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Intel News Archives

Intel Is Making Some Progress With Compute Shaders

One of the big extensions of OpenGL 4.3 and also a requirement of OpenGL ES 3.1 is support for compute shaders. While the work isn't complete yet, Intel's open-source developers are making progress on GL_ARB_compute_shader support.
27 April 2015 - Intel Mesa CS - 2 Comments

Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 Haswell Performance

The new Phoronix.com web server is speeding along this weekend after its deployment. Here's a look in the performance difference.
26 April 2015 - Sandy Bridge vs. Haswell - 7 Comments

Intel Bay Trail & Cherry Trail CPUs To Run Faster With Linux 4.1

While the big ACPI and power management changes were sent in more than one week ago for the Linux 4.1 kernel, another batch of ACPI/PM work was sent in this weekend. One of these last-minute changes should end up significantly benefiting the performance of modern Intel Atom Bay/Cherry Trail SoCs.
26 April 2015 - P-State Tweaking

Ubuntu 15.04 Brings Better Intel Performance For CS:GO & TF2

With the release of Ubuntu 15.04 coming this week I've been busy running some fresh comparison benchmarks between the "Vivd Vervet" and former versions of Ubuntu Linux. For Intel HD Graphics users, in this article are two quick results showing how the performance of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 has improved on the open-source Intel Linux graphics driver over the past six months between Ubuntu 14.10 and 15.04.
21 April 2015 - Ubuntu 15.04 vs. 14.10 - 1 Comment

Intel's Windows Driver Now Supports OpenGL 4.4, Linux Driver Still With OpenGL 3.3

The Intel Windows driver is up to supporting the OpenGL 4.4 specification while the company's open-source Linux graphics driver still doesn't yet fully support OpenGL 4.0.
20 April 2015 - Windows OpenGL 4.4 - 19 Comments

Intel's Turbostat Adds Skylake Support In Linux 4.1

Turbostat, the open-source Intel program for reporting processor frequency and idle statistics along with other Intel-specific CPU information, will see a few improvements with Linux 4.1.
19 April 2015 - Turbostat

Intel Releases 2015-Q1 XenGT With Broadwell Support

For those interested in XenGT as Intel's form of mediated GPU pass-through support on Linux, the newest quarterly update has surfaced.
10 April 2015 - Intel XenGT Graphics Passthrough

70 Intel DRM Linux Kernel Patches Bring Some Performance Optimizations

Chris Wilson of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center hasn't yet managed the xf86-video-intel 3.0 DDX release, but over in kernel-space, he's just published a set of 70 new DRM patches for the Intel kernel driver.
7 April 2015 - 70 Patch Bomb - 3 Comments

New Intel Improvements In Mesa Git, Including For Old Hardware

There's more improvements in Mesa Git to talk about this week for Intel open-source customers, including those still on older "Gen4" graphics hardware.
7 April 2015 - Intel Shader, SIMD16 Work - 3 Comments

Initial Intel Broxton Support Might Come To Linux 4.1

Daniel Vetter of Intel today sent in more code for DRM-Next that in turn will be merged for the Linux 4.1 kernel. It was also signaled that the initial hardware enablement of the graphics processor on Intel's upcoming "Broxton" SoC might happen for this next version of the Linux kernel.
31 March 2015 - Intel Broxton

Intel Pushes A Bunch Of Broadwell Code Into Coreboot

Intel Linux developers have landed a lot of Broadwell enablement code into Coreboot.
27 March 2015 - Broadwell Coreboot - 10 Comments

Intel Will Be Turning NIR On By Default In Their Mesa Driver

Intel is planning to enable the NIR intermediate representation by default within their open-source Mesa Linux graphics driver.
19 March 2015 - Intel NIR - 8 Comments

Intel Adds HEVC Encode API To VA-API

Intel previously committed an H.265 / HEVC video decoding API to the video acceleration VA-API interface. The Intel VA-API developers have now complemented that by adding a HEVC encode API to this open-source GPU-based video acceleration library.
19 March 2015 - H.265 Encode - 6 Comments

More Intel Skylake Graphics PCI IDs Get Revealed

Intel's open-source Linux development crew continues working on next-generation Skylake hardware support in a steadfast manner.
16 March 2015 - Intel Skylake PCI IDs - 9 Comments

Intel Trace Hub Support Coming To Linux

Intel has published a patch-set adding support for Intel's Trace Hub to the Linux kernel for carrying out full system debugging.
7 March 2015 - Intel Trace Hub - 1 Comment

Intel Has More Graphics Driver Code Ready For Linux 4.1

Just one week after Intel sent in their initial DRM driver updates for Linux 4.1, a second pull request has been submitted with more DRM graphics driver changes queued up for Linux 4.1.
6 March 2015 - Linux 4.1 - 11 Comments

Valve Developed An Intel Linux Vulkan GPU Driver

For helping out ISVs and game developers test out their initial Vulkan code, they developed their own Intel Vulkan GPU graphics driver for Linux that they intend to open-source.
5 March 2015 - Valve Vulkan Driver - 156 Comments

Linux 3.19, 3.20/4.0 Doesn't Do Much For Intel HD 5500 Performance

Yesterday I ran some benchmarks from the new Core i3 Broadwell NUC to see how the latest Mesa Git affects the OpenGL performance for the Core i3 5010U chip with HD Graphics 5500. Today I'm complementing that testing to see if the latest Linux kernel Git makes any difference for this low-end, low-power Broadwell chip.
15 February 2015 - HD Graphics 5500 - 5 Comments

Intel Already Has Graphics Code For Testing For Linux 3.21/Linux 4.1

While we're only in the middle of the Linux 3.20 kernel, for what might still be called Linux 4.0, Intel already has updated DRM driver code for testing that will not be merged until Linux 3.21 (or what might also be known as Linux 4.1).
14 February 2015 - Intel DRM Testing - 4 Comments

The Intel Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 3.20

As usual, the next version of the Linux kernel will bring a number of prominent changes to Intel's open-source DRM graphics driver.
12 February 2015 - DRM Intel 3.20 - 2 Comments

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