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KDE News Archives

KDE Plasma 5.3.2 Fixes Shutdown Scripts, Few Dozen Other Bugs

The latest monthly point release to Plasma 5.3 is now available by the KDE crew.
30 June 2015 - KDE Plasma 5.3

KDE Marks Four Years In Its Process Of Porting To Wayland

KDE KWin maintainer Martin Gräßlin made a blog post today commemorating the four years that he's been focusing on getting Wayland support up and running natively with the KWin window manager / compositor.
29 June 2015 - KDE Wayland

Kubuntu 15.10 Could Be The End Of The Road

While tensions appeared eased yesterday between the Ubuntu and Kubuntu camps with Jonathan Riddell stepping down from his leadership roles, that may not be the end of the story.
26 June 2015 - Kubuntu 15.10

Jonathan Riddell Steps Down From The Kubuntu Council

The Ubuntu drama last month of the Ubuntu Community Council ordering Jonathan Riddell out of any (K)Ubuntu leadership positions has apparently come to a close. The former Canonical employee who was widely looked at as a leader of Kubuntu has removed his membership from the Kubuntu Council.
25 June 2015 - Ubuntu Drama

KDE's Kexi Is Receiving The Qt5/KF5 Treatment

A pre-alpha is out of Kexi 3, the port of the visual database creator to KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt 5.4.
23 June 2015 - KDE Kexi 3

digiKam 4.11 Closes Many Bugs, Hopes For digiKam 5.0 By Year's End

Version 4.11 of the digiKam Software COllection is now available and in the process of this release its BugZilla has seen more than 250 closures due to being duplicated/invalid/fixed. With digiKam 4.11 also comes improved OS X support.
21 June 2015 - digiKam 4.11

KDE Frameworks 5.11 Released

The KDE community has announced the release of KDE Frameworks 5.11, the newest version of their add-on libraries to Qt.
13 June 2015 - KDE Frameworks 5

Krita 2.9.5 Brings Better PSD Support & More

Earlier today, just days after the ending of their latest Kickstarter campaign, the Krita team happily announced the release of Krita 2.9.5.
10 June 2015 - Krita Update

KDE Applications 15.04.2 Released

The KDE crew has announced the release of KDE Applications 15.04.2 today, which is a monthly bug-fix update for the KDE Applications 15.04 stack.
3 June 2015 - KDE Applications 15.04

openSUSE Tumbleweed Now Defaults To KDE Plasma 5.3

As of this weekend, openSUSE Tumbleweed is now defaulting to the KDE Plasma 5.3 experience alongside the KDE Applications 15.04.1 packages.
17 May 2015 - KDE Plasma 5.3 openSUSE

KDE Applications 15.08 Planned For Release On 19 August

The next major KDE Applications update, v15.08, is planned for release on 19 August.
15 May 2015 - KDE Applications 15.08

KDE Frameworks 5.10 Released

KDE Frameworks 5.10 was released on Friday as the latest add-on libraries complementing Qt within the KDE world.
9 May 2015 - KDE Frameworks 5.10

KDE's KWin Just Became A Proper Wayland Compositor

Martin Gräßlin just shared that with the forthcoming KDE Plasma 5.4 update, KWin will serve as a proper Wayland compositor!
8 May 2015 - KDE Plasma 5.4 - 18 Comments

Macaw-Movies: A KDE Movie Organizing Application

Macaw-Movies is the latest KDE incubator project, which is focused on providing movie organization/management features to open-source fans.
6 May 2015 - Macaw KDE App - 15 Comments

Wayland & Other Tasks Being Worked On For KDE Plasma 5.4

Now that KDE Plasma 5.3 was released this week, KDE developers are starting to plan out and work on the new material intended for KDE Plasma 5.4.
30 April 2015 - Plasma 5.4 Features - 22 Comments

Upgrading To KDE Plasma 5.3 On Kubuntu 15.04

Kubuntu 15.04 provides a great experience of the new KDE stack but the version being shipped by this KDE spin of Ubuntu is Plasma 5.2 given that it was the latest available for last week's 15.04 Vivid Vervet release. For those wishing to try out KDE Plasma 5.3, it's now easy thanks to the packages landing in Kubuntu Backports.
28 April 2015 - Kubuntu 15.04 + Plasma 5.3 - 8 Comments

KDE Plasma 5.3 Released: Expands On Widgets, Bluetooth, PM

It's KDE Plasma 5.3 day!
28 April 2015 - Plasma 5.3 - 4 Comments

KDE Applications 15.04 Adds Kdenlive & KDE Telepathy

Just a day after the KDE Plasma 5.3 Beta release is the availability of KDE Applications 15.04.0.
15 April 2015 - KDE Applications 15.04 - 13 Comments

KDE Plasma 5.3 Beta Offers Better Power Management, Steps Toward Wayland

Being released this morning is the first beta of Plasma 5.3, which is officially Plasma 5.2.95.
14 April 2015 - Plasma 5.3 - 9 Comments

KDE Frameworks 5.9 Adds ModemManagerQt

KDE Frameworks 5.9.0 was released on Friday as the newest version of the KDE libraries that complement Qt 5.
11 April 2015 - KDE Frameworks 5.9.0 - 6 Comments

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