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KWin Now Requires C++14; Perhaps More Of KDE Will Make Use Of Newer C++?

KDE's KWin window manager previously made optional use of C++14 when a supported compiler was now available but is now explicitly requiring a C++14 compiler. With this being a core component for the KDE Plasma desktop, hopefully we'll soon be seeing more of KDE make use of more modern C++ features?

17 July 2017 - KWin Compiler - 18 Comments
The KDE Components Not Yet Ported To KDE Frameworks 5

With the beta of KDE Applications 17.08 due next week, which is the last cycle where Qt4/kdelibs4-dependent components are still permitted, KDE developer Christoph Feck has generated a list of KDE software not yet ported over to Qt5/KF5.

14 July 2017 - Qt4/KDE4 Code Still Around - 22 Comments
KDE Discover Moving Ahead With Better Snap Support

KDE's Aleix Pol was among the developers participating in last week's Canonical/Ubuntu Snap Sprint in London. Aleix Pol is working on improvements to Discover, the KDE application center / installer, around supporting Snaps.

5 July 2017 - KDE Discover - 2 Comments
KDE Neon Begins Vetting Qt 5.9

KDE and Qt 5.8 didn't jive so smoothly, but the KDE Neon crew seem positive about Qt 5.9 and have moved forth in making it available in testing to Neon Developer Unstable users.

9 June 2017 - KDE + Qt 5.9? - 8 Comments
Babe: KDE Gets Another Music Player

Not to be confused with the KDE Elisa music player written about just two weeks ago as a new alternative to Juk, Amarok, Cantata, and other KDE music/media player projects, the latest effort is called Babe.

15 April 2017 - KDE Babe - 36 Comments
Should Ubuntu Have Gone With KDE Instead Of GNOME?

With last week's surprise decision by Mark Shuttleworth to abandon Unity 8 efforts and switch back to the GNOME desktop by Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, while some applauded the decision, others begged the question why not switch to KDE or "Ubuntu should default to [your favorite DE]."

10 April 2017 - Ubuntu KDE Default? - 157 Comments

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