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Allwinner DRM Driver Will Be Present In Linux 4.7

More relevant than the ARC PGU DRM driver that was merged this week is a DRM display driver for more common hardware: Allwinner SoCs. The Allwinner DRM driver has been accepted into DRM-Next for in turn landing with Linux 4.7.

29 April 2016 - Allwinner DRM - 1 Comment
ELC 2016: Porting Linux To A New CPU Architecture

Have you ever been curious what it takes to port the Linux kernel to a new CPU architecture? Here's an interesting presentation from this week's Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) in San Diego.

8 April 2016 - Linux CPU Arch Porting - 1 Comment
A Stable Linux Kernel API/ABI? "The Most Insane Proposal" For Linux Development

For some lighthearted weekend reading and sure to make for some interesting discussions in the forums is what was volleyed today onto the kernel mailing list: "The most insane proposal in regard to the Linux kernel development." It's about shaking up the way the Linux kernel development happens, but almost surely the proposal won't end up resulting in changes.

2 April 2016 - Linux Kernel - 77 Comments
More Power Management Updates Queue Up For Linux 4.6

Last week was the big ACPI and power management updates for Linux 4.6 that included a redesign of CPUFreq and P-State to support callbacks invoked by the kernel's scheduler. A few more feature changes have now been queued up for pulling of the ACPI+PM work for Linux 4.6.

25 March 2016 - Linux 4.6 ACPI+PM Round 2 - 4 Comments
It Doesn't Look Like That New In-Kernel Debugger Will Be Added For Linux 4.6

At the start of the merge window there was a proposal to land an in-kernel debugger with full x86/x86_64 disassembler support even though KDB/KGDB exists already. We're nearing the end of the merge window and Linus Torvalds so far has decided not to pull this MDB debugger as other kernel developers are also objecting.

25 March 2016 - MDB Linux Kernel Debugger - Add A Comment

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