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Overlord Is Being Released For Linux Tomorrow

Just one day after Virtual Programming released a new teaser video for Overlord on Linux, the OSX/Linux game porting company announced their release date for the game that is coming to Linux and Mac, the better part of a decade after the Windows release.

20 July 2016 - Overlord Games - 8 Comments
Extra Steam Linux Gaming Benchmarks Of The AMD Radeon RX 480

Our just-published 12-page AMD Radeon RX 480 Linux review features a wealth of interesting OpenGL/OpenCL/Vulkan Linux benchmarks along with performance-per-Watt and performance-per-dollar metrics and more. Check it out if you haven't already. This article are just some extra Steam Linux gaming benchmarks for the RX 480 vs. various NVIDIA graphics cards in the games that can't be fully-automated like Tomb Raider, Shadow of Mordor, and Company of Heroes 2 where the benchmarks had to be manually executed.

29 June 2016 - RX 480 Manual Tests - 11 Comments
GLFW 3.2 Released With Vulkan Support

The cross-platform GLFW library that provides an API similar to SDL for abstracting out differences in window creation, contexts, inputs/events, and more, is now up to version 3.2.

9 June 2016 - GLFW 3.2 - 2 Comments
OpenRW: An Open-Source, Linux-Friendly Reimplementation Of GTA III

There is OpenMW as a re-implementation of Morrowind, OpenRA as a re-implementation of Command and Conquer, and many other open-source game projects out there seeking to be free engine re-implementation of popular classic games. The latest of these projects is OpenRW, a re-implementation of Grand Theft Auto III.

19 May 2016 - Grand Theft Auto III - 24 Comments

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