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Linux Kernel News Archives

New Logitech Mouse & Sony Motion/Navigation Controller Support In Linux 4.2

Jiri Kosina of SUSE has sent in the HID driver updates for the Linux 4.2 kernel and with it comes new device support.
22 June 2015 - Linux 4.2 HID

Linux 4.2 x86 Assembly Code Has Small Speedups, Micro Optimizations

The "x86 core" pull request for Linux 4.2 is quite hearty.
22 June 2015 - Linux 4.2 x86 Core

Linux 4.2 Gets UEFI ESRT Support For Doing Firmware Updates

The x86 EFI changes for Linux 4.2 were mailed in this morning and indeed they offer the EFI System Resource Table support as necessary for supporting UEFI 2.5+ system firmware updates.
22 June 2015 - System Resource Table

Queue Spinlocks Coming For Linux 4.2 Kernel

Waiman Long of HP has been spearheading qspinlocks now for the past several months and with Linux 4.2 the queue spinlocks support will be merged.
22 June 2015 - qspinlock

Linux 4.1 Kernel Release Brings Performance Improvements, New Hardware Support

The Linux 4.1 kernel was released over the night by Linus Torvalds.
22 June 2015 - Linux 4.1

The Big Features Of The Linux 4.1 Kernel

If all goes well, the Linux 4.1 kernel will be released before the day is over. Linux 4.1 is yet another exciting update and here's a look at some of the most prominent work found in this new kernel version.
21 June 2015 - Linux 4.1 Kernel

More Of The Linux Kernel's x86 Assembly Code Gets Rewritten In C

More of the Linux kernel's complicated and poorly maintained x86 Assembly code continues to be rewritten in modern and clean C.
18 June 2015 - x86 ASM To C

NVIDIA Performance Counters Headed To Linux 4.2

The DRM subsystem pull for the Linux 4.2 kernel is nothing short of huge. There's some more work to talk about today.
16 June 2015 - Nouveau Perf Counters

OMAP DRM Gaining Atomic Mode-Setting For Linux 4.2

The Linux 4.2 has many new features coming and now there's another one: atomic mode-setting support for the OMAP DRM driver that also improves the overall open-source driver quality.
16 June 2015 - OMAP DRM Atomic MS

Linux 4.1-rc8 Marks The Final Test Before The Linux 4.1 Kernel Debut

Linus Torvalds just released the Linux 4.1-rc8 kernel as the final planned test version before the official Linux 4.1 release.
14 June 2015 - Linux 4.1

New Features To Look Out For With The Linux 4.2 Kernel

With Linux 4.1 likely being released in the next week, for Phoronix-reading Linux enthusiasts it's time to start thinking about Linux 4.2. Here's a look at some of the new features coming for this next kernel cycle.
14 June 2015 - Linux 4.2

BFQ Is One Step Closer To Being Merged Into The Linux Kernel

For years the BFQ I/O scheduler has been trying to get in the mainline kernel and it looks like they have an action plan for getting accepted upstream.
8 June 2015 - BFQ Scheduler

Linux 4.1-rc7 Kernel Officially Released

Another Sunday, another Linux kernel update. Linus Torvalds just tagged the Linux 4.1-rc7 kernel release.
7 June 2015 - Linux 4.1

Linux 4.2 Will Tweak The CFQ Scheduler For SSDs To Offer Better Performance

The Linux 4.2 kernel will make the CFQ I/O scheduler default to its IOPS mode when on solid-state drives, which should boost performance.
6 June 2015 - CFQ IOPS

The New DRM Graphics Drivers For Linux 4.2: AMDGPU & VirtIO

The Linux 4.2 kernel will bring to mainline two prominent new Direct Rendering Manager drivers.
6 June 2015 - AMDGPU + VirtIO DRM

Linux 4.1 Will Be An LTS Kernel Release

The upcoming Linux 4.1 kernel release will be supported for the long-haul by the Linux Foundation's LTSI project.
4 June 2015 - Linux 4.1 Kernel LTS

KDBUS Might Try Again For Mainline Inclusion With Linux 4.2 Kernel

While KDBUS tried to be included for Linux 4.1, it was ultimately rejected for this current Linux kernel development cycle. However, it looks like developers might be gearing up to try to push it into the Linux 4.2 kernel.
3 June 2015 - KDBUS Linux 4.2

VirtIO GPU Driver Looks To Be Added To Linux 4.2 Kernel

Back in March I wrote about Red Hat working on a VirtIO GPU DRM/KMS driver. This new DRM kernel driver to benefit their virtualization setups is now looking at being added to the Linux 4.2 kernel.
3 June 2015 - VirtIO GPU DRM Driver

The Intel Graphics Changes For The Linux 4.2 Kernel

While for weeks we've already been writing about the forthcoming Linux 4.2 development cycle, including the Intel DRM kernel improvements, Daniel Vetter of Intel OTC has provided a nice overview of what's coming to Linux 4.2 for Intel graphics.
1 June 2015 - Linux 4.2 i915

Linux 4.1-rc6 Kernel Released

The Linux 4.1 kernel is now one step closer to being released: Linux 4.1-rc6 was just announced.
31 May 2015 - Linux 4.1

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