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Arcan: A New Open-Source Display Server Built Atop A Game Engine

What happens when a game engine meets a display server meets a multimedia framework? Oh yeah and whereby the behavior is controlled with Lua. No, it's not a joke, just the latest creation in the open-source world. Say hello to Arcan as a new Linux display server.

30 May 2016 - Arcan Display Server - 17 Comments
ZFS On Linux Looks Like It Will Soon Have Native Encryption Support

The ZFS file-system upstream has offered native encryption support but unfortunately it came after ZFS was closed up by Oracle. The Illumos folks have been working on ZFS encryption while it looks like soon there will finally be encryption support available for ZFS On Linux.

15 May 2016 - ZFS On Linux Encryption - 11 Comments
An Early Look At The Features Of PostgreSQL 9.6

PostgreSQL 9.6 isn't being released until later this year, but with it moving along, the release notes are starting to be assembled for this next major update to this open-source SQL server implementation.

7 May 2016 - PostgreSQL 9.6 - 9 Comments
Vivaldi 1.1 Web Browser Released

If you aren't excited by today's Firefox 46 release with GTK3 support but happen to be a fan of the up-and-coming, multi-platform Vivaldi web-browser, there is a new release on that front too.

26 April 2016 - Vivaldi 1.1 - 20 Comments
FileZilla 3.17 Released

For those using the popular, multi-platform open-source FileZilla FTP client, a new major release is available.

24 April 2016 - FileZilla 3.17 - 3 Comments
Git 2.8 Officially Released

Git 2.8.0 has been officially released today as the latest version of this widely-utilized distributed revision control system.

28 March 2016 - Git 2.8 - 1 Comment
Keystroke Fingerprinting Is Raising Concerns, Possible Kernel/Wayland Solution

With companies like Google and Facebook having developed keystroke fingerprinting technology to identify users based upon how long they press keys on the keyboard and the time between key presses, this poses new challenges for those wanting to stay completely anonymous on the Internet. A developer is trying to come up with a solution down to the display server or kernel level.

24 March 2016 - Anti-Keystroke Fingerprinting - 31 Comments

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