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Babe: KDE Gets Another Music Player

Not to be confused with the KDE Elisa music player written about just two weeks ago as a new alternative to Juk, Amarok, Cantata, and other KDE music/media player projects, the latest effort is called Babe.

15 April 2017 - KDE Babe - 36 Comments
Should Ubuntu Have Gone With KDE Instead Of GNOME?

With last week's surprise decision by Mark Shuttleworth to abandon Unity 8 efforts and switch back to the GNOME desktop by Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, while some applauded the decision, others begged the question why not switch to KDE or "Ubuntu should default to [your favorite DE]."

10 April 2017 - Ubuntu KDE Default? - 157 Comments
KDE Frameworks 5.33 Released

KDE Frameworks 5.33 was released this weekend as the latest monthly installment to this large set of KDE libraries to complement Qt.

10 April 2017 - KDE - 17 Comments
A New KDE Music Player: Elisa

While Amarok has not seen a release in years and Juk development not being too vibrant, now there's another new KDE music player option: Elisa.

4 April 2017 - Elisa - 34 Comments
KDE/Qt-Focused Latte Dock Released

For those interested in a fancy dock for your desktop if trying to make it look perhaps more like macOS, the developers behind Now Dock and Candil Dock have joined forces to create a new dock solution called Latte Dock. Today marks the first release of this Qt/KDE-focused Latte Dock offering.

2 April 2017 - Latte Dock 0.6 - 11 Comments
KDE digiKam 5.5.0 Released

Open-source photographers can now enjoy digiKam 5.5 as the latest version of this high-quality free software photo manager application.

14 March 2017 - digiKam 5.5.0 - 3 Comments
The State Of Flatpak vs. Snaps On Various Linux Distributions

Motivated by KDE Plasma Leaning Towards Focusing On Flatpak Over AppImage/Snaps and this lengthy, contentious forum thread, a KDE contributor has taken a closer look at the Flatpak versus Snaps versions available in different Linux distributions.

9 February 2017 - Snaps vs. Flatpaks - 39 Comments
KDE Support For Flatpak Portals Progressing

While GNOME / Red Hat developers have been leading the Flatpak app sandboxing initiative, KDE developers are making progress too with embracing Flatpak as a more convenient and secure way of securely packaging Linux desktop apps.

18 January 2017 - KDE Flatpak - 19 Comments
KDE Kirigami UI 2.0 Released

KDE developers are having a busy day with not only releasing the feature-packed Plasma 5.9 Beta but also publishing the KDE Kirigami UI 2.0.

12 January 2017 - Kirigami UI 2.0 - Add A Comment

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