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Linux Kernel News Archives

The Linux 4.0 EXT4 RAID Corruption Bug Has Been Uncovered

A few days ago we reported on an EXT4 file-system corruption issue being discovered within the stable Linux 4.0 kernel series. The good news is the issue has been uncovered and a patch is available, but it could still be a few days before it starts getting sent out in stable updates.
21 May 2015 - EXT4 Corruption

The Linux 4.0 Kernel Currently Has An EXT4 Corruption Issue

It appears that the current Linux 4.0.x kernel is plagued by an EXT4 file-system corruption issue. If there's any positive note out of the situation, it seems to mostly affect EXT4 Linux RAID users.
19 May 2015 - Corruption Warning

Linux 4.1-rc4 Kernel Arrives A Day Late

Linus Torvalds released the Linux 4.1-rc4 kernel a short time ago, which is coming a day later than Torvalds' usual tradition of releasing new kernel versions on Sunday afternoons.
18 May 2015 - Linux 4.1

The Heated KDBUS Debate For The Linux Kernel Has Fizzled Out

KDBUS, the new in-kernel IPC mechanism modeled after D-Bus, wasn't accepted for Linux 4.1. Since the end of the Linux 4.1 merge window, the debate over KDBUS continued, but in the past two weeks the discussion settled down.
14 May 2015 - KDBUS Losing Steam

Four Remote Packet-of-Death Vulnerabilities In The Linux Kernel

Just this morning the major VENOM security vulnerability was made public while a few hours later, a kernel developer has gone public with four "remote packet of death" vulnerabilities affecting a mainline Linux kernel WLAN driver.
13 May 2015 - OZWPWN

F2FS File-System Moves Forward With Encryption Support

The Flash-Friendly File-System is moving forward with its plans for implementing file-system level encryption support.
13 May 2015 - F2FS Encryption

Linux Jailhouse Hypervisor 0.5 Adds x86_64 & ARMv7 Support

Back in 2013 the Jailhouse Hypervisor was announced as a partitioning hypervisor that's lighter-weight than KVM. Last year saw the release of Jailhouse 0.1 and finally coming out today is the next update: Jailhouse 0.5.
11 May 2015 - Hypervisor

Linux 4.1-rc3 Kernel Is Out: The "Mother's Day Sunday Release"

Linus Torvalds just announced the release of the Linux 4.1-rc3 kernel, which he's called the "Mother's Day Sunday release" for those celebrating this holiday.
10 May 2015 - Linux 4.1-rc3

AMD Radeon R9 290: Linux 4.0 vs. Linux 4.1 Git

Now that the Linux 4.1 kernel is starting to stabilize, I just started some Radeon DRM open-source graphics tests from this new kernel. So far I did some preliminary tests with the AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics card.
6 May 2015 - Linux 4.1 Radeon DRM - 13 Comments

Linux 4.1-RC2 Kernel Released

Coming right on time is the second release candidate to the Linux 4.1 kernel.
3 May 2015 - Linux 4.1

Lucid Sleep Support Is Being Worked On For The Upstream Linux Kernel

Chrome OS supports "Lucid Sleep", which is a mode of allowing the system to carry out various tasks while the system is in a low-power mode or even suspended, and similar to Microsoft InstantGo. This feature, which allows for tasks like checking of new emails or instant messages while the system is suspended, is being worked on for (hopeful) eventual upstreaming into the mainline Linux kernel.
1 May 2015 - Lucid Sleep - 16 Comments

Intel Haswell/Broadwell Power Use On Linux Still Moving Lower

The latest work of Matthew Garrett is on further lowering the power consumption of modern x86 systems powered by Intel's Haswell and Broadwell processors.
27 April 2015 - Power Improvements - 2 Comments

Linux 4.1-rc1 Kernel Released, Packs In Several New Features

Right on time, Linus Torvalds has released the Linux 4.1-rc1 kernel.
26 April 2015 - Linux 4.1-rc1

It Doesn't Look Like KDBUS Will Make It For Linux 4.1

While Linux 4.1 is bringing many new features and improvements, there's one addition that's noticeably absent.
26 April 2015 - KDBUS - 45 Comments

The Many Features Of The Linux 4.1 Kernel

The Linux 4.1 kernel merge window has been open now for two weeks and will most likely be closed by Linus Torvalds this evening. For those curious about the Linux 4.1 features, here's a look at the newest additions to the mainline Linux kernel!
26 April 2015 - Linux 4.1

Dell Keyboard Backlight Support In Linux 4.1

Ending out the major pull requests for the Linux 4.1 kernel merge window was the platform-drivers-x86 updates that were sent in on Saturday.
26 April 2015 - dell-laptop - 4 Comments

Btrfs In Linux 4.1 Has Fixes For File-Systems Of 20 Terabytes & Up

It's nearing the end of the Linux 4.1 kernel and Chris Mason has now sent in his pull request of Btrfs file-system updates for this next kernel update.
24 April 2015 - Btrfs Linux 4.1 - 6 Comments

KDBUS Still Hasn't Been Pulled, Might Not Land For Linux 4.1

Linus Torvalds still hasn't pulled the KDBUS code into the Linux 4.1 kernel and it's beginning to look like he won't honor this pull request for the current Linux development cycle.
23 April 2015 - KDBUS Uncertainty - 26 Comments

RAID 5/6 Changes Coming For Linux Software RAID (MD)

Linux 4.1 will feature an updated Multiple Device (MD) driver to improve the RAID 5/6 potential for those relying upon Linux Software RAID.
23 April 2015 - RAID 5 / 6

XFS Updates Submitted For Linux 4.1 Kernel

Dave Chinner has sent in his XFS file-system updates targeting the Linux 4.1 kernel.
23 April 2015 - XFS File-System - 4 Comments

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