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BusyBox Drops Systemd Support

Following the recent BusyBox 1.24 release, the developers behind this "Swiss Army Knife of embedded Linux" have decided to drop systemd support.

1 November 2015 - BusyBox Drops Systemd - 60 Comments
Many Changes Coming To The Next Version Of SDL2, Wayland/Mir By Default

It's been over two years since the release of SDL 2.0 and 19 months since the debut of the last SDL 2.0 point release, SDL 2.0.3. However, a lot of new activity continues piling in the Git code for whenever the next Simple Directmedia Layer release might happen to benefit cross-platform gamers and other users of this library.

22 October 2015 - SDL 2.x - 9 Comments
Libinput 1.0.2 Brings Fixes

Peter Hutterer announced the release of libinput 1.0.2, as the newest version of this input handling library used by Wayland compositors as well as optionally by the X.Org Server and forthcoming to Mir.

21 October 2015 - libinput 1.0.2 - Add A Comment
OwnCloud Server 8.2 Released

The next version of ownCloud, a popular open-source alternative to Dropbox for file hosting, has been released. Meet ownCloud 8.2.

20 October 2015 - ownCloud 8.2 - 6 Comments
DirectFB Turns Up On GitHub

Over the summer I wrote about disappearing with no signs of what happened to the project. Fortunately, while remains M.I.A., the code has appeared on GitHub.

12 October 2015 - Still MIA - Add A Comment
Nginx Web Server Announces nginScript

Developers behind the high-performance Nginx web server project have announced nginScript, a JavaScript-derived scripting language to do more with this open-source web server.

23 September 2015 - Nginx Scripting Language - 5 Comments

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