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It's Time To Test Out KDE 4.13

With the KDE 4.13 software compilation expected to ship in mid April, there's a call out for testing of the current KDE 4.13 packages to ensure it will be a great release.

12 March 2014 - KDE SC 4.13 - Add A Comment
KDE 4.12.3 Brings 30+ Bug-Fixes

On the same day as announcing KDE Frameworks 5 Alpha 2 with improved Wayland support, the KDE development community has gone ahead and announced KDE 4.12.3 as their latest monthly point release.

4 March 2014 - KDE 4.12.3 - 3 Comments
KDE Frameworks 5 Alpha Released

The KDE development community has a great Valentine's Day gift to its early-adopting users... The KDE Frameworks 5 Alpha is now available.

14 February 2014 - KDE Frameworks 5 - 1 Comment
KDE Developer Works On Mesa OpenGL 4.4 Feature

Mesa contributor and KDE developer Fredrik Höglund has been working on support within Mesa for GL_ARB_multi_bind. This OpenGL 4.4 extension is implemented across eighteen patches and Fredrik hopes to land the support next week.

22 January 2014 - GL_ARB_multi_bind - 2 Comments

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