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Albion Online MMORPG Launches With Linux Support

Linux gamers have frequently complained about the lack of MMORPG games on Linux, but at least today there is now one more with Albion Online beginning to roll out to backers of this medieval fantasy themed game.

17 July 2017 - Albion Online - 12 Comments
Unity 2017 Game Engine Released

Unity Tech has made available their first updated game engine released under the Unity 2017 branding as part of their new versioning scheme.

11 July 2017 - Unity 2017.1 - 13 Comments
Unity Dropping DirectX/Direct3D 9 Support

Unity has announced that with their Unity 2017.3 game engine later this year they will be dropping DirectX 9 support. It has a few possible implications for Linux gamers.

10 July 2017 - Bye Bye Direct3D 9 - 22 Comments
Tropico 6 Will Debut With Linux Support Next Year

There haven't been too many interesting game announcements at E3 2017 so far this week where Linux support has been explicitly mentioned, but Tropico 6 is now confirmed for 2018 and will be supported on Linux.

13 June 2017 - Tropico 6 - 7 Comments

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