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Broadwell Vulkan Performance Also Up After Recent Mesa Git Work

Yesterday I published a number of OpenGL/Vulkan benchmarks from Mesa Git in Mesa Git Delivering Faster Intel Vulkan Performance, Closer To OpenGL Driver Speed. Those tests were with Skylake desktop graphics so for some follow-up reference tests I also fired up Mesa Git on an Intel Broadwell ultrabook.

17 January 2017 - OpenGL vs. Vulkan - Add A Comment
Godot Continues Major Work On Its 3D Renderer For Release In 2017

Open-source game engine Godot has been working on a multi-month project to vastly improve (and largely rewrite) its 3D renderer to make it as great as its 2D renderer. This work is being done for the Godot 3.0 engine and so far this 3D renderer is seeing a lot of movement.

31 December 2016 - Godot 3.0 - 2 Comments
Linux Gaming Was Great In 2016, But 2017 Should Be Even Better

Most of you will probably agree that 2016 was the best year yet for Linux gaming with having a ton of new game releases, several of which were AAA game titles, the premiere of Vulkan is an important step for the future, Valve working on Linux VR efforts, and the Linux graphics drivers getting into better shape for handling the next era of Linux games.

27 December 2016 - 2016 Linux Gaming Recap - 40 Comments
Lara Croft Go On Linux: A Fun Turn-Based Puzzle Game

The Go Series, made up by Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, and Deus Ex Go, are a series of puzzle games by Square Enix. While Hitman Go and Lara Croft go are available on all platforms, Deus Ex is limited to iOS and Android.

21 December 2016 - Lara Croft Go - 8 Comments
The Out-of-Tree Wine Code To Run DOOM On Linux

It's sad that DOOM hasn't seen a native Linux port with id Software having a falling out with Linux in recent years, particularly after they were acquired by ZeniMax. But fortunately there is now a patch for being able to run DOOM with Wine.

18 December 2016 - Doom 2016 - 34 Comments
10-Way AMD GPU Comparison For Team Fortress 2 With RadeonSI Mesa 13.1-dev

In case you didn't hear, last week a nine year old Mesa bug was fixed that ended up causing stability issues for RadeonSI and was one of the reasons Valve's Team Fortress 2 game wasn't running stable on the open-source AMD driver in quite a while. With Mesa Git now running Team Fortress 2 on RadeonSI without any stability problems, here are fresh benchmarks of that game when using Mesa 13.1-dev and Linux 4.9.

16 December 2016 - TF2 - 26 Comments
Fresh AMDGPU+RadeonSI Benchmarks Of Tomb Raider, Shadow of Mordor, Warhammer

Last week I posted some fresh AMDGPU-PRO 16.50 vs. Mesa 13.1-dev + Linux 4.9 Radeon OpenGL driver benchmarks including all of our usual benchmarking suspects. With some fresh requests of some of the other newer Linux games that are interesting but unfortunately don't meet our standards for test automation, here are those tests in that article of Tomb Raider, Shadow of Mordor, and Total War: WARHAMMER when using the Linux 4.9 AMDGPU driver and Mesa 13.1-dev.

12 December 2016 - Linux Gaming Benchmarks - 4 Comments
ET: Legacy Continues Making Progress On Free, Modern Art Assets For Enemy Territory

While there are many open-source game engines these days, many of which were formerly closed-source/commercial engines, one of the big bottlenecks for community-driven game projects continue to be on the art assets/models and/or their reliance upon the commercial game assets for game engines that were later opened up. ET: Legacy continues making progress on free, modernized assets inspired off the original Wolfenstein Enemy Territory game.

3 December 2016 - ETLegacy New Assets - 2 Comments
X-Plane 11 Beta Now Available, Demo Too

Laminar Research has released their first public beta of the massive X-Plane 11.0 flight simulator update. It's a huge update and expect some bugs at this stage, but should be a very exciting release.

28 November 2016 - X-Plane 11.0 Beta - 48 Comments
The Very Latest RadeonSI Git Code Provides Minor Benefits For Total War: WARHAMMER

Feral Interactive released Total War: WARHAMMER for Linux this week. On launch-day we provided NVIDIA Linux benchmarks as well as RadeonSI GPU benchmarks for this game over many different GPUs. Also landing on launch-day in Mesa Git were support for compiling optimized shader variants asynchronously in RadeonSI. So here are some benchmarks with the very newest Git to show the performance difference, which some have claimed is up to 25% faster. [This article was previously only available to Phoronix Premium members while is now available to everyone.]

26 November 2016 - WARHAMMER Benchmarks - 32 Comments

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