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The First Screenshots Of That New, Linux-Friendly, Unigine-Powered Game

Earlier this month we learned of a new game coming that's powered by Unigine after first the developers were looking to make use of Unreal Engine 4. We've already confirmed there will be a Linux port of this Unigine-powered MMORPG and this week the developers published the first screenshots.

26 May 2016 - Dual Universe - 9 Comments
OpenRW: An Open-Source, Linux-Friendly Reimplementation Of GTA III

There is OpenMW as a re-implementation of Morrowind, OpenRA as a re-implementation of Command and Conquer, and many other open-source game projects out there seeking to be free engine re-implementation of popular classic games. The latest of these projects is OpenRW, a re-implementation of Grand Theft Auto III.

19 May 2016 - Grand Theft Auto III - 23 Comments
DragonBox Pyra Goes Up For Pre-Order

It's been a while since last hearing anything about the DragonBox Pyra as an open-source gaming handheld system and successor to OpenPandora, but that changed this weekend with the launch of pre-orders for this Linux-powered device.

1 May 2016 - DragonBox Pyra - 50 Comments
Warsow 2.1 Recently Released With Offloaded Rendering

While checking on various Linux game benchmarks this morning, I noticed Warsow 2.1 was quietly released at the end of March without much attention. Warsow continues to be a multi-platform, GPL-licensed first-person shooter game powered by the Qfusion engine, a very distant derivative of the Quake II engine.

27 April 2016 - Warsow 2.1 - 2 Comments
Unity Stats Show Linux Gamers Are Well Below 1% Of Their Customer Base

Each month we look at the estimated Linux gaming marketshare based upon Valve's Steam Survey. Generally the reported Linux market-share on Steam is hovering around 1%, which a number of Linux enthusiasts claim is inaccurate and under-represented. Well, Unity's survey information is much the same and pegs the percentage of Linux users running games based upon Unity as much lower than 1%.

31 March 2016 - Unity Statistics - 34 Comments

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