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GFXBench 4.0 Released For Linux

A popular graphics benchmark particularly for iOS and Android users has been GFXBench to measure the performance of the graphics processor. GFXBench supports OpenGL and OpenGL ES, but while it has long supported Android, only today is the company now supporting non-Android Linux platforms.

21 January 2016 - GFXBench 4.0 - 13 Comments
The Airtop Is One Of The Coolest Linux-Friendly PCs Ever For Enthusiasts

How would you like a powerful PC that is all passively cooled -- thanks to a special design, able to naturally dissipate 200 Watts -- that can drive four 4K displays, four hard disks, multiple Ethernet ports, can handle a discrete graphics card, and is made of aluminum? Oh yeah, and is from a Linux-friendly company.

14 January 2016 - Airtop - 44 Comments
PlayStation 4 Running Linux Can Use Open-Source Radeon Gallium3D Driver

Released a few days back was a modified Linux kernel that can run on the PlayStation 4. With a Sony PlayStation 4 hack by "fail0verflow", it's possible to run a Linux desktop on this latest-generation game console. Now these device hackers have managed to get the PlayStation 4 working with the Radeon Gallium3D driver.

5 January 2016 - Radeon Gallium3D PS4 - 31 Comments
CES 2016 Won't Be Too Exciting For Linux Desktop Enthusiasts

While there will be many Android-powered devices, various appliances powered by Linux from drones to kitchen appliances, and other products internally relying upon Linux and open-source software, don't expect to find much with regard to the Linux desktop and even Steam Machines will seem to be rather low-key.

2 January 2016 - CES 2016 - 10 Comments
See How Your BSD/Linux PC Compares To 36 Other Systems

If you happened to receive some new computer hardware this Christmas or are weighing a possible upgrade with Skylake PCs becoming more common and AMD Zen coming out next year, you might as well benchmark your system against our vast collection of other systems to see how the performance stacks up.

29 December 2015 - Extra Results - 4 Comments
Did Linux Power Consumption Improve At All This Year?

As part of our end-of-year testing, a Phoronix reader had inquired about whether Linux made any strides in 2015 for improving power efficiency or extending battery life for any broad number of mobile Linux systems.

28 December 2015 - Linux Power Tests - 15 Comments
Allwinner A64 Support Being Worked On For Mainline Kernel

Many Phoronix readers have been intrigued by the Pine A64, a Kickstarter project for manufacturing the first $15 ARM 64-bit single-board computer. That cheap ARM64 SBC is powered by the Allwinner A64 SoC and the good news is that there's work underway on allowing for mainline Linux kernel support.

22 December 2015 - Allwinner A64 - 20 Comments

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