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The Custom Phoronix Desks Are Still Holding Up One Year Later

In case you missed the articles last year or are curious how they are holding up, here's an update on the custom L-shaped desks I built last year of galvanized pipes and sheets of butcherblock for being able to withstand the weight of plenty of monitors and other computer hardware.

6 June 2017 - Metal + Butcherblock - 8 Comments
Coreboot Ported To Another Core 2 Era Motherboard: G41C-GS

If you happen to have an ASRock G41C-GS still in use or tucked away in your closet, this older motherboard for Intel Core 2 CPUs now has support for Coreboot to free the proprietary BIOS of the motherboard. Or if you don't but still have other parts available, this motherboard is still available from a few online shops.

13 May 2017 - ASRock G41C-GS - 5 Comments
CodeAurora Continues Contributions To Freedreno's MSM DRM Driver

While there are still a few days left until the Linux 4.12 merge window closes and the 4.12 release candidates for the next two months, the Qualcomm-backed CodeAurora already has lined up some new code for the reverse-engineered, community-driven Freedreno MSM DRM driver for Adreno hardware.

9 May 2017 - Adreno Linux 4.12 - 14 Comments
New ARM Support Going Into The Linux 4.12 Kernel

The ARM changes for the mainline Linux kernel are usually quite extensive each cycle and with the Linux 4.12 merge window likely opening on Sunday evening it will be no different this time around.

29 April 2017 - ARM Hardware - 1 Comment

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