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American Truck Simulator On Linux

Another year, another simulation game from S.C.S Software. I should preface this article by saying I am not usually a fan of simulation game-- whether they be truck, plane, bus, or anything else. That being said... I might be a convert after this.

28 February 2016 - American Truck Simulator - 11 Comments
SteamOS/Linux Game Development Porting In 2016

Ethan Lee who has ported dozens of games to Linux (mostly indie titles like FEZ, VVVVVV, Waveform, and others) while also leading the development of FNA as a Microsoft XNA re-implementation presented at this year's MAGFest conference in Maryland about Linux/SteamOS gaming.

22 February 2016 - Slides - 3 Comments
Tomb Raider 2013 Is Indeed Coming To Linux

For the past few weeks there have been rampant rumors about Tomb Raider 2013 being ported to Linux, largely based upon SteamDB updates indicating an in-progress Linux port of this popular game.

16 February 2016 - Tomb Raider Linux - 34 Comments
The Dota 2 Performance On The Latest NVIDIA Linux Graphics Drivers

If you are a Linux gamer and not using the open-source Radeon driver with an AMD GPU, chances are your Linux gaming system is running a GeForce graphics card with the proprietary NVIDIA driver. So with yesterday's latest Dota 2 benchmarks with the R600g and RadeonSI drivers, this morning I finished up some complementary Dota 2 OpenGL comparison with the NVIDIA 361.28 proprietary driver with an assortment of Kepler and Maxwell GeForce graphics cards.

14 February 2016 - GeForce Comparison - 27 Comments
11-Way GPU Benchmarks For Linux Puzzle Gamers

While first person shooter games tend to dominate the Linux gaming landscape, if you are curious about some numbers for a puzzle video game like Talos Principle, here are some fresh benchmark results for a slew of different GeForce graphics cards on the latest Linux driver.

12 February 2016 - GeForce Results - 11 Comments
Croteam Reiterates Vulkan Intentions, Shows Off Screenshot

A few days back was the news about Croteam's intentions for supporting the Vulkan graphics API. They confirmed they intend to support Vulkan for Serious Sam 4 and will also be supporting it with their Talos Principle game. Today they confirmed this information again.

5 February 2016 - Croteam Vulkan - 26 Comments
How Interested Are You In XCOM 2 For Linux?

Tonight's the launch for XCOM 2 while those really excited about this game can already begin pre-loading it on Steam. Are you interested in this successor to XCOM: Enemy Unknown?

4 February 2016 - Gauging Interest - 39 Comments
The Highly-Anticipated XCOM 2 Game For Linux Will Be NVIDIA-Only

XCOM 2, the turn-based tactical video game developed by Fireaxis Games off Unreal Engine 3, is set to be released this Friday! However, come 5 February, hopefully you are a NVIDIA Linux gamer using the proprietary drivers otherwise you may have a hard time running the game.

3 February 2016 - XCOM 2 - 47 Comments
PlayOnLinux 4.2.10 Released

For those relying upon PlayOnLinux for playing various Windows games on Linux rather than using CodeWeavers' CrossOver or interacting with Wine directly, the newest version of this open-source program is now available.

3 January 2016 - PlayOnLinux 4.2.10 - Add A Comment

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