework for the Linux kernel has been revived after being stalled in development for quite some time.
21 March 2015 - HDMI CEC - 1 Comment

Linux 4.0-rc4 Kernel Is A Fairly Normal Update

The fourth weekly release candidate to the Linux 4.0 kernel was just released for the newest round of Linux kernel testing.
15 March 2015 - Linux 4.0-rc4 - 5 Comments

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