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DirectFB Returns Online

Over one year after the DirectFB project site disappeared and the code just appearing on GitHub, they have a project site restored but the development still appears rather dormant.

3 November 2016 - - 3 Comments
JPEG-Turbo Library 1.5.1 Released

Version 1.5.1 of the libjpeg-turbo library is now available. For those that have somehow managed to never hear of it, libjpeg-turbo is a BSD-licensed, faster JPEG image codec than libjpeg and has various other feature differences.

21 September 2016 - libjpeg-turbo 1.5.1 - Add A Comment
Samba 4.5 Released

Samba 4.5 is now available as the latest release of this major open-source project for improving Windows interoperability (i.e. SMB/CIFS) on Linux and other platforms.

7 September 2016 - Samba 4.5 - 2 Comments

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