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The Toshiba Carrizo-Powered Laptop Is Screaming, Literally

Since writing a few days ago about buying an AMD Carrizo-powered laptop for Linux benchmarking, many Phoronix readers have been asking how it's going in testing out this Toshiba Satellite L55D-C5269 laptop. Well, very unpleasant so far.

2 December 2015 - Toshiba Satellite Failure? - 58 Comments
More Details On The Do-It-Yourself ARM64 Laptop

Last week I wrote about the in-development, build-it-yourself 64-bit ARM open-source laptop. That generated a fair amount of interest by the community in Olimex's work and now some more details have emerged.

2 December 2015 - 64-bit ARM DIY Laptop - 6 Comments
The Best $90 Spent For My Home-Made Server Room

Earlier today I wrote about how reusing the heat from the 60+ system Linux benchmarking server room can heat a home in the winter. The free heat is nice, but it came with a bit of noise; however, thanks to purchasing one product for less than $100 USD the noise level has been significantly reduced.

23 November 2015 - Duct Silencing - 7 Comments
Booting Linux In Just One Second

One of the most interesting presentations from this year's Embedded Linux Conference Europe was how-to boot Linux in under one second!

23 November 2015 - How-To Boot Linux In 1 Second - 36 Comments
Jolla Lays Off "A Big Part" Of Its Personnel, Goes For Debt Restructuring

Months after Jolla announced its split and intent to focus on Sailfish OS licensing, its financial situation has not improved. Jolla's latest financing round has been delayed and so they've had to file for debt restructuring in Finland. As part of that, they are temporarily laying off "a big part" of its personnel.

20 November 2015 - Jolla Debt - 20 Comments

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