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The Founder Of Wayland Has Joined Google

Last week we reported on Kristian Høgsberg, the founder of Wayland and a long-time Linux graphics developer, leaving his position at Intel. We now know he headed off to Google.

14 July 2016 - Kristian Is At Google - 17 Comments
Animated PNG Support Is Still Being Blocked From Google's Chrome Browser

While Firefox, WebKit, and other browsers / layout engines have supported APNG (Animated PNGs) for some time in hopes of finally unseating GIFs for being a modern animated image file format, it doesn't look like that will happen with Google's Chrome/Chromium being among the few still resisting support for that file format.

29 February 2016 - APNG - 66 Comments
Go 1.6 Released

For fans of Google's Go programming language, version 1.6 was released today.

17 February 2016 - Go 1.6 - 12 Comments

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