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Glibc / GNU Toolchain Dropping Google NaCl Support

Support for Google's Native Client (NaCl) has been removed from mainline glibc with the GNU toolchain no longer really being maintained or used for compiling code targeting this Chrome-supported sandboxed code execution environment.

20 May 2017 - Native Client - 9 Comments
GRUB 2.03 Begins Development

With GRUB 2.02 released after five years in development, this GNU bootloader code has now been bumped for GRUB 2.03 as development begins with new features.

3 May 2017 - GRUB 2.03 - 4 Comments
GCC 7 Has Been Branched, GCC 8.0 Now On Master

The GCC 7 mainline code-base hit the important milestone today of having zero P1 regressions -- issues of the highest priority -- and as such they branched the GCC7 code-base and GCC 7.1 RC1 is then being announced later this week as they prepare for this first stable release of GCC 7.

20 April 2017 - GCC 7.1 Coming Soon - 14 Comments
GNU Linux-Libre 4.10: GPU Drivers Remain The Most Frequent Offenders

The GNU Linux-libre 4.10 kernel was released last weekend just after the official Linux 4.10 kernel release while I hadn't noticed the de-blobbed kernel release until today. The Linux-libre folks continue to criticize the open-source GPU DRM drivers as being offenders for using binary blob firmware/microcode.

26 February 2017 - GNU Linux-Libre 4.10 - 20 Comments
GNU's ddrescue For Disk Recovery Updated With New Options

GNU ddrescue continues work on being a capable data recovery tool for copying data from a file or block device to another, doing more than just the dd command. GNU ddrescue 1.22 was released over the weekend as the newest version of this tool.

6 February 2017 - ddrescue 1.22 - 1 Comment

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