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Google Tesseract OCR

Google has announced on its BlogSpot Code Blog that the Tesseract OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine is now open-source (originally developed by Hewlett Packard). With this Google is also hiring new OCR engineers, to apparently further develop this project. The Google Tesseract OCR code can be found at SourceForge.

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Google Code Repository

Similar to SourceForge, Google has launched their very own free service for hosting open-source projects. More information will likely come out about this project in the coming days, and the Google Code Project Hosting can be found here.

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Google Earth For Linux

After Google had released Picasa for GNU/Linux using WINE as an emulation layer, they have now released Google Earth 4 Beta and with that comes native Linux support. Our friend Icculus (Ryan Gordon) has apparently been working for Google on this port, and was his secret project. WINE was not used in this Google Earth port. Icculus' post can be found here and also at Google.

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Google Picasa For Linux

Using WINE, with modifications by Codeweavers, Google Labs has ported the popular Picasa photo software over to Linux. The Picasa Linux download includes WINE, Gecko Engine, and the Windows software itself. While still in Beta form, this is excellent news for Linux desktop users. Perhaps Google will begin porting additional pieces of their software over to Linux -- such as Google Earth. More information on the Linux version of Picasa is at Google Labs.

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Google Summer of Code 2006

Google's Summer of Code has just entered its second year. Summer of Code 2006 is designed for students and is used to promote programming, as well as open-source software, through the summer months when most of these participants are away from school. The participating mentoring organizations include Apache, FreeBSD, GCC, GAIM, Gallery, Google, ICU, Open Security Foundation, Python Software Foundation, Subversion, PERL Foundation, and the WINE Project. While for those students, Google isn't yet accepting applications, more information on this 2006 Summer of Code is available at Google Code.

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