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Automated Benchmarking With DiRT Showdown On Linux

There are many graphics card tests imminent for DiRT Showdown, the latest high profile game ported to Linux. These AMD and NVIDIA graphics card results should be particularly interesting considering DiRT Showdown is a port to Linux using Virtual Programm's controversial eON layer.

17 August 2015 - DiRT Showdown Linux Tests - Add A Comment
Comments On The Unity Engine & Vulkan API Support

Following the SIGGRAPH story earlier this week about Unity working on DirectX 12 and Apple Metal support, but not Vulkan, there was -- as usual -- a colorful selection of comments in our forums about this situation. Of course, many theorized that Apple must be paying Unity to support Metal, Unity doesn't care about the desktop, and other alternate reasons why Unity isn't yet supporting Vulkan.

15 August 2015 - Unity Vulkan - 27 Comments
Terraria Released With OS X & Linux Support

A few days ago Loki, the community manager for Re-Logic, the gaming studio behind the popular sandbox game Terraria, announced the release of Terraria, which both made the OS X and Linux versions of the game public, as well as ensuring compatibility between the OS X, Linux, and Windows clients.

14 August 2015 - Terraria Linux - 15 Comments
Unity Is Working On Metal & DX12, But Not Vulkan Yet

Aras Pranckevičius of Unity Technologies presented this week at SIGGRAPH 2015 on porting the popular Unity Engine to new APIs. While Aras has dealt with Vulkan/glNext, Unity is still monitoring the Vulkan situation and isn't yet committing to supporting it in the near-term within its game engine.

12 August 2015 - Unity Next-Gen APIs - 32 Comments
Next Month We Might Hear About Unigine's New Linux Tech Demo

For years Unigine has been producing some of the best Linux (and Windows) tech demos / benchmarks. Going back to the days when there were few quality games on Linux, they were doing terrific OpenGL tests and stressing Linux GPUs/drivers like crazy. Fortunately, they're going to be working out another test soon.

8 August 2015 - UNIGINE 2 - 10 Comments
It's Been Three Years Since id Software Publicly Parted Ways With Linux

While id Software used to be the game company that was very Linux-friendly and always porting their titles over to Linux even when its gaming market was tiny and often overlooked by other game studios, today marks three years since they came out to say Linux hasn't produced positive results and since then haven't released any Linux-native titles as it doesn't "pay the bills" for the level of work involved.

4 August 2015 - id Software Linux - 17 Comments
Razer Confirms Acquiring OUYA Software

Last month it was reported that OUYA was being acquired by Razer and now the gaming peripheral manufacturer finally confirmed today they did indeed buy this flopped Android game console.

27 July 2015 - OUYA Gaming Console - Add A Comment
Feral Games Is Now Teasing A New Linux Game Port

Feral Interactive Games, the company that has ported games to Linux like XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Empire Total War and is doing the Batman Arkham Knight port, is teasing another upcoming Linux / OS X game release.

22 July 2015 - Feral Game Port - 17 Comments
Steam Linux Usage Continued Falling In June

With the start of a new month comes Valve's Steam Survey results for hardware/software information of their gaming customers. Sadly, this is yet another month with the Linux usage continuing to erode.

2 July 2015 - Steam Linux Freefall - 63 Comments
Terraria 1.3 Release Coming Later This Month With Many Improvements

Terraria 1.3 is slated to be released in a few days on June 30, and coming with it are 800 new items, new mini-Biomes, achievements, a harder 'expert mode' and “more unknown stuff.” Why does this matter? Because in July, following the 1.3 release, there are going to be Mac and Linux ports of the game!

28 June 2015 - Terraria 1.3 - 7 Comments

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