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FSF, RMS Issue Statements Over Libreboot's Accusations

Thursday night we wrote about Libreboot leaving the GNU and denouncing the GNU and FSF with rather harsh words. That thread generated more than 120 comments with differing views while now the Free Software Foundation issued a statement as well as Richard M Stallman.

17 September 2016 - Opposite - 117 Comments
Libreboot, Coreboot Downstream, Becomes A GNU Project

Libreboot, the downstream of Coreboot that doesn't permit any closed-source microcode/firmware blobs as part of the hardware initialization process for this alternative to proprietary BIOS/UEFI, has become an official GNU project.

19 May 2016 - GNU Libreboot - 2 Comments
gNewSense 5 Hopes To Be A Speedier Release Of The FSF-Approved Linux OS

GNewSense 4 was released yesterday as the successor to gNewSense 3, which had been around since 2013. GNewSense 4 was also their first release being based off the current Debian stable 7. GNewSense releases have been far and few between, but the developers involved are looking at possibility expediting gNewSense 5 and beyond.

7 May 2016 - gNewSense 5 - 2 Comments
GNU Remotecontrol 2.0 Released

One of the less talked about GNU projects is GNU remotecontrol. GNU's Remotecontrol project is about being a web-based interface to IP-enabled thermostats and similar building automation devices, but is primarily about IP-enabled thermostats.

26 April 2016 - Remote Control - 1 Comment

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