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Emacs 25.1 Will Have X Widgets Support

For users of Emacs, the long-maintained XWidget branch that provides support for embedding GTK+ widgets into Emacs, has been merged to master and will be present for Emacs 25.1.

22 January 2016 - Emacs X Widgets - 10 Comments
GIMP Gets A New Light Theme

Alongside a lot of other exciting work for GIMP 2.10 is a new light theme for those wanting a brighter experience.

17 January 2016 - The Light Side of GIMP - 9 Comments
Blob-Free GNU Linux-libre 4.4 Kernel Released

The latest Linux-libre kernel is now available for those wanting a fully de-blobbed Linux kernel that doesn't support drivers depending upon proprietary firmware/microcode or other non-free code.

11 January 2016 - GNU Linux Libre 4.4 - 13 Comments
The New GNU News Of 2015

As part of our round-ups of the most popular open-source/Linux content over the course of the year, many year-end performance benchmarks, etc, here's a look at the most exciting GNU news of the year.

25 December 2015 - Popular GNU News - 6 Comments
ARMv8.1 Support Added To GCC Compiler

While the LLVM Clang compiler has been working on ARMv8.1 support since earlier this year, the developers focusing on GCC have been working on it still but the first bits have been committed to trunk this morning.

16 December 2015 - ARMv8.1 - Add A Comment
GNU UPC Hopes To Merge For GCC 6

Developers on GUPC, the GNU UPC project for extending GCC to support the Unified Parallel C language dialect, are hoping they can get their code merged for GCC 6.

1 December 2015 - GCC 6 UPC - 1 Comment
GNU Linux-libre 4.3 Warns Of Intel Skylake Sound, New AMDGPU Blobs

Building off yesterday's release of Linux 4.3 is now the GNU Linux-libre 4.3 kernel. As usual, the GNU Linux-libre kernel strips-out/disables code from the mainline Linux kernel that depends upon binary-only firmware/microcode files and other non-free components.

2 November 2015 - GNU Linux-libre 4.3-gnu - 23 Comments
GNU Scientific Library 2.0 Adds New Features

GNU Scientific Library is a collection of numerical computing routines written in C. GNU Scientific Library 2.0 was declared this weekend over a number of internal code changes, including some API changes.

1 November 2015 - GSL 2.0 - 5 Comments
A Developer Is Going To Focus On Improving GNU Hurd's Hardware Support

As explained recently in The Current State Of Debian GNU Hurd, PC hardware support by GNU Hurd is pretty piss poor right now with no support for USB yet, sound support being in its early stages, and 64-bit support just being started. However, a developer is hoping to work on improving hardware support for Hurd.

20 September 2015 - GNU Hurd Hardware - 15 Comments
GNU ddrescue 1.20 Has Many Changes

Version 1.20 of ddrescue was released today as the latest version of this GNU recovery tool for trying to rescue good parts of a file or block device in case of read errors.

14 September 2015 - ddrescue - Add A Comment

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