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Features Thus Far For The Linux 4.1 Kernel

We're just into week one of two for the Linux 4.1 kernel merge window. Here's a look at the pull requests thus far that are making for an exciting Linux 4.1 when it comes to new features and functionality.

19 April 2015 - Linux 4.1 - 1 Comment
Virtual GEM Is Coming For Linux 4.1

There's already been a fair amount of code building up for the DRM graphics subsystem for the Linux 4.1 kernel and a new feature was just committed to Git last night.

2 April 2015 - vGEM - 5 Comments
The Big Features Of The Linux 4.0 Kernel

Linux 4.0 should be officially released within the next few weeks. In anticipation of its April debut, here's a look at some of the big features for this next version of the Linux kernel.

29 March 2015 - Linux 4.0 - 11 Comments

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