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Intel GPU Tools 1.12 Adds New Tests, New Tools

Thomas Wood at Intel has announced intel-gpu-tools 1.12 as this quarter's update to this open-source project comprised of various test cases and developer tools for the open-source Intel Linux graphics driver.

11 September 2015 - Intel GPU Tools 1.12 - Add A Comment
Intel Releases Production-Ready OpenGL 4.4 Driver, But Only For Windows

While there's been an Intel OpenGL 4.4 Windows driver available for the latest HD/Iris Graphics hardware since earlier this year, it seems out now is their first production driver release for Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 that supports OpenGL 4.4 for all their capable hardware that includes Skylake.

9 September 2015 - OpenGL 4.4 - 7 Comments
The Intel Changes For Linux 4.3

The DRM changes landed in Linux 4.3 already and we've written about the prominent changes for these kernel graphics drivers for the next Linux kernel release.

7 September 2015 - Intel DRM Linux 4.3 - Add A Comment
Preview Results For HD Graphics 530 With Linux 4.3's DRM-Next & Mesa 11.0

Continuing on from the articles earlier today about Linux 4.3 Will Let Skylake Graphics Play Out-Of-The-Box and Building Mesa 11.0 On Ubuntu Linux, here are a few very early test results when comparing the performance of the Intel Skylake graphics on Ubuntu 15.04 to the DRM-Next code to be integrated into Linux 4.3 as well as Mesa 11.0 in its near-final state.

26 August 2015 - Few Results - 3 Comments
Intel Still Slowly Hacking Towards Open-Source OpenCL 2.0 Linux Support

Following last month's update to Beignet, the Intel open-source project for providing open-source OpenCL compute support for their HD/Iris Graphics hardware, that brought Skylake support, SPIR, and other updates, there was some hope that OpenCL 2.0 support might become a greater focus to complement Beignet's OpenCL 1.2 support. Sadly, it looks like things are still moving slowly on the CL 2.0 front.

26 August 2015 - Beignet OpenCL 2.0 - 4 Comments
Intel Continues To Divest In Wayland

In the earlier days of Wayland, Intel was known for contributing a lot of resources toward this next-generation display technology to unseat the X.Org Server, but these days their contributions have been minimal.

23 August 2015 - Intel Wayland - 68 Comments
Early Intel Skylake Linux Users May Run Into A Silly Issue

Earlier today I wrote about the Intel Core i5 6600K "Skylake" running fine on Ubuntu Linux compared to the issues encountered when running the i7-5775C Broadwell processor. This Intel Skylake CPU is running fine so far on Linux but there is a minor workaround that many users will experience if upgrading to a Skylake processor in the next few months.

15 August 2015 - Preliminary Support - 33 Comments
Work Continues On FP64 Support For OpenGL 4.0 On Intel's Driver

While the RadeonSI and Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D drivers are now at OpenGL 4.1 compliance, the open-source Intel Mesa driver remains stuck at OpenGL 3.3. Blocking the Intel driver from OpenGL 4.0 compliance is FP64 and tessellation shader sub-routine. While work is underway on both extensions -- plus ARB_vertex_attrib_64bit for OpenGL 4.1 -- it looks like the FP64 support may not be too far out.

15 August 2015 - Intel OpenGL FP64 - 8 Comments

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